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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Borghesia - Live at Novi Rock '83 (unofficial cassette, 1983)

Live at Novi Rock in Ljubljana (Križanke), 1983 is Borghesia's first perfromance.
With guest musicians from Ljubljana: group Marcus 5, bassist Janij Hacete and guitarist Borut K. who play a recorded rhythmic base derived into multimedia performance.

The recordings on the cassette are a bit damaged (Divlja Horda, Pokušaj) but there is no other existing media with the same material.

 Oh, I would love to mention that Abbildungen Variete at the same concert convincingly left everyone speechless doing some weird ritual performance.. Ah, pity, this was never captured. However, there is one  audio documentation of  their "Ishodišče subjekta" track.

Dario Sereval, Borghesia Live at Novi Rock, 1983

(sorry for bad quality photo, but I don't have scanner at the moment)

Aldo Ivančić and Dario Sereval, early 1984