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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

ANGST - DIY noise label and distro based in Rome focused on crude and sincere sounds

Born in the spring of 2013, after the end of Sometimes Records.



Monday, 20 October 2014

Enrico Piva - Late November Dream (EGK - EGK 022, C60, 1987)

Italian artist specifically from Brescia who left us amazing sound works. It's a real pleasure for me to have opportunity to share this cassette, thanks to Francisco Lopez, which was released 1987 on EGK, Spanish Esplendor Geometrico's label.

Enrico Piva (1956-2002) was one of the original investigators in the panorama of Italian independent music of the eighties dressed in the full figure of the outsider and, creating musique concrète, conceptual, field recording, minimalism electronic, post-industrial noise and has published twenty audiocasettes for various Italian and international labels between 1981 and 1990. 
For example as Unit 06 contributing on TRAXTRA compilation by mail-art TRAX platform for exchange and collaboration across great geographical distances, held by Vittore Baroni,  Piermario Ciani (1951-2006) and  Massimo Giacon from project Spirocheta Pergoli from 1981-1987. All interested in closer look of  TRAX's concept - CLICK HERE or HERE.

On the basis of artistic studies, Piva produced drawings, lithographs, research photography (scotography) and video, as well as literary texts, including unpublished experimental text "Piscine sommerse ed altre immersioni" which is among other works related to Enrico Piva presented HERE (sadly only in Italian!).
Enrico Piva (left) and Vittore Baroni, Ponte Nossa 1985

Amok (C60 cassette) C.M.O.T. / Onlytapes Records 1981 Italy 
Apostasy (C60 cassette) C.M.O.T. / Onlytapes Records Italy 1981 [distributed in small numbers also titled as Knuckle Duster] 
Iteratio (C60 cassette) Mea Kulpa Rec. 1983 Italy 
Travel Nybro (C60 cassette)-Kant, Hegel Asylum 1984 Italy 
Return to Hamelin (C60 cassette) RAT Multimedia Productions 1984 Italy 
Warm Leeches Dance (C60 cassette) ADN Tapes 1985 Italy 
Mouches Volantes (C60 cassette) recorded 1986 and later offered to the American tape label Cause And Effect but probably never really pressed but just one demo copy
Modules (different sound supports: 4 x C60 cassette to listen in synchronicity 1/4’ 4 tracks 19cm/s work from 1989 offered to the dutch label V2 Organiasatie but never pressed distribuited in at least 2 cases as one personal piece

Four Months Later (C60 cassette) Cthulhu Records 1987 Germany 61 
Late November Dream (C60 cassette) EGK 1987 Spain 
Poplars Clattering (C60 cassette) Ladd-Frith 1988 USA [distributed in few copiess, with possible variants, also with the title Submerging Menhirs Hegel-Kant Asylum 1987 Italy] 
Double Bind (C60 cassette) Staaltape 1989 Netherlands 
                                            Forma Mentis (C60 cassette) 1990 SPH Portugal 

                                Fortsetzung a (box object) C.M.O.T. / Onlytapes Records 1981 Italy [limited edition 
10 copies tape in black painted clay + booklet

                                          Luoghi di culto (C60 cassette) C.M.O.T. / Onlytapes Records 1981 Italy 

Aqua (C60 cassette) C.M.O.T. / Onlytapes Records 1981 Italy 

Antipyrine as Himself (C60 cassette) C.M.O.T. / Onlytapes Records 1981 Italy 

Videovoicereadymade (C60 cassette) C.M.O.T. / Onlytapes Records 1981 Italy 

Nachtmusik (C60 cassette) C.M.O.T. / Onlytapes Records 1981 Italy 

Scotoprova per Edo by Enrico Piva
*TRAX 1081 Vietato ai Minori (C52 cassette and magazine) TRAX 1981 Italy [untitled track Amok mixed in the suite by various authors] 
*TRAX 1281 Technodeath (C50 cassette more booklets in box) TRAX 1981 Italy 
[untitled track Amok mixed in the suite by various authors] 
*TRAX 0282 Horrorbox (C60 cassette in box with postcards and inserts) TRAX 
Italy 1982 [untitled track Amok] 
*TRAX 0682 Notterossa (C60 cassette and booklet) TRAX 1982 Italy [untitled track Amok mixed in the suite by various authors] 
*TRAX 0982 Xtra (LP album) TRAX 1982 Italy [as TRAX Unit 06 Enrico Piva participate in the songs "Nastro rosso" (with Massimo Giacon and Spirocheta Pergoli), "Combination" (with Giancarlo and Martina B/Sides) and "I Love 62 Cancer" (with Ado ... 001 Scaife and Cancer)] 
*Area Condizionata 1 - Italian Industrial (C60 cassette and magazine) Area Condizionata Italy 1983 [a piece by Amok, "In exitu Isräel de Aegypto"] 
*Born Out Of Dreams (LP album) Frux 1984 UK [a song by Enrico Piva, "Flogging hour in the HKA"] 
*Manifest Mailart 1 (2 x C60 cassette) Idiot Press 1987 Norway [a piece by Amok, "Return to Hamelin"] 
*Journey Into Pain (4 x cassette C60) Beast 666 Tapes 1989 Japan [a piece by Enrico Piva, "35 Kgs"] 

///various other unreleased tapes with partially unrealesead material are inside the archives of Vittore Baroni, Giancarlo Toniutti, Massimo Toniutti, Walter Rovere and probably other mailers of Piva

Saluti da HKA by Enrico Piva (scotography)

Friday, 10 October 2014

Stefano Barban - Visozone (Bestattungsinstitut, cass, 1990)

Giallo, anyone?

Recorded between December 1989 and March 1990 at "SKIZO" Studio and released on Fricke's Bestattungsinstitut. Stefano was also member of Ambulatorio Segreto (with Siegmar Fricke and Miguel A. Ruiz) which tapes you can listen here and here, Abra Had Abra, Lvnvs or Lunus (both with Devis Granziera) and Spin Box (with Womb).

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Ambulatorio Segreto - Myxom Radiation (Bestattungsinstitut, 1991)

Another great cassette from collaboration project by Siegmar Fricke, Miguel A. Ruiz and Stefano Barban, Ambulatorio Segreto titled Myxom Radiation recorded in August in 1991 at homestudio in Wilhelmshaven, Germany and in September at SKIZO-studio in Italy. Released on Fricke's Bestattungsinstitut. C60 tape, single track on A and 6 tracks on B side.

A) Patronato de enfermos
B) Soupe au lait
    My daughter's concussion (Pt.1)
    33 Diton
    My daughter's concussion (Pt.2)
    Slaccia le calze

Monday, 18 August 2014

Lyke Wake - The Noise Of Dream (Aseptic Noise, 1988)

 The Noise Of Dream, splendid  industrial ambience with rythmical cycles was made in 1988 in Italy by Stefano Di Serio and was recorded on a Fostex X15, 4-tracks. The music was performed using a synth Casio CZ-101 and a drum machine Korg KPR-77. The album was released on Stefano's label Aseptic Noise and was composed of two C90 tapes. About 100 copies of the album were produced.
 The album was unusually long for that time. The song "Lama Sabachthani" has a duration of 45 minutes and was broadcasted in full by a radio station in New York.
Lyke Wake is active again from 2010 to present.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Ambulatorio Segreto - Cardiotrak / Neuroconnector (Toracic Tapes, 1990)

A collaboration named Ambulatorio Segreto is a project which constitute three marvellous musicians Siegmar Fricke from Wilhelmshaven (North West Germany), Miguel A. Ruiz from Madrid (Spain) and Stefano Barban from Cavazzale (North Italy), the trio whom we are thankful for an impressive music on k7 back in the end of 80's / early 90's as well as they all left us a great casket of tracks under different pseudos (either as solo projects and collaborations). Their nine?+ cassettes were released on Toracic Tapes and Bestattungsinstitut and two of them I've heard so far differ from each other a lot.
In short, Cardiotrack / Neuroconnector is a smooth electronic release permeated with emphasized funky beats, vocal samples and a sufficient dose of gloom that was mixed in Toracic Studio (Madrid) in September. For an unknown reason I felt enormous pleasure listening to it in a car at night as an intro to another release I like to call it's younger fraternal twin - Alaska Show by Doc Wor Mirran and De Fabriek. 

play loud!