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jueves, 15 de octubre de 2015


Una compilación casi gemela de la CLOUDED SILVER que os presenté hace poco. También editada por EPITAPES, en formato Cassette C-90 y con un elenco de artistas impresionante: LA NOMENKLATUR, NIHIL, VIDNA OBMANA, THOMASIUS, HENRY HEKTIK, DAN JOSEPH, COMPTON EFFECT,...



A1 –Unknown Artist Intro
A2 –The Starkman Blasphemy
A3 –La Nomenklatur La Tentative
A4 –Compton Effect French Connection
A5 –Compton Effect Short Skip
A6 –Dan Joseph The Flute
A7 –Nihil Poisoned Popsong
A8 –Nihil Cage
A9 –Neva Frenezie
A10 –Masters Of The Obvious Moronica
B1 –Henry Hektik    G.O.2.M.
B2 –Henry Hektik    Crossfade
B3 –Henry Hektik    Blue Light Over Firm Walls
B4 –Vidna Obmana Bondage Doom To Creator
B5 –Vidna Obmana Breathe To Crystal Form
B6 –Deleted    Les Vacances
B7 –Deleted    The Perfect Form
B8 –Klimperei 13,000 Poules Mortes
B9 –Zobel / Thomasius     Schlaflied
B10 –Zobel / Thomasius     Monchhausen
B11 –Psychological Warfare Branch Western Pop Culture
B12 –Psychological Warfare Branch Lebersraum Amerikkka
B13 –Un-Film     Halloween
B14 –Merzdow Shek Untitled




Password para descomprimir el rar: STAHLFABRIK
Password to unzip the rar: STAHLFABRIK

domingo, 26 de octubre de 2014

M. Finnkrieg & Henry Hektik & Thomas Sutter - Berlin Diary: Volume 1 - Victory Weapon One (Regicide Bureau, C60,1987-1988)

"Exciting release from M. Finnkrieg and Henry Hektik + Tom Sutter from Regicide Bureau....

This was an 8 Tape series recorded at Deaf Eye Studios in Berlin during the late 80's...

These cassettes were extremely limited .... available directly from the defunct

This is the first tape... volume one

M Finnkrieg - Synths, Rhythms, Programming, sampling
Henry Hektik - Synths, Rhythms, Programming, Tapes
Thomas Sutter - Synths, Voice, Guitar, Tape

Deaf Eye
Rathenowerstr.  46
1000 Berlin 21
West Germany"

Ripped by anemiccinema.

This tape was previously shared on Mutant Sounds and I am still searching for other editions.

According to the info I found, Thomas Sutter is from St. Louis, Mike Finnkrieg is based in Berlin, Henry Hektik is also German I'd say.

Thomas Sutter (Regicide Bureau) is prolific tape trader and home taper, the label Regicide Bureau included a great amount of 1980-2000+ releases. His own cassettes are on classic Sound of Pig, Deaf Eye, Ecto Tapes, Harsh Reality Music and HalTapes; documentation of his collaboration includes Charles Rice Goff III, If, Bwana, Minoy, Hal McGee...
Here is another compilation track probably dated 1989, one of many collabs with M. Finnkrieg - LINK.

 I remember very well Finnkrieg's, Sutter 's and Central's 
WAR GODS track from Thee Exchange Ov Magnetic Energies limited edition compilation (International Terrorist Networkwhich induced me to keep these guys in mind and try to get more musical material by them... Anyway, Mike Finnkrieg is owner of Deaf Eye label and was in duo group along with Henry Hektik called Subtle Reign which was active shortly in the 80s releasing two tapes (or maybe more) that are highly rare. 

Among other works, Henry had done his tracks available on the plate of Audiofile Tapes, IRRE Tapes, Epitapes for compilations....

An electro orientated release.