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sábado, 30 de septiembre de 2017

Nigredo ‎– Carmina Defunctorum (Slaughter Productions ‎– SPT 19, Cassete, Year: Unknown) (MP3)

Esa cinta es un gran ejemplo de electronickx esotérico de Lucrecia Bosch y Paulo Maldoror. Imprescindible para todos los amantes de los sonidoss rituales ambientales y los mensajes de magia. Carmina Defunctorum salió en la etiqueta italiana del cassette legendaria Slaughter Productions dirigida por Marco Corbelli aka Atrax Morgue en 1994.

Nigredo ‎– Carmina Defunctorum
Label: Slaughter Productions ‎– SPT 19
Format: Cassette, Single Sided, C60
Country: Italy
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dark Ambient, Industrial, Experimental

A1     Untitled     3:10
A2     Untitled     0:44
A3     Untitled     0:40
A4     Untitled     1:09
A5     Untitled     1:28
A6     Untitled     3:52
A7     Untitled     2:08
A8     Untitled     0:56
A9     Untitled     1:41
A10     Untitled     4:11
A11     Untitled     2:59
A12     Untitled     4:11
A13     Untitled     2:38
A5 packaging.

jueves, 24 de agosto de 2017

Thelema ‎– Rosa + Croce (Not On Label, Cassette, 1985) (MP3)

The origins of a music group are always wrapped up by legends or strange stories.
This is not the case for Thelema.
In fact, the group formed in the most normal fashion in the winter of 1984 in Italy when Massimo Mantovani former BLOUSONS NOIRS, bass player Giorgio Parmigiani ex THROBS OF PLEASURE and Gregorio Bardini ex T.A.C. Gave life to the band inspired by Aleister Crowley's ideas, philosophy and esoteric work, calling it Thelema.
The first urgency was to find a drummer and find him in Marco Bucciarelli. With this first line-up composing the first tracks. Surely influenced by the dark-wave and post-punk English of the time, they still managed to give their own soundtrack to their songs, where an important tribal mix between bass and battery created the rhythmic rug for electric guitar harmonies and keyboards , All overwhelmed by vocal melodies that are not always sung, but also screamed. The live debut dates back to November 1984 in Ostiglia (Mantova) in which they played their full repertoire of then. They made a first demo-tape called The Golem and the fall of the dying gods containing 5 tracks and in the b side a bout of that concert. In December of the same year they recorded the first single Rosa Alchemica that came out in the early months of 1985 along with the Fanzine Signal by Sandro Bergamo for Edizioni Lumiere. Reviews on specialized magazines and fanzines were unanimously positive, and Thelema also started a steady live business.
Again in 1985 Massimo and Gregorio incised a ribbon of ritual music called Rosa † Cross, whose first 93 copies were numbered in gold. The first public consents, especially locally, took them to the studio to record other new songs. 


a1. Side A
(Agape/Baphometh/Paris works)

b1. Side B
(Mary torn upon the wheels/The vision and the voice/The laird of boleskine/Laird dub)


miércoles, 23 de agosto de 2017

AbRAXAS – Hexe (Label Enlightenment Communications, CASS, 1993) (MP3)

Abraxas released one demo, then renamed to the more widely-associated Endvra (Ontario Blue Collar project, if that name is for someone closer). This demo probably contains the same material, or slightly different from Endvr's debut "Dreams of Dark Water". The weather is fine, although I personally prefer the Black Eden. For those who do not associate at all - this is a duet from England making ritual dark ambient.

Stephen Pennick and Christopher Walton were formerly known as Abraxas but changed to Endura and reworked part of their Hexe cassette to produce the Dreams of Dark Waters CD (1994 Nature & Art). This has been followed by contributions to a number of compilations and three other CD albums. Currently, Stephen is pursuing a solo project, Ontario Blue, and the duo run their own tape label, Enlightenment Communications. 


A1 Dreams Of Dark Waters 6:09
A2 Intra-Uterine Sabbat 7:49
A3 Colours 3:27
A4 Twilyte Language 6:26
A5 Nailed To The Cross Of Pluto 7:10
B1 Magdalene 5:02
B2 Death On Women 6:07
B3 Cadeau La Mort 6:42
B4 Fresh Grief Blues 5:14
B5 Undine 5:39


AbBRAXAS was the original name of the duo later known as Endvra. This was the original version of a work from which elements were taken and expanded into Dreams of Dark Waters; released initially on Nature and Art, and then by Red Stream as one half of the Elder Signs double CD. 

sábado, 5 de agosto de 2017

Various - Extreme Pleasures vol. I (Label Slaughter Productions, Cassete C-49, 1995) (MP3)

This is a beautiful compilation produced by Marco Corbelli of the Label Italian industrial / noise Slaughter Productions. I do not know anything about that, but who knows some information I would be very grateful. Enjoy!

Various ‎– Extreme Pleasures Vol. I
Label: Slaughter Productions ‎– SPT49
Format: Cassette, Compilation
Country: Italy
Released: Dec 1995
Genre: Electronic
Style: Industrial, Noise

A1     –Sshe Retina Stimulants - Reprowelt     4:05
A2     –Iugula-Thor - Late Night Show     3:28
A3     –Atrax Morgue - Evisceration / Sek. 5 Pt. 2     4:25
B1     –Macronympha - Cum Soaked Ideology Fetish     4:45
B2     –MSBR - Evil Contamination     4:39
B3     –Mark Solotroff - Blood Room     5:52


sábado, 24 de octubre de 2015


El amigo y seguidor de este blog, LOW RHAHN, nos ha pedido material del sello portugués MALDOROR TAPES y en especial quiere trabajos de CORVU PRETTU, alias bajo el que se esconde el artista sonoro JOSÉ VILELA, también conocido por sus otros alias: Aphora, José Vilela, Karfreitrg, Lacrima Christi, Negrume...
Lo que os presento es uno de sus primeros trabajos, fechado en 1992 y presentado en formato cassette en edición limitada y numerada a 30 ejemplares. Posteriormente editaron una segunda tirada limitada a 15 unidades. Se trata de un auto-split, con temas de su personalidad como APHORA en la cara a y como CORVU PRETTU en la cara B. 
Sonido electrónico de ambiente industrial, creando texturas a base de paseos imaginarios por fábricas, infiernos maquinales y oscuros edificios abandonados de los que siguen surgiendo sonidos estridentes. Al menos esa es la sensación que me ha dado a mi, a pesar de que el título de la cassette y de los temas son alegorías de la crucifixión de Cristo. Sea como fuere, la sensación sonora resultante me ha hecho disfrutar y trabajar la imaginación, que es lo que espero de este tipo de artistas.



A1 –Aphora Crucifixu 3:57
A2 –Aphora Christu 7:07
A3 –Aphora Aphora 5:26

Christu I
B1 –Corvu Prettu Christu I 8:55
B2 –Corvu Prettu Christu II 7:10




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