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Sunday, 6 December 2015


Os ofrezco esta magnífica compilación internacional cocinada por el sello belga CORROSIVE TAPES en 1988 con un listado de grandes nombres de la electrónica industrial como PACIFIC 231, FALX CEREBRI, NO UNAUTHORIZED, THE HATERS, BLACKHUMOUR, MIKE VARGAS... y un largo etcétera. El original venía acompañado de un "booklet" o fanzine ilustrado que no nos ha sido posible conseguir hasta el momento. Una compilación imprescindible para vuestras colecciones.



Klinik Side:

A1 –Pacific 231 (2) Psycho Voice 2:45
A2 –FâLX çèrêbRi Klinik Kastration 1:30
A3 –Magisch Theater & Unovidual Give The Boy His Cut Off Frequency Back 4:00
A4 –Tone Poets Nitrous Oxide 2:15
A5 –Mike Vargas Gray 5:30
A6 –No Unauthorized Virus 1 4:15
A7 –Solomonoff & Von Hoffmannstahl Root Canal 3:40
A8 –Influenza Prods. Quickly With The Night Nurse 3:20
A9 –Mark Hanley The Power Of Television (Ekstrakt) 1:40
A10 –Freulein Knutschen Snabel 2:00

Kastration Side:

B1 –Uterus Of Plant Luna 2:05
B2 –R&D 28 Impromptu Surgery (...To Heaven) 6:30
B3 –Z-A-N-O-I-S-E-C-T* Brainwash N. D. 7:55
B4 –The Haters Fire In The Lab 2:35
B5 –Richard Franecki 1636 (Ekstrakt) 3:00
B7 –blackhumour Nikola (Ekstrakt) 3:20
B8 –Soft Joke & Andre Zweers (2) Bell's Of Sint-Mark 4:10

Password para descomprimir el rar: STAHLFABRIK
Password to unzip the rar: STAHLFABRIK

Monday, 13 October 2014

Various - Informátor 00II (not on label, cassette compilation, C90, 1989)

 I came across this compilation on some blog which name I can't recall at the moment with desire to post it on Youtube but briefly after posting few tracks, I was advised by Michael that the track index is messed up so with respect to him for sending me the correct tape, the compilation titled Informator 00II can be spread to the world.
The contributing projects with tracks recorded from '84-'89 are 
A: Odvážná Srdce, Tristan 43, Sidonová, Veselí Filištínové, Benedikt, A-64, Trpák, M.I.O.S., Brusičova Parta, Biskup & Klapper, Keilwerth, Maxa
B: Stredni Evropa, Vlajka, Sidonova, Bongo Muž Hlava, Mondrian, A-64, Pastorek, Queuer, Osvobozená Domácnost, Maxa
It was distributed by Corrosive Tapes - Belgian tape label begun circa 1986 run by dr pIOtr AAkOUn.
From May 1987 Piotr got in touch with the czech industrial scene - among them musician Tonda Hlavka who supplied him with tapes for distribution beyond the iron curtain.
The label stopped activity in early 1992.
Several tapes were published later by Slavek Kwi using the Corrosive Tapes moniker.
In 2013 the label got re-activated in collaboration with complasToc (Mathieu Delvaux). 

For more Czechoslovakian underground: 

Friday, 3 October 2014

Radio Diffusor Maracaibo - Radio Diffusor Maracaibo (Corrosive Tapes ‎- C015, c30, 1988)

The project is from Germany and is out on Belgian Corrosive Tapes. I always connect Radio Diffusor Maracaibo with Czech due it's involvement with Czech(oslovakian) projects either as being on Frankfurt/Praha compilation either as collaboration with Odvážná Srdce.
Comes in jewelcase with several B/W xeroxed photographs by Tobias Regenfuss inside.

Thank you, Phillip B. Klingler!