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martes, 3 de marzo de 2020

Collection of early Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) live 79 / 80 (Flac)


Formed in Liverpool with Paul Humphreys (synthesizers) and Andy McCluskey (vocals and bass guitar). They played their first gig in 1978 at Eric's (Liverpool), then had a run of UK chart hits after swapping labels from Factory to the Virgin owned label DinDisc starting with the 1980 release 'Messages'.
Although Humphreys left the group in 1989, McCluskey made a comeback in 1991 with the UK top 5 'Sailing On The Seven Seas', and followed that up with a UK top 3 Album 'Sugar Tax' before finally calling it a day in 1996.
In 2007 they toured together again featuring the classic line-up of Andy McCluskey, Paul Humphreys, Malcolm Holmes and Martin Cooper and released a live-album in 2008: 'OMD Live: Architecture & Morality & More'. September 2010 saw the release of History Of Modern featuring the original classic line-up.


Bunker Soldiers                                                                                                                     
Julia’s Song
Red Frame White Light 
Waiting For The Man

This gig from 1979 is one of the oldest gigs you can get from OMD.

London 79

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD)
December 8, 1980
Kant Kino, Berlin

Lineage: AUD > ? > FLAC > Adobe Audition > WAV > FLAC

Quality: A (Great Audience Recording)

01. Stanlow
02. Pretending To See The Future
03. Almost
04. Messages
05. Annex
06. Mystereality
07. Julia's Song
08. Motion And Heart
09. The More I See You
10. Promise
11. Statues
12. The Misunderstanding (cut)
13. Dancing
14. Red Frame/White Light
15. Electricity
16. Bunker Soldiers
17. Enola Gay
18. Waiting For The Man
19. Electricity
20. Julia's Song
21.  Enola Gay

This is my favorite OMD recording (in terms of performance and sound quality) and want to share the version I edited. The original version I obtained from, although it sounded good, suffered of clipping. I tweaked this and other things. This is listed ad August 12, 1980 on but I think it's from December as on December 10 and 12 they played on the Netherlands. In the site, the date is marked 1980-12-00.

The band:

Andy McCluskey: bass, vocals
Paul Humphreys: keyboards, vocals
Malcolm Holmes: drums
Martin Cooper: keyboards (The page says that Dave Hughes left on November, being replaced by Martin Cooper)

Added a not so good edit for the track "The Misunderstanding", adding the missing bit from a version live on 1981-04-24 The Concert Hall, Toronto.


80 Berlin

1980-12-12 orchestral manoeuvres in the dark,
rijswijk, the netherlands  FM

On December 12th 1980, Orchestral Manouevres In The Dark played a live gig in Rijswijk, The Netherlands which was recorded and , later on, broadcasted by KRO Radio.

setlist :

1 Julia's Song
2 Motion and Heart
3 Red Frame - White Light
4 Electricity
5 Bunker Soldiers
6 Enola Gay
7 Waiting For My Man (Velvet Underground)

FM > TDK SA90 cassette > Audacity > CD Wave Editor > FLAC


80 Netherlands

martes, 29 de agosto de 2017


As a little participation for DARYA´S wonderful releases from Premature Ejaculations!
A live boot from 1987. The quality is ok but not realy good.  A historical document..



The roots of Premature Ejaculation stretch as far back as 1981, when while on hiatus from Christian Death, Rozz Williams and Ron Athey began experimenting with tape loops and noise. From the onset, live events were performance art presentations that often left the audience disgusted and horrified. While the intent was to shock and throw out the rules of convention - it wasn't long before venues refused to book Premature Ejaculation.

After Rozz shelved Christian Death in 1985, he returned to the project, and continued to pursue tape manipulation and manufacturing layers of noise. He teamed himself with Chuck Collison and soon began releasing material through the independant label, Happiest Tapes on Earth, and eventually again performing live shows.

Despite Rozz's hectic schedule with touring and recording for various projects, he'd often return to Premature Ejaculation for a series of recordings, releases and performancnces. He and Chuck continued to work together into the mid-1990's.

The posthumous release "Wound Of Exit" exhibited the range Premature Ejaculation had developed over 15 years of recordings; from tape loops of household appliances to rich, full textures of sound and electronic samples.

Rozz's final recordings were completed by Chuck Collison for the Nico B. film, "Pig".

In 2009, several recordings were purchased by John Collins that contained unreleased noise material that spanned Rozz's career. As John set about laying down the foundations to bring these recordings to light, it was discovered that Ron Marrs contained an additional eight cassettes of unreleased material. Collectively, the recordings became, "Rozz Williams: The Lost Recordings". After being painstakingly remastered and the artwork restored to it's original designs - the material began to surface in 2010. The releases will continue into at least 2012...ensuring years of new discoveries for Rozz's fans.  

(from Rozznet - The Official Rozz Williams Webside)

"MK Ultra"
Zombie Zoo
Los Angeles, California
26 December, 1987


Rozz Williams: Performance Art, Sound Manipulation
Lee Wildes: Programming, Sampling, Sound Manipulation
Chuck Collison: Programming, Sampling, Sound Manipulation

pass for unzip : savecueandlog

domingo, 19 de febrero de 2017

New Collection Of Tuxedomoon Live Events From 1978 - 2016 (Dedicated to Tuxedomoon Fan Bodhi Amol)

Here is a collection of Tuxedomoon live events from 1978 to 2016!
Dedicated to the great fan and Tuxedomoon specialist Bodhi Amol !!

A great thx to all the fans in the world who recorded the gigs of this and other brilliant bands!!!!!

Its a lot of (only lossless) stuff. So i release this "step by step" here.
So check this thread time by time !!!!

The quality of the releases are different..from for fans only to excellent!
Please read the info-file before you download

All credits goes to the original taper and uploader!!!!

          Tuxedomoon - 1978-07-17 The Plank, San Francisco, CA
Tuxedomoon - 1979-03-04 Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco, CA
Joeboy Productions Presents The Peccadillos (Tuxedomoon) 1979-09-15 Mabuhay Gardens San Francisco USA
Joeboy Productions Presents The Special Guests (Tuxedomoon) Mabuhay Gardens San Francisco 1979-09-15
Joeboy Productions Presents Winston Tong 1979-09-15 Mabuhay Gardens San Francisco USA
Tuxedomoon - 1979-10-10 Deaf Club, San Francisco, CA
Tuxedomoon - 1980-04-27 City Disco, San Francisco, CA
Tuxedomoon - 1980-5-19 Live at Flora's Palace Amsterdam Holland
Tuxedomoon - 1980-09-09 Polish Hall, Los Angeles, CA
Tuxedomoon - 1980-10-03 Eindhoven
Tuxedomoon - 1980-10-06 Berlin, SO 36
Tuxedomoon - 1980-11-29 Salle de fetes du palais des congres Liege Belgium
Tuxedomoon - 1981-02-19 Victoria Theatre San Francisco USA
Tuxedomoon - 1981-03-24 Nancy, France
Tuxedomoon - 1981-04-01 Bordeau, France
Tuxedomoon - 1981-5-19 Nottingham Whispers
Tuxedomoon - 1981-07-31 SO36, Berlin, Germany
Tuxedomoon - 1981-09-21 Stockholm, Sweden
Tuxedomoon - 1981-11-01 Studio 44, Rouen, France
Tuxedomoon - 1981-12-11 Brussels, Belgium
Tuxedomoon - 1982-02-28 Liverpool
Tuxedomoon - 1982-03-09 London, The Venue
Tuxedomoon - 1982-10-16 Paard van Troje Haag Holland
Tuxedomoon - 1982-10-17 Hal 4 Rotterdam Holland VPRO FM Broadcast
Tuxedomoon - 1982-12-15 Symphonie der Angst (Berlin)
Tuxedomoon - 1981 Massa Lombarda Italy
Tuxedomoon - Darkness  LP (1981-11-08  Teatro Trianon, Rome)
Tuxedomoon - Title X (Reims, 22-5-1982)
Tuxedomoon - 1983-05-24 La Edad De Oro DVD
Tuxedomoon 1983-11 Taranto Italy
Tuxedomoon - 1983-11-25 Tenax, Firenze, Italy
Tuxedomoon - 1983-11-29 Palladium, Rome, Italy
Tuxedomoon - 1984-03-29 Odeon, Munster, Germany
Tuxedomoon - 1984-04-08 FM Vienna, Austria
Tuxedomoon - 1984-04-11 Batschkapp, Frankfurt, Germany
Tuxedomoon - 1984-08-25 Dan Cinema, Tel Aviv, Israel
Tuxedomoon - 1984-10-26 Karen Gothenburg Sweden
Tuxedomoon - 1984-10-31 Vikateatret Oslo Norway FM Broadcast
Tuxedomoon - 1984 & 1985 La Edad De Oro DVD
Tuxedomoon - 1985-5-15  Paradiso Amsterdam The Netherlands FM
Tuxedomoon - 1985-09-11 Mannheim Germany
Tuxedomoon - 1985-09-17 Hamburg, Markthalle,   (fm, ''Reminicents Part 1'')
Tuxedomoon - 1985-10-18 Palasport, Messina, Italy
Tuxedomoon - 1986-06-26 The Limelight, New York, USA
Tuxedomoon - 1986-10-07 Bisquithalle, Bonn, Germany
Tuxedomoon - 1987-12-16 Athens, Pallas
Tuxedomoon - 1988-02-29 Hamburg, Große Freiheit, 1988-02-29 (fm, ''Reminicents Part 2'')
Tuxedomoon - 1988-06-18 at Teatro Tenda in Umbertide Italy
Tuxedomoon - 2000-12-06 Maria am Ostbahnhof Berlin Germany
Tuxedomoon - 2014-04-03 Bologna FM radio broadcast
Tuxedomoon - 2014-09-21 Leuven
Tuxedomoon - 2016-05-20 Berlin, Germany, Astra Kulturhaus
Tuxedomoon - 2016-06-03 Antwerp

THAT´S ALL FOLKS...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sábado, 14 de enero de 2017

Tuxedomoon - Live Collection 1978 - 85 (Radio FM and Soundboard) Flac

As a little supplement to Josep´s wonderful Tuxedomoon live release
Tuxedomoon live
and a tribute to Mr. Bruce Geduldig (R.I.P.).

A little collection of four concerts from 1978 - 85 in great quality.


R.I.P. Bruce Geduldig, 1953-2016


1) Tuxedomoon - 1978-05-28 The Palms Cafe, San Francisco, CA
     Stereo SBD

    DISC 1 (52:13)

SET #1
01 UNKNOWN TITLE (?!?)......................(3:36)
02 Nite & Day (Hommage A Cole Porter).......(5:31)
03 Little Daughter (?!?)....................(7:19)
04 Waiting For You (?!?)....................(2:20)
05 UNKNOWN TITLE (?!?)......................(4:13)
06 Cybernetic Cowboy (?!?)..................(4:45)
07 New Machine..............................(5:14)
08 Ballad Of The Coalminer (?!?)............(3:09)
09 Lili Marelene............................(5:04)
10 Rhumba (CUT).............................(6:28)
11 Angel Of Death (?!?).....................(4:27)

DISC 2 (33:39)

SET #2
01 Mein Auto (?!?)..........................(4:19)
02 Litebulb Overkill........................(3:37)
03 Joeboy - The Electronic Ghost (CUT)......(4:41)
04 Stranger.................................(3:57)
05 I Am The Underground (?!?)...............(3:42)
06 This Modern World (?!?)..................(3:27)
07 UNKNOWN TITLE (?!?) (CUT)................(3:12)
08 Angel Of Love (?!?)......................(6:38)


Steven Brown - vocals, synthesizer, electronic percussion
Blaine L. Reininger - vocals, violin, guitar
Winston Tong - vocals
Victoria Lowe - vocals
? anyone else ?  (Tadlock, Cruikshank?, Belfer?)

pass to unzip : savecueandlog  

2) Tuxedomoon 1980-10-07 Ratinger Hof, Düsseldorf
     FM (Radio recording)

01. East
02. Jinx
03. Music #1
04. Dark Companion
05. Again
06. Desire (text excerpts from 'Soma' in the beginning) 
07. Litebulb Overkill
08. Incubus (Blue Suit)
09. What Use?
10. In The Name of Talent
11. 59 to 1
12. Everything You Want

pass for unzip : savecueandlog

     Stereo SBD

101 Allemande Bleue / Courante Marocaine (last seconds)
102 Courante Marocaine / The Stranger
103 Gigolo grasiento
104 Volo vivace / Tritone
105 Blind
106 Everything You Want
201 Everything You Want (conti.)
202 Egypt
203 (Special Treatment for the) Family Man
204 Dark Companion
205 Again
206 Desire
207 59 to 1

pass for unzip : savecueandlog 

4) Tuxedomoon Den Norske Opera Oslo - Norway 1. December 1985 Late Show
     Stereo SBD

01-Reading writing rythmatic. (cut`s in)
03-St John
07-Some guys
08-Blood flow
09-Hugging the Earth
10-Break the rules

pass for unzip : savecueandlog

Enjoy one of the greatest bands of all time...

Big THX to all the uploaders on Dime who make this possible..