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domingo, 11 de marzo de 2018

Various ‎– Dreams Of A Child (1990, Cassette, Compilation, C90, Minus Habens Records ‎– MHT11 ) FLAC

ripped by sc&l, 10.03.2018 (no editing, no filters)

Various ‎– Dreams Of A Child
Label:Minus Habens Records ‎– MHT11
Format:Cassette, Compilation, C90
Style:Industrial, Experimental

A1 –Pacific 231 - Litany '87    
A2 –La Sonoritè Jaune - 508A    
A3 –S Core - Putrefaction    
A4 –The Horsefalls - Gnash Of Teeth    
A5 –Vittore Baroni - Ladro Di Voci    
A6 –Totungs Delikt - Morbus Chron    
A7 –Lieutenant Caramel - L'Adventura    
A8 –TV Cherubs - Untitled II    
A9 –De Fabriek - Mont Contis 1    
A10 –The Gerogerigegege - I Wanna Be Your Pantie    
A11 –La Sonoritè Jaune - Arin II    
A12 –The Horsefalls - Seat Of Love    
B1 –Lieutenant Caramel - Carnet De Chasse    
B2 –P16D4 - Half/Cut/Cows    
B3 –S Core - Cross Fire    
B4 –TV Cherubs - Untitled II    
B5 –De Fabriek - Mont Contis 2    
B6 –De Fabriek - Mont Contis 3    
B7 –The Gerogerigegege - Gero P '85    
B8 –Tasaday - Contenta Dei Desert    
B9 –Radical Change - Research A

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viernes, 5 de septiembre de 2014

Lieutenant Caramel - La Nana (Ache AAP07-CC, 1990)

Lieutenant Caramel, French experimental artist Philippe Blanchard (born May 24, 1961 in Mayet, France) composes music in his Studio Acteon, now Studio Forum in Annecy. He defines himself as a hunter of sounds, and collects material from his different journeys (Syria, Iran, Roma, Venice, Madrid, Samarkand...).
Caramelos has won awards from several international competitions: GMEB in Bourges, France, the Luigi Russolo prize in Italy, Radio France, La Muse in Circuit (Mauricio Kagel prize), CIMES-FICS in Prague. He received the Radio France International award "Hunters of sounds" in 2000 for "Captain Cook".
He's the founding member of the Noise of Snow Festival in Annecy, as well as being the part of direction, since 2010 and jury of thLuigi Russolo International Sound Art Competition - competition for the best electro-acoustic composition founded in 1979.
Some of his collaborations include Denier Du Culte, Pacific 231, Victor Nubla, Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau and others.
Unique sounds he creates are inspired by futurism, musique concrete, electro-acoustic music...
Blanchard samples Joseph Beuys social sculpture 'Ja Ja Ja Ne Ne Ne' on the opening track 'Hommage au feutre'. As for my personal impression, vocals on 'Toiles de mer' overwhelmed with hysteria depict the spoiled gypsy kiddo from Budapest ghetto whose main occupation is to wake me up every morning with his endless cries...

La Nana is released on Ache in Germany.

martes, 11 de marzo de 2014


Seguimos con esta serie de recopilaciones que el sello Prion Tapes lanzó en la segunda mitad de los 80. En esta cinta encontramos nombres célebres dentro de la música electrónica industrial como Smersh, Merzbow, Nostalgie Eternelle, Attrition, Javier Córdoba Solano, Modern Art... Un lujazo.



A1 –Javier Cordoba Solano Sunrise-Sunlit-Autumn Evening Feelings
A2 –Lieutenant Caramel Les Delices De La Foret Noire
A3 –Bomb The Daynursery Amber
A4 –Attrition The Game Is Up (Live In Strasbourg 27/2/87)
A5 –Bill Mackechnie / Chris Marion III Saigon Daydream
A6 –Nostalgie Eternelle Strange Grace
A7 –Solanaceae Tau Jääärne
B1 –Swab Sound Horror Cistic Ambroze
B2 –Het Hilaire Brisdak Ensemble Search (In Colaboration With FDW)
B3 –Viktimized Karcass Blame It All On Myself
B4 –Smersh Just Talk To Me
B5 –Modern Art (2) Silver Halflight
B6 –Merzbow Message From Milton Meinung
B7 –Deaf Goes East Stuttering Eastern Machines