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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Various ‎– Das Dreidimensionale Möbiusband (2 × CD, Compilation ) (Flying Swimming ) (Flac)

Nice compilation with a lot of "Stars"....

Various ‎– Das Dreidimensionale Möbiusband

Flying Swimming ‎– fs00001
2 × CD, Compilation
CD, CD-ROM, Mini
1-1 Achim Wollscheid Radio Piece 5:36
1-2 Asmus Tietchens Böszopfler (= An Evil Man With A Tress) 6:58
1-3 Conrad Schnitzler 00/143 (1-15) 5:36
1-4 Das Kreis Der Fünf 4:54
1-5 Darius Ciuta Near By One 6:13
1-6 Es Kukat Ovat Hyriä Kuuntelijoita 3:43
1-7 Felipe Caramelos Que Su Cante Me Lastima 4:16
1-8 Frans de Waard Klankschap #7 6:21
1-9 Ilpo Väisänen Vihan Päivä 8:38
1-10 John Watermann Unfaithful Moments 14:00
2-1a Trevor Wishart Fanfare 6:50
2-1b Trevor Wishart Contrapuntus 3:44
2-2 The Animist Orschestra* Non Title 8:00
2-3 Spectre Soaring To The Depth 4:38
2-4 RLW Rappel Das - Or: Dealing With Indiscipline. A Piece For Children Aged 2-4 Years 7:07
2-5 Merzbow Earth Nazareth 11:47
2-6 Liddikoatight Ka-Cho-Fuh-Getsu 6:00
2-7 Leif Elggren The Paving Stone Is The Weapon Of The Proletariat No. 5 6:11
2-8 Juozas Milasius* Tenderness 4:18
2-9 Kouhei Matsunaga Star Point 7:00
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Friday, 5 December 2014

Clinique Lutetia - Aimless Music Vol. 1 (Korm Plastics - kp 17, cass, 1986 | CD-R, 1999) & Aimless Music Vol. 2 (BloedvlagProdukt, cass, 1986)

Duo from the northern parts of The Netherlands that released Aimless Music Volume 1 (1986) which was released on Korm Plastics and later reissued on CD-R (1999) and the second volume, released on BloedvlagProdukt also in 1986.
One member, Hille Kaper, was in Christ In Concrete project who left us one LP "The Raven" (rock sound presumably), furthermore, Kaper, under B.C. pseudonym, produced noisy "Fugit Hora" cassette; it was issued on CD-R after previously being released on cassette for Korm Plastics label.
Clinique Lutetia is also recorded on Wolfsangel compilation (Nihilistic Recordings) and New (Militairy) Music (Opus Dei Society) with Mario Marzidovšek behind it's artwork design (would love to see/hear this one).
All mentioned labels are Dutch and they are parent labels: Nihilistic Recordings + BloedvlagProdukt (Peter Zincken) and Korm Plastics + Opus Dei Society (Frans de Waard).
30 minutes of (identical, by mistake or not) excellent crude, industrial, noisy, manipulated sound, intro/outro of choir-like vocals ancrumbs guitar overtones on Vol. 2. and nothing dissimilar on Vol. 1 (7 tracks).