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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Cabaret Voltaire ‎– Chance Versus Causality (CDR / Unofficial ) (FLAC)

Here is a recording from Cab. Voltaire from 1979. Source is a Cassette, Unofficial Release, Single sided from the Netherlands.
The source for this release is a CDR from the tape. Ripped from the french musiclover paphio23.
Thx for allowing me to load on slsk.
The quality of the original tape was not the best, but this is a great document of  Cab.Voltaire.

1979 CS NL Private Release
Richard H. Kirk
Stephen Mallinder
Chris Watson
Film by Babette Mondini: 37 minutes, color, sound, 2 projectors
With: Daniel Spoerri, Raymond Mondini, Tinguely, Christo
Music: Cabaret Voltaire
Stedelijk Museum Amsterda

Chris Watson recently (November 1998) had this to say about "Chance vs. Causality":
"'Chance vs Causality' was an amazing project - there can be very few tapes of the complete soundtrack. The film was made by Babette Mondini of Amsterdam. She asked us to make a soundtrack when we met up in an all-night jazz club after we had played at a club over there with Joy Division. Probably during 1979 - but I'll have to check!" (Thanks to Dave Minshall from for this information)

An excerpt of this can be found on the b-side of "Silent Command" rough 004.
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