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Thursday, 2 June 2016


A great job of Brigant Moloch. Comes with a large foldout poster, which is visible through a rectangular opening die-cut into the cover. Limited edition of 500 copies.

Anenzephalia ‎– Kaltwelt
Label: Tesco Organisation ‎– TESCO 089, Zaetraom ‎– ZAETRAOM 006
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition
Country: Germany
Released: 16 Nov 2012
Genre: Electronic
Style: Power Electronics

A1 Stahlmessias II
A2 Frostschrae
A3 Nihilist's Sermon
A4 Aes
B1 Bodies Of Gold
B2 Mind Kalvary
B3 Saefe
B4 Paradies
B5 Kaltwelt


Thursday, 5 May 2016

Various ‎– Heavy Electronics: Two Days Of Agony (3 × Cassette, C90 Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered ) (WAV)

Remember the GO gig was one of the best ever saw..Drinking a lot of beers
with Mr. Cold Meat Roger and Lina Baby Doll...and enjoy two nights of pure sound...

Various ‎– Heavy Electronics: Two Days Of Agony

Tesco Organisation ‎– TESCO 015, Art Konkret ‎– ART 06
3 × Cassette, C90
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered
A1 Brighter Death Now A Di Pocere 9:26
A2 Brighter Death Now Certified Dead 7:45
A3 Brighter Death Now ...In Paradise 9:24
A4 Brighter Death Now Great Death II 2:53
A5 Brighter Death Now Death Appeal 6:33
B1 Advokat Ihrer Hoheit Intro 0:30
B2 Advokat Ihrer Hoheit Inborn Error Metabolism 10:52
B3 Advokat Ihrer Hoheit Childhood Drama (Pt. 1) 4:35
B4 Advokat Ihrer Hoheit Jesus Von Waco 4:33
B5 Advokat Ihrer Hoheit Das Hammerwerk 7:58
B6 Advokat Ihrer Hoheit Gedicht 2 5:35
B7 Advokat Ihrer Hoheit Rausch / Inkubation 8:43
B8 Advokat Ihrer Hoheit Fröhliche Waise 1:01
C1 Con-Dom Seven Pillars Of Wisdom 6:20
C2 Con-Dom Credo 5:46
C3 Con-Dom Triumph 5:56
C4 Con-Dom The 8th Pillar (Pt. 1-3) 17:21
C5 Con-Dom Road To Total Freedom 6:09
D1 Deutsch Nepal Entrance To The Imperceptive World 2:23
D2 Deutsch Nepal Angel Impact 5:22
D3 Deutsch Nepal Mantra (Of The Hearse Of D. Nepal) 6:28
D4 Deutsch Nepal Impassive Metal Sex 8:58
D5 Deutsch Nepal The Hierophants Of Light 10:47
D6 Deutsch Nepal Holis Fix - Links Between Good And Human 7:42
E1 The Grey Wolves Victory Through Violence 5:12
E2 The Grey Wolves The Comfort Zone 4:54
E3 The Grey Wolves Zeitgeist At Zero 9:27
E4 The Grey Wolves Klandestine Amerikkka 3:46
E5 The Grey Wolves Shitlife 4:07
E6 The Grey Wolves Religion
Written-By – Public Image Ltd.*
E7 The Grey Wolves Savage Sex (Recoil) 3:52
E8 The Grey Wolves Departure II 6:35
F1 Genocide Organ Keiner Kommt Zurück 6:52
F2 Genocide Organ Death Is Looking For Him 5:00
F3 Genocide Organ Kill Useless Nations 2:55
F4 Genocide Organ Amazade Y Negri 5:08
F5 Genocide Organ Woman Is Meat 5:05
F6 Genocide Organ Klaus Barbie 6:06
F7 Genocide Organ John Birch Society 3:59
F8 Genocide Organ White Power Forces 7:57


Limited to 610 hand-numbered copies. Housed in an oversize VHS-style case with a 16-page A5 booklet.

Sides A to C recorded live 16.04.1993, sides D to F recorded live 17.04.1993 at Ubstadt / Weiher. 
pass : savecueandlog 

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Söldnergeist / Anenzephalia / Contrastate ‎– Festival Karlsruhe (Tesco Organisation ‎– TESCO 019, Art Konkret ‎– ART 10) ( 2 × Cassette, Compilation ) (FLAC)

 Excellent 2 cassette release of the Tesco "Festival Karlsruhe" on 8 October 1993 at Club Subway,   Karsruhe, Germany.
Söldnergeist and Anenzephalia plays more noisy power electronics sets.
Contrastate set is more dark ambient.
I have seen all three bands earlier, but this evening was verry special.
(Thx to Brigant, who invitet me to this great night)
The pics are from Discogs. My release has a other number.

Söldnergeist / Anenzephalia / Contrastate ‎– Festival Karlsruhe

Tesco Organisation ‎– TESCO 019, Art Konkret ‎– ART 10
2 × Cassette, Compilation
Box Set, Limited Edition, Numbered
A1 Söldnergeist Blutzoll 3:45
A2 Söldnergeist Arsenvergiftung 6:50
A3 Söldnergeist Asepsis Neurosis 8:37
A4 Söldnergeist Schwarzer Orden 3:33
A5 Söldnergeist Rast 7:00
B1 Söldnergeist Selektion 4:03
B2 Söldnergeist Official Review 6:29
B3 Söldnergeist Perfekte Kunst 10:05
C1 Anenzephalia Life Penalty 2:30
C2 Anenzephalia Last Chance Passed 3:47
C3 Anenzephalia Savak Chair 1:50
C4 Anenzephalia Task Force Terrorist 4:03
C5 Anenzephalia Vagus Death Induction 4:12
C6 Anenzephalia Megalomaniac II 4:30
C7 Anenzephalia Mechanical Rape 6:58
D1 Contrastate To The Princes Of The New Republics 9:22
D2 Contrastate Altering The Circumstances Of Human Life 10:49
D3 Contrastate A String Of Puppets 3:48
D4 Contrastate Like A Saint On A Stake 11:18
Limited edition of 385 hand-numbered copies. Packaged in cardboard box with a full-color cover numbered in silver ink. Contains a large single-sided insert for the compilation, a double-sided postcard-sized insert for Söldnergeist, a double-sided postcard-sized insert for Contrastate and an 8-page A6 booklet for Anenzephalia. Each cassette comes in a standard snapcase.

Recorded live 8 October 1993 at Club Subway, Karsruhe, Germany.  
pass: savecueandlog


Wednesday, 3 February 2016


ANENZEPHALIA fue uno de los primeros artistas que firmaron por el sello TESCO ORGANISATION. El personaje que está detrás del proyecto es B. MOLOCH,  a menudo ayudado por el líder del GENOCIDE ORGAN, WILHELM HERICH, por lo tanto, Anenzephalia se han definido a veces como un proyecto paralelo de Genocide Organ, aunque en realidad no lo son. Su música es un potente motor de sonido electrónico industrial excelentemente estructurado, con un cuidado manejo de las atmósferas y con unas voces brutales amenazantes. En el escenario Anenzephalia maltratan a la audiencia con sus juegos de ruidos y luces estroboscópicas cegadoras.

El que os propongo es su primer trabajo editado en LP, muy ilustrativo del sonido del grupo, con unas sucias y decadentes atmósferas que, personalmente, me han dejado con un muy buen sabor de boca y con muchas ganas de más.


A1 Cuesta Del Plomo 1:16
A2 Successive Torture 5:48
A3 Megalomaniac 1 6:15
A4 Transcendental Suffering 4:07
A5 Megalomaniac 2 4:38
B1 Meat Grinder 2:15
B2 Noordgesig (Live) 6:25
B3 What Are They For? 7:31
B4 Ashen Town 8:23

Password para descomprimir el rar: STAHLFABRIK
Password to unzip the rar: STAHLFABRIK