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viernes, 12 de diciembre de 2014

Various ‎– Wolfsangel (BloedvlagProdukt-Nihilistic Recordings, 1986) (2xC-90) (MP3 Variable Bitrate)

Os presento esta fenomenal recopilación creada por Peter Zincken y su sello BloedvlagProdukt, aunque en realidad fue editada en su sub-sello Nihilistic Recordings. Consiguió reunit a una cantidad ingente de artistas creadores de sonido electrónico industrial: Clinique Lutetia, Hollow Sweet, Odal, Mensliches Alzu Mensliches, Le Syndicat, Nails Ov Christ, Crawling With Tarts, The Haters, Arvid Tuba, Torpsquartet, Narzisse, Dirt Myschkin, Louis Pasteur, De Fabriek, Factor 6, Ferial Confine, Giancarlo Toniutti, Mario Marzidovsek, Pax Romana, Crawling With Tarts, Bruno Cossanoo, Vital Parts, Commando Bruno, A Violated Body, Johna Koopman Ban, En Halv Kokt I Folio, Dan Froberg, Birdcagewalk, Kapotte Muziek, Ideas Beyond Filth, Ward Philips, Irritant and Zanstones, ... Toda una gozada que debéis...



A1 –Ferial Confine Track 1
A2 –Giancarlo Toniutti Clavicola Inostro
A3 –Ferial Confine Track 2
A4 –Le Syndicat Materiel Part 2
A5 –Ferial Confine Track 3
A6 –Mario Marzidovsek Konzerte Stück Für Eine Radio Und Gramophone
A7 –Pax Romana Trial By Ordeal
A8 –Crawling With Tarts El-Wire Walleye
A9 –Bruno Cossano The Nymphomaniac Is Playing With The Dead
A10 –Vital Parts* In That Case You Must Be Dead
A11 –Commando Bruno* Puente De La Uuvia!
A12 –A Violated Body Seduction
B1 –Arvid Tuba Die Personnen
B2 –Johan Koopman Ban Live 3
Percussion [Found] – H.*
Piano, Voice – Do (4)
Strings [Monostring] – Johan Koopman
B3 –Le Syndicat Materiel Part 3
B4 –En Halv Kokt I Folio* Untitled
B5 –Dän Froberg* A Year Is A Very Long Time
B6 –Birdcagewalk* Untitled
B7 –Kapotte Muziek Untitled
B8 –Ideas Beyond Filth Ka (Version)
B7 –Ward Philips* Untitled
B8 –Irritant White Europe
B9 –Zansones* Outro
C1 –Qlinique Lutetia* Intro
C2 –Qlinique Lutetia* Untitled
C3 –Hollow Sweet Straight And In The Hall
C4 –Vict/or-im* Vergeltung
C5 –Odal The World Destroyed In 30 Seconds
C6 –Mensliches Alzu Mensliches Parodi 1
C7 –Le Syndicat Materiel Part 1
C8 –Nails Ov Christ Vatican Victims
C9 –Crawling With Tarts Penisdriver
C10 –Haters, The Dicuts
C11 –Arvid Tuba Actractiv Dogpenis
D1 –Torpsquartet Untitled
D2 –Le Syndicat We Owe You
D3 –Narzisse Discrepans
D4 –Dirt Myschkin Dar Har Valdettriumferat
D5 –Louis Pasteur Bei Aller Leibe
D6 –De Fabriek Untitled
D7 –Factor 6 (2) The Mass Of The Phoenix





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viernes, 5 de diciembre de 2014

Clinique Lutetia - Aimless Music Vol. 1 (Korm Plastics - kp 17, cass, 1986 | CD-R, 1999) & Aimless Music Vol. 2 (BloedvlagProdukt, cass, 1986)

Duo from the northern parts of The Netherlands that released Aimless Music Volume 1 (1986) which was released on Korm Plastics and later reissued on CD-R (1999) and the second volume, released on BloedvlagProdukt also in 1986.
One member, Hille Kaper, was in Christ In Concrete project who left us one LP "The Raven" (rock sound presumably), furthermore, Kaper, under B.C. pseudonym, produced noisy "Fugit Hora" cassette; it was issued on CD-R after previously being released on cassette for Korm Plastics label.
Clinique Lutetia is also recorded on Wolfsangel compilation (Nihilistic Recordings) and New (Militairy) Music (Opus Dei Society) with Mario Marzidovšek behind it's artwork design (would love to see/hear this one).
All mentioned labels are Dutch and they are parent labels: Nihilistic Recordings + BloedvlagProdukt (Peter Zincken) and Korm Plastics + Opus Dei Society (Frans de Waard).
30 minutes of (identical, by mistake or not) excellent crude, industrial, noisy, manipulated sound, intro/outro of choir-like vocals ancrumbs guitar overtones on Vol. 2. and nothing dissimilar on Vol. 1 (7 tracks).