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lunes, 4 de abril de 2016

Deutsches Kulturgut / Tesendalo ‎– Rückwärts / Vorwärts (IRRE Tapes ‎– IT 083 ) (Cassette C60) (WAV)

Deutsches Kulturgut and Tesendalo were studio projects by Michael Wurzer and Peter Schuster, both Nürnberg "free self-expression" musicians, creating haunting industrial ambient noise, influenced by Zoviet-France, Klaus Schulze, etc... organic, long-lasting unhurried passages, clouded by monotonous drones with fleeting and fragmentarily torn radiant sounds.

Deutsches Kulturgut / Tesendalo ‎– Rückwärts / Vorwärts

IRRE Tapes ‎– IT 083
Cassette, C60

A1 Deutsches Kulturgut Untitled 11:42
A2 Deutsches Kulturgut Untitled 6:03
A3 Deutsches Kulturgut Untitled 4:57
A4 Deutsches Kulturgut Untitled 1:36
A5 Deutsches Kulturgut Untitled 2:37

B1 Tesendalo Untitled 9:04
B2 Tesendalo Untitled 5:35
B3 Tesendalo Untitled 5:23
B4 Tesendalo Untitled 4:32
B5 Tesendalo Untitled 4:04
Recorded 1991/92.
Mixed 1992.
Cassettes include a space for numbering, although not all copies are numbered.
Cover comes in various colours (white, blue...). 

jueves, 11 de septiembre de 2014

Various ‎- Gears=Sexeight (eMpTy Records - MT-077, Limited Edition, 1990)


A limited edition of 100 copies. Compiled by Peter Schuster (Die Rache, Tesendelo, Silent Voices) and Joseph B. Raimond (Doc Wör Mirran, Something To Burn, Le Volksbüro). Released in Germany.

Side A:
A1 Doc Wör Mirran - Joe Must Aufs Kloh #4
A2 Der Pilz - Untitled
A3 Kopfschmerztablette - Computersimulation #3
A4 Kiew-Aspirin-N - Andy Warhol Is Dead
A5 Minoy - Pad Woon Sen
A6 De Fabriek Mediterraneo (Excerpt)
Side B:
B1 Mental Anguish - Duplicated Accidents
B2 PCR - Braintree
B3 Illusion Of Safety - "D.D."
B4 Deutsches Kulturgut - In Der Zeit
B5 Merz - "-----"
B6 K.O.P. - Fuckin Children
B7 John Lafia & Ethan James - The Way Of The Hero
B8 Kopfschmerztablette - Ton Steine Scherben