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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Various ‎- Beton-Werk I (Beton Tapes - BT71, cass, 1993)

Hamburg based cassette label led by Alexander Pohle (Awake At The Wall, Mururoa Radio Wavers) in the 90s.

"Beton Tapes was formed in 1990, and ran by Alexander Pohle who now does the minimal label NLW, along with the Back Again zine (amongst other things). He also had another tape label called Gorkon Recordings in the 90s too. If the label's catalog numbers are correct, Beton put out well over 100 cassettes, though I have only been able to uncover maybe around 50-60 of these." -sorrow-vomit 

A1 Das Kombinat - Objekt Zum Zerstören
A2 Las Cometas Alegres - Preparacion Al Porto
A3 Mordant - Gnôthi Seauton
A4 Konvergenz - Raum 104
A5 The Rorschach Garden - Synapticon
A6 Endzeitgeneration - Shetland = Totland
A7 Karceral Flesh - Too Much Pain Everywhere
A8 Notstandskomitee - Sprechende Haushaltsgeräte
A9 Hoarst ! - Uusende Fleygen
A10 Eroe Anemico - Suicide Sex Mania (Raped Version)
B1 Majestic Twelve - 000110
B2 Der Eisenhut - Synapsenkurzschluß
B3 Notstandskomitee - Moloch Maschine
B4 Eroe Anemico - A Reason To Believe
B5 Karceral Flesh - La Petite Fille
B6 The Rorschach Garden - The Skydiver
B7 Para-Noise-Terminal - Tan
B8 Hoarst ! - Bastard Democracia
B9 Monteferro Coilco - Re-Pap
B10 Y-Ton-G - Zeitholz
B11 Mordant - Im Haus

(Comes with A5 b/w booklet which I don't have.)

Thank you, Francisco López.