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Sunday, 22 October 2017


Consumer Electronics ‎– Consumer Electronics
Label:RRRecords ‎– RRR 089
Format:3 × Vinyl, LP
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition
Style:Power Electronics, Experimental

                 Consumer Electronics (January 1982)
A1 (0.00)
A2 (0.00)
A3 (0.00)
A4 (0.00)
B1 (0.00)
B2 (0.00)
B3 (0.00)
B4 (0.00) 


 Leathersex (April 1982)
C1 Untitled
C2 Untitled
C3 Untitled
C4 Untitled
D1 Untitled
D2 Untitled
D3 Untitled
D4 Untitled


                       Live (June 12/21 October 1982)   
E Centro Iberico, London
F Nailsea School

Original concept: RRR

Comes in leather-type cardboard boxset. Includes an insert sheet.

Limited edition of 300 copies.  

password for unzip the rar : savecueandlog


Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Various Terrorists ‎– Don't Hunt What You Can't Kill (3 × CD, Compilation, 2002) (L. White Records ‎– LW-004 ) FLAC

Label:L. White Records ‎– LW-004
Format:3 × CD, Compilation, Limited Edition
Style:Abstract, Industrial, Power Electronics, Noise, Experimental

1-01 Anenzephalia - Voice Of Freedom (9:23)
1-02 Murderous Vision - Random Attack (5:35)
1-03 Drape Excrement - Meinungsmacht (3:24)
1-04 DØdsdØmd - Poultry House Mayhem (6:13)
1-05 DJK - War Against You (4:37)
1-06 Axon Neuron / Vagwa - Radio Message 1970 (6:29)
1-07 Dresden 45 - Future Is Empty (3:21)
1-08 Sickness - Who Is Prey? (5:46)
1-09 Anon Plus - Vote With A Bullet (6:53)
1-10 SRP - Magische Nation (4:14)
1-11 Government Alpha - Underdogs (7:08)
1-12 - Truth Will Triumph (5:28)
1-13 Virologic - Worm-Tunnel (5:20)
2-01 Rasthof Dachau - Lines Of Deception (4:42)
2-02 Azoikum - Gainesville Dementia (5:33)
2-03 Today, I'm Dead - One For Me (4:06)
2-04 Blank Banner - Vertilgung (4:42)
2-05 Sektor - Fraktal (5:32)
2-06 Grey Wolves - Fightpath To Allah (4:06)
2-07 Industriepalast & SK - Arsenjunkie (5:02)
2-08 Napalmed - Komblex 5. (4:41)
2-09 Sektion B - Crimetime (Short Remix) (4:32)
2-10 Atrax Morgue - Nerveshatter 2 (3:38)
2-11 Alienlovers In Amagasaki - Pneumatic Bowl (8:21)
2-12 Thorofon - Otaku In Bloodlust (4-8 Bit Version) (4:28)
2-13 Taint - Needing (4:28)
2-14 Grunt - Anyone (4:21)
2-15 CoCaspar.osp - Hulls Weg Im Nebel (4:28)
3-01 Phosgen - Everyday Madness (5:13)
3-02 Ex.Order - Desert Eagle (6:08)
3-03 Human Destructur - Woreship Frequencies (3:07)
3-04 Irikarah - Kontrolle (5:47)
3-05 Krieger - Saat Braucht Licht (4:03)
3-06 PTT - Surviving & Copulating (5:36)
3-07 Skin Crime - Survive The Night (5:50)
3-08 Survival Unit - In Razor Wire Orchards & Bar Code Reefs (5:53)
3-09 Propergol - RDX - Considered Armed And Extremely Dangerous (9:41)
3-10 Wutanes Heer - Alchemica Pugna (6:34)
3-11 Lefthandeddecision - Blind (3:05)
3-12 Streicher - Royal Household Cavalry Sonata (12:43)

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Monday, 9 May 2016

VV.AA.-2011-White Eye Of Winter Watching (HOSPITAL PRODUCTIONS C 110 2XCASSETTE) (MP3 320 Kbps)

Al frente de HOSPITAL PRODUCTIONS  está DOMINICK FERNOW alias PRURIENT . El sello neoyorquino es sólida referencia desde finales de los ’90 en esto de la música industrial. Supongo que poca gente puede permitirse el lujo de reunir para un recopilatorio a 52 artistas y que no sobre nadie. Nombres ya clásicos (GENOCIDE ORGAN, CONSUMER ELECTRONICS, CONTROLLED BLEEDING, NON, THE GREY WOLVES…) junto a proyectos menos conocidos, algunos de muy escaso recorrido pero no exentos de interés a juzgar por lo que aquí se oye. El mismo PRURIENT aporta un par de cortes, uno en colabotación con SUTCLIFFE JUGEND y otro con su alias VATICAN SHADOW.

Magnífica recopilación en doble cassette, de carácter internacional y generosa en duración y calidad. Parece que cierta estructura temática vertebra esta orgía de sonidos, porque cada cara de las dos  cassettes tiene su propio atómico título. Una extensa reseña y una curiosa interpretación de esos títulos puedes leerla aquí 

Al margen, decir que EXOTERIC CONTINENT, quizás el proyecto más industrial de nuestro ARNAU SALA, forma parte de HOSPITAL PRODUCTIONS desde 2014, donde lleva publicadas 4 referencias. Pero ésta es otra historia…


Sunday, 24 April 2016

Various ‎– Monochrome Meditator (Cassette, Compilation, C60) (FLAC)

Reaaal noisy compilation from Japan with two tracks from GO...made new scans from my copy..

Various ‎– Monochrome Meditator

SSSM ‎– SSSM-008
Cassette, Compilation, C60
A1 Seed Mouth Cut Off Ghost 9:39
A2 Master/Slave Relationship Giving Head To A Mannequin 5:17
A3 Master/Slave Relationship The Long Whip Of Persuation 5:15
A4 Bloody Cum Otogomi-2 10:19
B1 Espiritu (2) M.I.N.D. 2:32
B2 Espiritu (2) Modulation 6:16
B3 Genocide Organ Amazade Y Negri 6:43
B4 Genocide Organ This Is No Lie 5:45
B5 Contagious Orgasm Black Manifest 9:30
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Monday, 11 April 2016

The Grey Wolves ‎– Creeping Back To Power (Open Wound) (Cassette - C60) (FLAC)

Originally planned as a 'live' release, but they forgot to hit the 'record' button, so instead it's the background tape they used for the show. Includes intro and links between tracks by: Jello Biafra, Vivienne Westwood, Anton La Vey, William Burroughs, and others. (also includes early/raw pieces originally intended for the "Catholic Priests Fuck Children" LP, but were ultimately not used on the final release.)

The Grey Wolves ‎– Creeping Back To Power

Open Wound ‎– none
Cassette, C60

A Untitled
B1 Apocalypse A' Go Go
B2 Terror Intensifies (Mix 2)
B3 Through This Phase
B4 Untitled

Side A was originally to have been a live event by the grey wolves but on the night in the excitement of it all, they forgot to tape the event, so, on this side we have included the backing tape used by the wolves. They would like to thank Macronympha for kollaborating with them in the past. Intro and links between tracks were from: Jello Biafra/Vivienne Westwood/Anton La Vey/ William Burroughs/ plus others.
Track B4 consist in early/raw pieces for but not used on the LP "Catholic Priests Fuck Children".

Presented in a metal-tin; includes 5 inserts. 

pass : savecueandlog


Sunday, 10 April 2016

Söldnergeist / Anenzephalia / Contrastate ‎– Festival Karlsruhe (Tesco Organisation ‎– TESCO 019, Art Konkret ‎– ART 10) ( 2 × Cassette, Compilation ) (FLAC)

 Excellent 2 cassette release of the Tesco "Festival Karlsruhe" on 8 October 1993 at Club Subway,   Karsruhe, Germany.
Söldnergeist and Anenzephalia plays more noisy power electronics sets.
Contrastate set is more dark ambient.
I have seen all three bands earlier, but this evening was verry special.
(Thx to Brigant, who invitet me to this great night)
The pics are from Discogs. My release has a other number.

Söldnergeist / Anenzephalia / Contrastate ‎– Festival Karlsruhe

Tesco Organisation ‎– TESCO 019, Art Konkret ‎– ART 10
2 × Cassette, Compilation
Box Set, Limited Edition, Numbered
A1 Söldnergeist Blutzoll 3:45
A2 Söldnergeist Arsenvergiftung 6:50
A3 Söldnergeist Asepsis Neurosis 8:37
A4 Söldnergeist Schwarzer Orden 3:33
A5 Söldnergeist Rast 7:00
B1 Söldnergeist Selektion 4:03
B2 Söldnergeist Official Review 6:29
B3 Söldnergeist Perfekte Kunst 10:05
C1 Anenzephalia Life Penalty 2:30
C2 Anenzephalia Last Chance Passed 3:47
C3 Anenzephalia Savak Chair 1:50
C4 Anenzephalia Task Force Terrorist 4:03
C5 Anenzephalia Vagus Death Induction 4:12
C6 Anenzephalia Megalomaniac II 4:30
C7 Anenzephalia Mechanical Rape 6:58
D1 Contrastate To The Princes Of The New Republics 9:22
D2 Contrastate Altering The Circumstances Of Human Life 10:49
D3 Contrastate A String Of Puppets 3:48
D4 Contrastate Like A Saint On A Stake 11:18
Limited edition of 385 hand-numbered copies. Packaged in cardboard box with a full-color cover numbered in silver ink. Contains a large single-sided insert for the compilation, a double-sided postcard-sized insert for Söldnergeist, a double-sided postcard-sized insert for Contrastate and an 8-page A6 booklet for Anenzephalia. Each cassette comes in a standard snapcase.

Recorded live 8 October 1993 at Club Subway, Karsruhe, Germany.  
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Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Ya hablamos hace un mes aporximadamente de THE GREY WOLVES, una banda que cultiva el sonido industrial desde una estética provocativa e impactante. Hoy os ofrezco la cinta que editaron en 1986 en el sello ZEAL SS y que en 1992 reeditaron en el sello ZERO CABAL. Sonido electrónico industrial, atmósferas angustiosas y mucha energía.



A1 The Tell Tale Heart
A2 Golgotha Requiem
A3 Pagan Easter
A4 Gillick
A5 Pyrrhic Victory

A6 The Passover
B1 The Tell Tale Heart
B2 Golgotha Requiem
B3 Pagan Easter




Password para descomprimir el rar: STAHLFABRIK
Password to unzip the rar: STAHLFABRIK