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sábado, 14 de noviembre de 2020

Various ‎– Rub Out The Word (2 × Cassette, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered, C60) (WAV)


Two sixty minutes, dealing with voice related music, 'Rub Out The Word' compiled by Jeph Jerman of Hands To, and released by his own Big Body Parts label. Mainly US experimentalists to be found here: Bunker Club, Mental Anguish, Swinebolt 45, Illusion Of Safety, Eric Lunde, City Of Worms, PBK, Big City Orchestra, David Montgomery, If Bwana, CBC III, Allegory Chapel, Crash Worship, Terre Blanche, Then Behavior, David S. Hastings, Yeast Culture, Black Coke, Hands To, Blackhumour, AMK, Lab Rat, John Hudak, Criss and what seems to be the only European contribution by Kapotte Muziek. An edition of 100 copies.

Big Body Parts ‎– BBP C3
2 × Cassette, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered, C60

Hands To Banishment
A2 blackhumour As You Were Saying (Live)
A4 Lab Rat (3) Ashtray
A5 John Hudak Witch's Butter
A6 Criss*
B1 Terre Blanche Patriot
B2 Then Behavior The Heads Off Our Two For Dinner
B3 Kapotte Muziek Process 4
B4 David S. Hastings The Late Moss Hart
B5 Yeast Culture HBOI Alphabet Master
B6 Black Coke Gloria
C1 PBK Malediction
C2 Big City Orchestra Volta
C3 David Montgomery Museum
C4 If, Bwana A Literary Classic
C5 CBC III* If You Do Not Have Friends
C6 Allegory Chapel Ltd. The Old Colonel's Job On Kat
C7 Crash Worship Bullets For Breakfast (Brain Dead Brain Dead)
D1 Bunker Club Little Joey's Rats
D2 Mental Anguish A World Full Of...
D3 Swinebolt 45 After A Dream
D4 Illusion Of Safety Mae
D5 Eric Lunde World's Fastest Tape Player
D6 Eric Lunde Damaged Reports: The Evening News
D7 City Of Worms Hacc


A compilation based on manipulation of speech recordings. The title comes from a quote by Brion Gysin.

Packaged with a cover, four j-cards (containing the tracklisting) and a full-page insert (with contact addresses). Numbered edition of 100 copies. This release was done towards the end of the operations of Big Body Parts, and only small portion of the copies were distributed by BBP (mostly to contributors). The remaining printed pieces went to Anomalous Reocords in 1993 and the remaining copies were distributed, in a variety of hand-made packages using the same materials.


jueves, 29 de octubre de 2020

Various ‎– Thee Exchange Ov Magnetic Energies (Cassette C-60/ ? / International Terrorist Network ‎– ITN41, FLAC)


Various ‎– Thee Exchange Ov Magnetic Energies
Label:International Terrorist Network ‎– ITN41
Format:Cassette, Limited Edition, Compilation, C60
Released: ?
Style:Industrial, Experimental 

A1 –Andy Izold / Jeff Central / Dan Rockwell - Terminal Pool   
A2 –Holger Hettler / Jeff Central - White Glove (Original Tascam Mix)   
A3 –Pat Grafik / Mortuary Attendant - Scalpel 23   
A4 –M. Finnkrieg / Tom Sutter - Jeff Central / War Gods   
A5 –Centralois - Guns Don't Argue   
B1 –Chris Phinney/ Jeff Central - Venusian Love Ritual   
B2 –Centralois - Black Octaves   
B3 –Fact 22 - Sex Spy Network
B4 –Terminal Inhale - Terminal Inhale
B5 –Jeff Central / Andy Izold / Chris Phinney - Fuck You Are   
B6 –Andy Izold / Dennis Petroff - It's Free

Released in a oversized plastic bag. In a Limited edition of 17 copies.  

International Terrorist Network or I.T.N. was formed in 1982 in Port Huron, Michigan. Ironically in the same town that Thomas Edison grew up in as a kid. Port Huron in the early eighties was a haven for underground artists and musicians such as Hunting Lodge, Shame, Exposure, John N. Wright, etc.). I.T.N. consisted of two members, Jeff Central and Pat Grafik. They went to school together and developed a mutual interest in the development of audio and video production. Both were interested in electronics and their role in the creative processes. 


viernes, 21 de agosto de 2020


Danceteria - New York, USA : 13 June 1982:

G1 Suture Obsession 5:01
G2 Berufsverbot 5:02
G3 Metall Field 5:24
G4 Walking On Dead Steps 5:51
G5 Despair 4:37
G6 Salo Salon 5:52


miércoles, 19 de agosto de 2020


Off The Wall Hall - Lawrence, USA : 28 April 1982:

Maladia Europa (the European Sickness) 3:30
Suture Obsession 4:58
Berufsverbot 5:19
Metall Field 5:34
A Heart That Breaks (In No Time Or Place) 4:15
Cry From The Sanatorium 2:49
Ground Zero : Infinity Dose 4:21
Wars Of Islam 4:21
Walking On Dead Steps 6:01
Despair 4:40
Serenace 8:06


lunes, 17 de agosto de 2020

domingo, 22 de octubre de 2017


Consumer Electronics ‎– Consumer Electronics
Label:RRRecords ‎– RRR 089
Format:3 × Vinyl, LP
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition
Style:Power Electronics, Experimental

                 Consumer Electronics (January 1982)
A1 (0.00)
A2 (0.00)
A3 (0.00)
A4 (0.00)
B1 (0.00)
B2 (0.00)
B3 (0.00)
B4 (0.00) 


 Leathersex (April 1982)
C1 Untitled
C2 Untitled
C3 Untitled
C4 Untitled
D1 Untitled
D2 Untitled
D3 Untitled
D4 Untitled


                       Live (June 12/21 October 1982)   
E Centro Iberico, London
F Nailsea School

Original concept: RRR

Comes in leather-type cardboard boxset. Includes an insert sheet.

Limited edition of 300 copies.  

password for unzip the rar : savecueandlog


viernes, 1 de septiembre de 2017

Various ‎– Drastic Perversions (Vinyl LP, Inner-X-Musick ‎– XXX-LP-2, 1984, Flac)

Various ‎– Drastic Perversions
Label:Inner-X-Musick ‎– XXX-LP-2
Format:Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition
Style:Industrial, Experimental

A1 –Data-Bank - A Spiritussanctus
A2 –Triumverate -  Pledge
A3 –Architectural Metaphor -  Trip Through The 7th Circle
A4 –Trained Circus Dogs  - Donuts From Heaven
A5 –Psy Field -  Baby Poison
A6 –Flagellants, The - Federal Express
B1 –Sleep Chamber  - Victmm (Sexxx Mixxx)
B2 –Women Of The SS  - Woman Iz Beast
B3 –Nurse With Wound -  I've Plumbed This Whole Neighbourhood
B4 –Massman  - Father Ov Sinn
B5 –No Artist - XXX (Closing Message)

Limited to 1000 copies.

To The Listener... please find enclosed samples ov unique and drastic styles ov music. And kno that in the year ov 1984 there iz attempts at unsucessful music.
The enclosed contents are what the music industry haz yet to accept az successful music.
So... XXX iz proud to introduce you to samples ov "DRASTIC PERVERSIONS" a taste ov only the Extreme, Unusual, and Perverted in music. 

pass for unzip: savecueandlog
download: MediaFire

domingo, 7 de diciembre de 2014

Factories (De Fabriek & Agog) - Factories Astir + Factories In Flux (ZH27 ‎– 121, cass, 1987) + Agog Hit By A Tire At A Disco (Damian Bisciglia Interview By Krista Nicols And Dylan Nyoukis, Bananafish)

Enormous talent, born American, about which much (but never enough) has been written by the "old masters" of experimental, home-taper scene on the occasion of his suicide on 11th December 2012... Damian Alfred Bisciglia, under moniker Agog.

Randy Greif remembers Damian Bisciglia
In Memory Of Damian Bisciglia by Dylan Nyoukis
Damian Bisciglia Tribute by Johannes Bergmark

Agog's Hebdomos, First Edition, 1989-90, an example of special cassette packaging on Spagyric
In the 1980s Agog owned the Spagyric label, which reflected the care and effort he put into his art, works that included sculptures made from found objects, beautiful handmade collages, and funny manipulated tapes. He also made sound collages incorporating free-jazz, noise, musique concrete - everything including rock. Bisciglia was an artist who devoted his life to cassette culture. His creations still decorate both his own tapes and those by other artists, his friends and collaborators, and continue to inspire us to this day.

His kind is of the utopian character that I feel so attracted to, of the excited curiosity for the basic raw materials of sounding matter and making the music directly from there, treating discarded traditional instruments like the zither in the same way as found decorative metal sculptures and other trash that can be recycled into a new life of sonic excitement and often bizarre weirdness. - Johannes Bergmark
Besides the Points Of Friction releases from the 1980s - a group Bisciglia was a member of alongside Joseph Hammer, Kenny Ryman and Tim Alexander, The Erotic Builders with Mitchell Brown and Joseph Hammer, and Bisciglia Bohman Hammer (with Joseph Hammer + Adam Bohman) - he contributed artwork and music to numerous collaborations with iconic artists such as Minoy (used to call themselves No Mail On Sundays), Zan Hoffman, Randy Greif, Eric Lanzilotta, Mitchell Brown, Dylan Nyoukis, Johannes Bergmark, Matt Piper, Kio Griffith and many others.

Damian Bisciglia with his sister Debra, niece Natale and nephew Carter (another sister Laura kids)
"Factories" is collaboration pseudonym between Agog and Dutch collective De Fabriek, jointly issued on tape by Zan Hoffman and later reissued on CD.

Happy birthday and rest in peace, beautiful Damian.

Courtesy of Debra Bisciglia-Casas and Taylor

DOWNLOAD Agog Hit By A Tire At A Disco (Damian Bisciglia Interview By Krista Nicols And Dylan Nyoukis)

lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2014

Ustad - Last Pyramid (J.S. Laboratories, C-60, 1988)

 Ustad (Ustad Oni). The project is from Houston, Texas, US and the sound consists an 70s krautish, dark, ambient experience. The name Ustad most likely comes from Persian word Ustād which means master or teacher, an honorific title for a man in South Asia that is usually used for well-regarded teachers and artists, most often musicians.
Ustad Oni also appears as member of Surgical II's, Stick In The Mud, Blistering Moments
 along with Jim Leggett, alias Jesus Penis... 
Ustad's itself k7 releases and compilation tracks are on already mentioned J.S. Laboratories, Sound Of Pig (Al Margolis, US), Nihilistic Recordings (Peter Zincken, NE), Stinky Horse Fuck (Smell & Quim, UK), Deadline Recordings (Richard Ramirez, US), Bureaucracy Of Hope (US), Swing Music (UK) and Hajra (UK).

J.S. Laboratories - Experimental cassette label run by LD Gregory, based in Houston, Texas, and operating from 1986, now defunct. The label is actually named Jittery Sphincter Laboratory, but usually the short version of the name appears on the releases.

viernes, 31 de octubre de 2014

Herd Of The Ether Space - Halloween Masks Look Almost Real! (Taped Rugs Productions ‎- TR #31, C-90, 1990)

I have a special trick and treat for you today!

During the 1980’s, Herd Of The Ether Space produced spooky improvised recordings on the Halloweens of 1987, 1988, and 1989. Released by Taped Rugs Productions in 1990, the cassette album: “Halloween Masks Look Almost Real!” blends together recordings from October 31st, 1987, and October 31st, 1989, into a scary presentation that can liven up any All Hallows Eve gathering. 

The first two pieces from the cassette: “Lacing The Candy” and “Witches To Char” are mixes of recordings from the 1989 session, featuring Charles Rice Goff III and Robert Silverman. The session was held at the home of Silverman’s girl friend, Debra Burger, in Berkeley, California, in a room where the walls were cracked and crumbled from the Loma Prieta earthquake, which had taken place less than two weeks previous (on Goff’s birthday). Trick or Treaters who came to Debra’s house that night were tricked and treated with some genuinely frightening noises. The recordings from that night were made on a stereo cassette deck; no tape loop system was used.

To create the other two pieces on the cassette: “Giant Bat Flies” and “Tongue Of Lizard Certain Death,” Goff mixed recordings from the 1989 session with recordings from the 1987 session. The Herd’s line-up for Halloween, 1987, consisted of Goff, Silverman, and Killr “Mark” Kaswan. This improvised sonic adventure into the underworld was made with the Taped Rugs Frippertronic-style tape loop system at the Taped Rugs Studio on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland, California. 

The full archive from the cassette, presented here, kicks off with Debra greeting some costumed innocents at her front door, then features the Herd playing a wide variety of instruments and inputting sounds from all sorts of Halloween tapes and records, evangelical recordings, scream generators, etc. 

Copyright 1987, 1989, 1990

domingo, 26 de octubre de 2014

M. Finnkrieg & Henry Hektik & Thomas Sutter - Berlin Diary: Volume 1 - Victory Weapon One (Regicide Bureau, C60,1987-1988)

"Exciting release from M. Finnkrieg and Henry Hektik + Tom Sutter from Regicide Bureau....

This was an 8 Tape series recorded at Deaf Eye Studios in Berlin during the late 80's...

These cassettes were extremely limited .... available directly from the defunct

This is the first tape... volume one

M Finnkrieg - Synths, Rhythms, Programming, sampling
Henry Hektik - Synths, Rhythms, Programming, Tapes
Thomas Sutter - Synths, Voice, Guitar, Tape

Deaf Eye
Rathenowerstr.  46
1000 Berlin 21
West Germany"

Ripped by anemiccinema.

This tape was previously shared on Mutant Sounds and I am still searching for other editions.

According to the info I found, Thomas Sutter is from St. Louis, Mike Finnkrieg is based in Berlin, Henry Hektik is also German I'd say.

Thomas Sutter (Regicide Bureau) is prolific tape trader and home taper, the label Regicide Bureau included a great amount of 1980-2000+ releases. His own cassettes are on classic Sound of Pig, Deaf Eye, Ecto Tapes, Harsh Reality Music and HalTapes; documentation of his collaboration includes Charles Rice Goff III, If, Bwana, Minoy, Hal McGee...
Here is another compilation track probably dated 1989, one of many collabs with M. Finnkrieg - LINK.

 I remember very well Finnkrieg's, Sutter 's and Central's 
WAR GODS track from Thee Exchange Ov Magnetic Energies limited edition compilation (International Terrorist Networkwhich induced me to keep these guys in mind and try to get more musical material by them... Anyway, Mike Finnkrieg is owner of Deaf Eye label and was in duo group along with Henry Hektik called Subtle Reign which was active shortly in the 80s releasing two tapes (or maybe more) that are highly rare. 

Among other works, Henry had done his tracks available on the plate of Audiofile Tapes, IRRE Tapes, Epitapes for compilations....

An electro orientated release.

viernes, 10 de octubre de 2014

Jake Meginsky - L'appel Du Vide (Open Mouth - OM37, LP, 2014)

Jake Meginsky
l’appel du vide Open Mouth LP OM37 Subterranean, nearly-inaudible restraint and rushing, stuttering throbbing rule the night on this new record. Its electric moods are so resolutely alien they suggest worlds unknown rather than create them. Irregular heartbeat thumps are set against high end atmospheres explored in microscopic detail. Haunting overlays of tones fluctuate and tremble, and not one moment feels forced. The music is meticulously constructed and consistently surprising, twisting and sparkling. The electronics spin away, shooting off into bizarre and unexpected territory, and all the while Meginsky guides them with a benevolent, confident, endlessly fascinated hand. To hear him tell it, the record is “a document of me looking for the experience I have not yet had, and maybe will never have. This is where the title comes from. The pull of the void.” Natural phenomena like fog or mist tend to render the environment and one’s ability to see it nearly impossible, and if you tilt your head back like you have a nosebleed there is always the fear that the sun might set sooner. When you stop in a secret place there is no need to talk. These are streets full of sullen languid violence and grey phantoms. Edition of 300. Cover art by Bill Nace. Play at 45 and play loud. Matt Krefting Holyoke, MA May 2014

available @ Open Mouth Records

miércoles, 24 de septiembre de 2014

Nicole Campau - Akrisa (Not On Label, 1995)

Don Campau's daughter was about eleven when she did her first home taping. Her father helped her with some technical stuff and play a bit as well. Later, when she was 19 she made another, deeper and exotic tape “Akrisa” but this early tape is very special to Don still with charm, intelligence and a verve that cannot be denied. Hear her classic song, New Fashion from 1988.

Nicole Campau: lyrics, vocals, instruments
Additional music by Don Campau
Recorded in 1994/5 in San Jose, California