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domingo, 14 de septiembre de 2014

Roberta Eklund - The Process of Recognition (Eklund Cassettes, 1986)

More musical release by Roberta Eklund, American female artist known for her sound poetry cassettes, collaboration with Hal McGee and Debbie Jafee and some compilations such as All Covers Compilation...

Thanks to Francisco Lopez's archive.

martes, 26 de agosto de 2014

Kathy Acker With Nox ‎- Love, Emily (AKT Production - Acte 3, 1987)

Kathy Acker reads excerpts from "My Death, My Life, by Pier Paolo Pasolini", her book which was published in 1984 and Nox is making tribal industrial accompanying music to it.

Minóy - Plain Wrap Purgatory (cassette, Sound Of Pig - SOP 96)

Minóy or Stanley Keith Bowsza (October 30, 1951 - March 19, 2010) was a prolificAmerican  DIY sound artist, a home taper active in mail-art. He has created numerous releases on cassettes and gained a high rank position in cassette culture spheres. If you are still not familiar with this unique persona I suggest you to read this and this articles. Or get a fresh book/cassette/cd here.
Since I heard The Dying Man, a collaboration release made by David Prescott and himself, I got hooked and after a quite of time that passed - I'm still under the spell of the magician of his own, the spell that holds me with empathy identified with endless embracing.
Plain Wrap Purgatory is a droning sound collage with eerie vocals, typical Minoy-ish. Intense, licentious, emotional, abstract... He is sharing with us his darkest secrets but he is so cold, so indifferent.
What is he doing? Is this real? It seems he is so into his musical rite, he transforms his creature to some unknown far above dimensions...


lunes, 4 de agosto de 2014

Za Dharsh - To Hell In A Hatbasket (SSS Productions, 198x)

To the best of my knowlege this is a project by Manny Theiner, A major player in the 1980's American Industrial Noise scene, Released on his own SSS Productions, He describes it as a "Winning Combination of ball crunching industrial with sociopolitical messages. Ambrosia for the masses." I estimate the year of release to be either 1986 or 87.

Thank you Taylor! ;)

Dino DiMuro - A Real Pretty Rose (Phantom Soil, 1986)

A little difference while I'm still myself...

Early casette by American veteran of home-taping, sound effects editor, composer, musician, and writer Dino DiMuro. Fifteen songs of idiosyncratic song form, Combining idioms as diverse as classical music, sound effects, and prog. Released on his own label Phantom Soil in 1986, and while mr. DiMuro is singing dirges for Lynda Barry, I feel like I've grabbed God's balls.