jueves, 14 de agosto de 2014

Ambulatorio Segreto - Cardiotrak / Neuroconnector (Toracic Tapes, 1990)

A collaboration named Ambulatorio Segreto is a project which constitute three marvellous musicians Siegmar Fricke from Wilhelmshaven (North West Germany), Miguel A. Ruiz from Madrid (Spain) and Stefano Barban from Cavazzale (North Italy), the trio whom we are thankful for an impressive music on k7 back in the end of 80's / early 90's as well as they all left us a great casket of tracks under different pseudos (either as solo projects and collaborations). Their nine?+ cassettes were released on Toracic Tapes and Bestattungsinstitut and two of them I've heard so far differ from each other a lot.
In short, Cardiotrack / Neuroconnector is a smooth electronic release permeated with emphasized funky beats, vocal samples and a sufficient dose of gloom that was mixed in Toracic Studio (Madrid) in September. For an unknown reason I felt enormous pleasure listening to it in a car at night as an intro to another release I like to call it's younger fraternal twin - Alaska Show by Doc Wor Mirran and De Fabriek. 

play loud!

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