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Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Vinyl On Demand lanzó al mercado, en octubre de 2012, un doble vinilo presentado en lujoso gatefold con material de GEN KEN MONTGOMERY. Desde su primera cassette de 1981 "Gen Ken & Equipment", pasando por conciertos, temas inéditos, rarezas, colaboraciones... Un verdadero tributo a este artista multimedia que, además de sus trabajos en solitario, ha colaborado con artistas como Conrad Schnitzler, Giancarlo Tonuitti, Chop Shop, David Lee Myers (Arcane Device), Al Margolis, John Hudak, Francisco Lopez, AMK, Istvan Kantor (Monty Cantsin), G.X. Jupiter-Larsen (The Haters), Rod Summers (VEC), Maurizio Bianchi, Masami Akita alias Merzbow, CM von Hausswolff y Leif Elggren, entre otros muchos. No os perdáis este excelso material, de escucha obligada para todo aficionado al medio musical electrónico que se precie.



From "Gen Ken & Equipment" Tape 1981:

A1 Postcard
A2 Corporate Control
A3 Spend It
A4 Call Me
A5 Passing
A6 Enchantment

From "Collaborations" Tape 1982:

A7 Choose One
Featuring – Stefan Tischler
A8 No Mood
Featuring – Michael Zodorozny
A9 Anything's Possible
Featuring – Debra Angeletti
A10 Another Lunar Landing
Featuring – Stephen Spera
A11 Message From Zod
Featuring – Michael Zodorozny
Unreleased Track (No Date)
B1 Stars In Space

Live At Pyramid Club, N.Y.C 1982:

B2 Man From Mars
B3 KMZ:What's The Word
B4 KMZ:Shake The Basics
B5 KMZ:Seventh Inning Stretch

Unreleased Track 1982:

B6 Do It

From Onslaught Magazine Flexi 1982:

B7 Treat The Hell Out Of It

Unreleased Track 1982:

B8 Small Worlds

From "Kalkreuth Keks" 1986:

B9 Over My Head
B10 Invisibility
B11 Ha Ha/Good Time

Tracks From "Beatmusik" 1981-84:

C1 Skip A Beat
C2 Rest
C3 A Little Okay
C4 Countdown Time
C5 Stars & Space
C6 Man From Mars
C7 The Axe Grinds Down
C8 Small Worlds
C9 Elecktro Messer
C10 Anything's Possible

Tracks From "Room To Roam" Tape 1984:

D1 Signs On The Way
D2 When I'm Walking
D3 Like A Cigar
D4 Innocence
D5 First World

Tracks From "Holidaze" 1981:

D6 What Are You Afraid Of
Vocals – Anne Marie Kling
D7 Electric-Tronic Music
Vocals – Anne Marie Kling
D8 Fantasy Worker
Vocals – Anne Marie Kling

Unreleased Tracks 1983:

D9 Simple Day
D10 Voovelittleoknoval