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sábado, 18 de octubre de 2014

El Coleccionista De Poliedros - Cacofonías Egipánicas (Laboratorios del sueño, C60, 1986)

El Collecionista De Poliedros (Juan Escolano) is creating sounds by electronic and non-electronic

 intruments, the final product are harsh industrial sounds and contemporary environments.

 His music is essentially random and improvised with the help of

 electronics that is #1 and the most important factor as well as utilization of

 noise and different objects of daily use that may cause noise mainly

 based on the experiments carried out by the Italian and Russian Futurists and later by Dada movement

Juan has been in fields such as collage, painting, mail art, sculpture, graphics,

music fanzines, books of expression, etc...

Cacofonías Egipánicas is recorded live by mic stand with very basic and simple systems.

The sound is beautiful and is part of our life, it surrounds and envelops us. Don't hate, learn to listen, to love and create positively!

Sound elements:
Keyboards, distortion and ambient tape, radio waves, bottled water, voice, laboratory atmosphere, "metal to metal" (metal percussion).

The tracks that make up this cassette are drawn from 3 different cassettes
1) "Mare Vaporum": Tracks 2 and 8.

2) "Event fluidos": Tracks 3, 4, 5 and 6.

3) "Gracias a las máquinas": Tracks 1 and 9.
A1 Transformaciones
A2 Poema Nibelungo
A3 Torsion Agitacion (El trabajo de las maquinas)
A4 Suturas de materia
A5 Golpea tu cerebro

B1 Canto de agua. Rasgaduras de viento
B2 Moria (Khazad-Dum)
B3 Baader Meinhoff
B4 Transformaciones 2 Emocion-intencion

Finally, I apologize for not having time to split the tracks.