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viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2018

Various ‎– Rub Out The Word (2 × Cassette, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered, C60) (WAV)


Two sixty minutes, dealing with voice related music, 'Rub Out The Word' compiled by Jeph Jerman of Hands To, and released by his own Big Body Parts label. Mainly US experimentalists to be found here: Bunker Club, Mental Anguish, Swinebolt 45, Illusion Of Safety, Eric Lunde, City Of Worms, PBK, Big City Orchestra, David Montgomery, If Bwana, CBC III, Allegory Chapel, Crash Worship, Terre Blanche, Then Behavior, David S. Hastings, Yeast Culture, Black Coke, Hands To, Blackhumour, AMK, Lab Rat, John Hudak, Criss and what seems to be the only European contribution by Kapotte Muziek. An edition of 100 copies.

Big Body Parts ‎– BBP C3
2 × Cassette, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered, C60

Hands To Banishment
A2 blackhumour As You Were Saying (Live)
A4 Lab Rat (3) Ashtray
A5 John Hudak Witch's Butter
A6 Criss*
B1 Terre Blanche Patriot
B2 Then Behavior The Heads Off Our Two For Dinner
B3 Kapotte Muziek Process 4
B4 David S. Hastings The Late Moss Hart
B5 Yeast Culture HBOI Alphabet Master
B6 Black Coke Gloria
C1 PBK Malediction
C2 Big City Orchestra Volta
C3 David Montgomery Museum
C4 If, Bwana A Literary Classic
C5 CBC III* If You Do Not Have Friends
C6 Allegory Chapel Ltd. The Old Colonel's Job On Kat
C7 Crash Worship Bullets For Breakfast (Brain Dead Brain Dead)
D1 Bunker Club Little Joey's Rats
D2 Mental Anguish A World Full Of...
D3 Swinebolt 45 After A Dream
D4 Illusion Of Safety Mae
D5 Eric Lunde World's Fastest Tape Player
D6 Eric Lunde Damaged Reports: The Evening News
D7 City Of Worms Hacc


A compilation based on manipulation of speech recordings. The title comes from a quote by Brion Gysin.

Packaged with a cover, four j-cards (containing the tracklisting) and a full-page insert (with contact addresses). Numbered edition of 100 copies. This release was done towards the end of the operations of Big Body Parts, and only small portion of the copies were distributed by BBP (mostly to contributors). The remaining printed pieces went to Anomalous Reocords in 1993 and the remaining copies were distributed, in a variety of hand-made packages using the same materials.
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martes, 11 de octubre de 2016

Various ‎– America The Beautiful (RRRecords ‎– RRR-CD-14, 2 × CD, Compilation , 1994) (FLAC)


Various ‎– America The Beautiful
RRRecords ‎– RRR-CD-14
2 × CD, Compilation
Industrial, Noise, Experimental

        Car Chase
1-01     –Rougeux / Negativland     Happy As A Clam In The Land Of Uncle Sam     2:16
1-02     –Kings Of Feedback     Fuck America     4:36
1-03     –Barry Dalive     Choakin' The American Chicken     4:35
1-04     –Mono Pause     Come Into The Future     3:29
1-05     –AMK     Forever Only     2:58
1-06     –Vampire Rodents     Bosch Erotique     2:16
1-07     –John Wiggins     Zappa Map : God Bless Frank Zappa     1:29
1-08     –Thomas Dimuzio     Yard     2:44
1-09     –ST 37     New Arrival     2:54
1-10     –Mandible Chatter     Dead White American Pelvis     3:02
1-11     –Idea Fire Company     Pure Joy     3:12
1-12     –Gregg Turkington     Recipes And Reflections     3:34
1-13     –Chop Shop (3)     4x4     1:58
1-14     –Luxurious Bags     Filling Station Fix     3:08
1-15     –Grae.Com     Build The Bomb     3:18
1-16     –Small Cruel Party     1860 / 30.xii. Birds Explore Trees 15.v.1960     3:22
1-17     –Hands To     Kin Tozo     4:16
1-18     –TAC     What Do You Do?     2:50
1-19     –Slughog     Hangman     3:31
1-20     –Randy Greif     History Lessen     4:11
        Stun Gun
2-01     –Out Of Band Experience     Bonerland     0:44
2-02     –Faxed Head     American Phenomena : The Wireless Rattle     2:24
2-03     –Lee Ranaldo     How Much Needs Crushing?     2:44
2-04     –Neil Hamburger     That's My Life     3:24
2-05     –Phil Milstein     Louie     3:15
2-06     –Borbetomagus     Fur Mutti     4:41
2-07     –Horse-Cow     How The Other Half Lives     3:12
2-08     –Commode Minstrels In Bull Face*     Wild Sandferrier's Owymee Creek Dreams.Ibid : 1901, 1946, 1977.     3:40
2-09     –Goosewind     Intro Screaming / Lawn Otis Johnson     3:22
2-10     –The Easy Goings     My Compromise     3:44
2-11     –Philip Perkins     Untitled (ATB)     2:08
2-12     –Blowhole     Divinings     7:27
2-13     –Shrilltower     Song For The Immigrant Laborers     3:24
2-14     –Specula     Can't We All?     2:23
2-15     –Nisi Period     The Beatles Ruined Everything     4:39
2-16     –Nicolas Collins     Lightning Strikes Not Once But Twice     6:51
2-17     –The Haters     Climate Antenna     2:06
2-18     –Crawling With Tarts     Dream Of The Fallen Soldier     2:41
2-19     –ConDemek     Piece On Earth, Pt.2     3:09
2-20     –Scott Marshall & Mark Giangrande     Vichy, U.S.A.     1:37
Special plastic box with paper fold-out containing tracklist. Several typos on tracklist.

Released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the label.