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sábado, 5 de agosto de 2017

Various ‎– Régénération - Dégénérescence (1997, 2xCD Compilation, Kaon ‎– 1/97) (FLAC)

Various ‎– Régénération - Dégénérescence


Label:Kaon ‎– 1/97
Format:2 × CD, Compilation
Genre:Electronic, Non-Music
Style:Field Recording, Noise, Experimental 

1-04     –Alio Die     Untitled     4:58
1-05     –Toy Bizarre     Untitled     0:34
1-06     –Aube     Reminded Elements     4:31
1-07     –Toy Bizarre     Untitled     0:31
1-08     –Pierre Bouchet     Atmosphère N1     5:32
1-09     –Toy Bizarre     Untitled     0:33
1-10     –Brume     Résurrection     4:16
1-11     –Toy Bizarre     Untitled     0:35
1-12     –C.O. Caspar     Regeneration     4:41
1-13     –Toy Bizarre     Untitled     0:32
1-14     –Cranioclast     N 43 Breffy Le Ramier     4:32
1-15     –Toy Bizarre     Untitled     0:32
1-16     –Crawl Unit     Response To Site (Water On Metal)     4:24
1-17     –Toy Bizarre     Untitled     0:39
1-18     –Das Synthetische Mischgewebe     Virtual Concret     4:34
1-19     –Toy Bizarre     Untitled     0:41
1-20     –Hands To     Regeneration & Decay     4:53
1-21     –Toy Bizarre     Untitled     0:35
1-22     –Hybryds     Haunted Flies The Phenix     4:49
1-23     –Toy Bizarre     Untitled     0:33
1-24     –Illusion Of Safety     Machine 101     4:50
1-25     –Toy Bizarre     Untitled     0:34
1-26     –Inanna     Son Of Bony Seeds     5:32
1-27     –Toy Bizarre     Untitled     1:37
2-01     –Toy Bizarre     Untitled     0:34
2-02     –Kapotte Muziek     Untitled     4:26
2-03     –Toy Bizarre     Untitled     0:29
2-04     –Francisco López     Implantation De 10 Machines     4:12
2-05     –Toy Bizarre     Untitled     0:31
2-06     –Maeror Tri     Terraformen 1     5:15
2-07     –Toy Bizarre     Untitled     0:32
2-08     –Daniel Menche     Room Full Of Truth     9:27
2-09     –Toy Bizarre     Untitled     0:31
2-10     –Bruno Moreigne     Hévéa 2nde Génération     4:17
2-11     –Toy Bizarre     Untitled     0:32
2-12     –Ora     Untitled     3:34
2-13     –Toy Bizarre     Untitled     0:31
2-14     –Small Cruel Party     La Poussière Des Murs Détruit Le Passé     4:30
2-15     –Toy Bizarre     Untitled     0:29
2-16     –Söldnergeist     Sand Und Gestein     5:11
2-17     –Toy Bizarre     Untitled     0:30
2-18     –Asmus Tietchens     Industrie Perdue     2:19
2-19     –Toy Bizarre     Untitled     0:33
2-20     –Toy Bizarre     KDI DCTB 41     3:49
2-21     –Toy Bizarre     Untitled     0:30
2-22     –John Watermann     Untitled     4:56
2-23     –Toy Bizarre     Untitled     0:30
2-24     –Ralf Wehowsky     Kein Schöner...     4:28
2-25     –Toy Bizarre     Untitled     0:35
2-26     –Wild Shores     Le Laminoir Des Filtreuses     4:42
2-27     –Toy Bizarre     Untitled     0:30
2-28     –Achim Wollscheid     The Little Extra     2:39
2-29     –Toy Bizarre     Untitled     1:28 

Limited edition of 500 copies.
In cardboard sleeve with metal plate on the front.

"There is, in the Limoges (France) area, a number of neglected industrial sites. If one's walking in these sites he would be able to experience their past activities - more or less recent; it would be revealed by characteristic material or by the site's layout itself. One of these places has hold our attention : an industrial complex of 10 hectares was created at the end of the 19th century on the banks of a river. Its goal was to regenerate hevea's sap in order to manufacture tires, tennis balls, soles, gloves, teats... It helped the just born latex civilization to grow... This decaying factory, disused since some years, was ruined by many fires due to the numerous flammable and polluting materials located on site. Despite the fact that the place is disused, it has got a strong sound identity, a rich sound spectrum.
It was very important for us to introduce this area to you. The interest was to combine the place's discovery with the discovery of the works of numerous artists - working with field recordings made on specific sites. The recording of sound atmospheres of a place could be considered as fixing a fragment of time, space, history (Quite like a photograph).
Representative matters (wood, stone, rubber) of the factory were taken, then sent to the artists. The parcel also contains photographs of the place and a representative sound sample of 15 mn, a kind of sound plotting. This field recording was made by TOY BIZARRE in January and February 1996 and edited by Bruno MOREIGNE. We decided to avoid human sound sources in order to let the place "express itself". With these 15 minutes of sound and the various samples of the place, each artist was able to give its own sound interpretation of the place. The one and only restraints were: to use ONLY the sounds we gave (to do a sound regeneration) and to record a track of 4 mn 30 maximum. All the sound treatment/composition methods were authorized. [You can listen to the original sounds by playing the uneven tracks.]
We can draw a parallel between the rubber regeneration (past activity of the factory) and the regeneration of the factory's actual sound (the result of the decay of the place); that's the core of this project. This parallel also allows us to apprehend the sensibilities, the place's visions of each artist - because they all worked on the 
same sound basis."

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lunes, 9 de enero de 2017

Various ‎– Invisible Domains (CD, Compilation ,1994) (Malignant Records ‎– MRCD0001) FLAC

Bringing together the leading experimenters from around the globe with one common theme - to portray viral infections in all their guises. So huge amounts of potential there. VROMB take the Ebola theme of the album and sets gentle noisework against a distant tribal rhythm. Sounds not unlike a collaboration between VIDNA OBMANA and WHITEHOUSE might sound - heaven forbid such a fire-and-ice meeting of forces were ever to happen, but the calming warmth mixed with shrill scratchiness works incredibly well. STONE GLASS STEEL's track(s) are more narrative than descriptive - painting the virus from the outside rather than experiencing it from within. This is more an experimental noisework and evokes nothing like what the alien invasion of a virus might be like. It steals snatches of choral music (from "Glory" maybe) and becomes itself the virus, taking over an existing body (of work) to transform it into something else. SOLDNERGEIST again use noise, with some of the harsh bite taken out, but nevertheless still extreme and grating, cumbersome for the lack of 'top'. CONTRASTATE never really let us down, and this time they have created a soporific drifting piece of Horror Film drama over which cicada-like noise rises up. Minimal - I mean Minimal percussion is used to give the piece a little structure. It then heads into a darker simmering primal soup, gentle but with enough weirdness to give it a black drama. KIRCHENKAMPF follow the mood perfectly, only disturbing it now and again with sudden shocks of sound which crash out of the speakers like electronically-altered thunder. A long track with plenty of changes - hot, though. ILLUSION OF SAFETY take human voice, mash it all up with fx and feed it back to us as a complex, machine-born loop before taking us on an almost toneless sequential journey which finally ends with a mountain of raw noise. YEN POX return to a gentler, more Isolationist area, where the virus is insidious, entering quietly, unannounced. Passively churning coils of noise grow gradually into progressively noisy moments. The sound of structures fed through thick fx (slapback echo?) heralds the arrival of VOICE OF EYE's contribution. This is a group who never let you down, and their metallic-flavoured slow journey rocks no boats as far as that goes. Dark, with shapes wrought out of a shared nightmare between H.R. GIGER and H.P. LOVECRAFT, this is a journey through a dark place, where even the singing of angels cannot help you in your hour of dread. MAEROR TRI bring us the penultimate number. Distant drumming like heartbeat forms the foundation for a track which transforms but slowly. It builds up in gradual metamorphosis, keping the passive feeling throughout, leaving the way clear for LULL's track, and indeed the album's concluding piece. MICK HARRIS never lets you down, and this piece hearkens back to when the first couple of LULL albums came out. Passive, harmless yet it's very calm disturbs the listener.
A bit of a mixed bag album, but mostly good descriptive stuff. Nothing here actually chilled me to the bone, which the idea of Ebola and other such nasties does, but perhaps I'm just a little jaded. Certainly one to turn the atmosphere a tad colder, and to dim what light you have.

Reviewed for Soft Watch.

Various ‎– Invisible Domains
Label:Malignant Records ‎– MRCD0001
Format:CD, Compilation
Style:Dark Ambient, Noise, Drone, Experimental, Industrial

1     –Vromb     Zone X     7:57
    –     Violent Grace     (5:25)
2a     –Stone Glass Steel     Pt. 1 Infection    
2b     –Stone Glass Steel     Pt. 2 Corruption    
2c     –Stone Glass Steel     Pt. 3 Redemption And Healing    
3     –Söldnergeist     Cerebral Blood Flow     6:52
4     –Contrastate     Virophilia     7:45
5     –Kirchenkampf*     Possession     6:31
6     –Illusion Of Safety     Activation Phase 8:33
7     –Yen Pox     Incubation     6:12
8     –Voice Of Eye     Succumb 6:06
9     –Maeror Tri     Inner Spheres Deceasing     7:11
10     –Lull     Silent Entry     11:50

"Sonic illustrations of the infiltration of viruses:
The Coming Plague:"

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sábado, 17 de diciembre de 2016

Various ‎– Pure And Painless Pleasures (Cassette c60, 1988, mp3 320)

Various ‎– Pure And Painless Pleasures
Label: John Doe Recordings ‎– jdr010
Format: Cassette, Compilation, C60 
Country: Canada
Released: May 1988
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental

A1 –Djo Le Chien Les Iles Laval 2:20
A2 –David Prescott Lefty Improv #4 4:01
A3 –Minoy Tabu Sassy Nud 10:02
A4 –Robert Poss The Elements Of Style, II 4:56
A5 –Illusion Of Safety Untitled 7:15
A6 –Jack Wright Denver Solo 5:31
A7 –Violence And The Sacred No Be Many Maybe (Excerpt) 4:01
A8 –Eugene Chadbourne & Jon Rose Untitled 3:44
A9 –Nicolas Collins Devil's Music (Excerpt) 4:10
B1 –Thick Slimy Whisper & Qwa Digs Never Parish Take The D Train 3:07
B2 –Kurt Kellison Jurisdiction 3:15
B3 –The Intuitive Bikers Ready Set 6:45
B4 –Sterile Womens Icy Majesty* Extempore (Excerpt) 5:00
B5 –Paul Dutton A Night In Nose Gorge 3:02
B6 –Not 1/2 This Is Your Life (Very Important Person) 4:25
B7 –David Lee (3) & David Prentice (2) Slash 2:55
B8 –Crash Worship Biting Play 4:50
B9 –P16.D4 Break 4X 0:40
B10 –Brewlay Brothers Rolling Snow 10:21
B11 –Za Dharsh Lunatic 2:37


jueves, 30 de junio de 2016


Colaboración en vivo de DAN BURKE aka ILLUSION OF SAFETY con dos más que interesantes proyectos, LIFE GARDEN y VOICE OF EYE. El primero de ellos, formado por varios miembros de MAYBE MENTAL (entre otros DAVID OLIPHANT) y activo entre 1989 y 1996. El segundo, un dúo formado por JIM WILSON y BONNIE McNAIRM ( también en CRUO) y en barbecho desde 2012 aunque no oficialmente disuelto. Todos estos nombres forman parte de la escena experimental USA de los ’90, y se mueven en terrenos ambient. El mismo año 1995 se registraron otras dos colaboraciones entre LIFE GARDEN y VOICE OF EYE, fácilmente rastreables en la red e igualmente nutritivas para el cerebro. Recomendable la visita a la web .
El disco registra sendas actuaciones de DAN BURKE con VOICE OF EYE y LIFE GARDEN en Abríl de 1995, en Texas y Arizona  respectivamente.
Música meditativa, tranquila, con pocos sobresaltos, y , en lo que a mí respecta, muy adecuada para combatir este calor que incomprensiblemente llaman ‘’buen tiempo’’, qué coño habré hecho yo para merecer esto…


jueves, 28 de enero de 2016


Intentando volver a la carga, poco a poco, para aumentar el ritmo de este querido blog al que le tengo tanto cariño, casi tanto como el que tengo hacia mis seguidor@s y colaborador@s, con los que siempre estaré en deuda por su abnegación y entrega.

Hoy he visto un link de Youtube de un tema de este proyecto sonoro estadounidense de sonido industrial oscuro y me ha sentado como un bálsamo, una auténtica inyección de positivismo y ganas de volver al frente. Se trata de una cassette C-40 de auténtico sonido electrónico industrial de atmósferas densas que resume muy bien la propuesta sonora de I.O.S., un gran grupo que hay que tener muy en cuenta.

Dadme tiempo para que poco a poco vaya volviendo todo a mi normalidad dentro del blog. De momento... 


Tracklist Show Credits
A1 Theme From Belfast Street Riot
A2 In 70 Countries
A3 7-26-88
A4 Devices To Be Used
B1 Speed Brutality Honesty
B2 Prisoner 819 Did A Bad Thing
B3 Trumpet Field
B4 You Stop It




Password para descomprimir el rar: STAHLFABRIK
Password to unzip the rar: STAHLFABRIK

viernes, 18 de septiembre de 2015


Una rara compilación a caqrgo del también complicado de ubicar sello EPITAPES, con un elenco de artistas más que impresionante: ROBERT TRUMAN, REDEMPTION, COSTES, GIANCARLO TONIUTTI, KAPOTTE MUZIEK, DAVID PRESCOTT, AVERSION SONORE, LE SYNDICAT, ILLUSION OF SAFETY, MERZ, MAGTHEA, CROINERS... Una excelente cassette C-90 de auténtico sonido electrónico industrial y experimental.



A1 –Robert Turman Four Cut Jump
A2 –Redemption Inc. Loop 2
A3 –La Sonorite Jaune Le Souffle Coupe
A4 –Costes C'Est Loupe
A5 –Giancarlo Toniutti Àcaro-diplopìa
A6 –Kapotte Muziek Theme-loop
A7 –Moisten Before Use Magic
B1 –Dave Prescott Ash
B2 –Aversion Sonore Chor
B3 –Le Syndicat Riumte Traume
B4 –1348 Nushment
B5 –Illusion Of Safety Pretty Sticky
B6 –Illusion Of Safety A Girl
B7 –Merz In And Out
B8 –Illusion Of Safety Dedicated To… Well, That Seems Rather Obvious
B9 –Don Campau Meteors + Pickles
B10 –Croiners Untitled
B11 –Croiners Let Your Mind Drift
B12 –Cephalic Index Blind Hands
B13 –Magthea Hypno Loop
B14 –Y Create Heette Yy Herman
B15 –Noetinger Un Sal Orage
B16 –Redemption Inc. Loop 1




Password para descomprimir el rar: STAHLFABRIK
Password to unzip the rar: STAHLFABRIK

miércoles, 2 de septiembre de 2015


Os presento una imprescindible compilación compuesta por grandes nombres de la electrónica experimental e industrial: SOUND THEATER, HANDS TO, JOSEPH NECHVATAL, PBK, VIDNA OBAMA, ASMUS TIETCHENS, ART SIMON, JIM O'ROURKE, ILLUSION OF SAFETY,...  No os la perdáis.



A1 –Sound Theater The Dreams That Insects Dream 3:19
A2 –Hands To Jowcol / Jirix 7:06
A3 –PBK Concupiscence 5:45
A4 –Vidna Obmana All Glanced In Mind 8:06
B1 –Asmus Tietchens Im Netzwerk 2:27
B2 –Art Simon Threnody 8:56
B3 –Jim O'Rourke Ring Unite Failure 9:23
B4 –Illusion Of Safety Untitled 8:35




Password para descomprimir el rar: STAHLFABRIK
Password to unzip the rar: STAHLFABRIK

martes, 25 de agosto de 2015


Entre incunable e incunable, voy compartiendo la serie de recopilaciones NEUE MUSTER del sello TONSPUR TAPES. Hoy le toca a los volúmenes 8 y 9, una magnífica recopilación de grupos y músicos de electrónica underground fechada en 1992. Entre otros, encontramos a los De Fabriek, a Merzbow, a Pacific 231, a Illusion of Safety e incluso a nuestro Luis Mesa. Se lanzó en una serie limitada de 200 copias.



Neue Muster Volume 8
A1 –Doc Wör Mirran Roco Rail 3:44
A2 –M.Nomized Circularoid 4 1:09
A3 –Illusion Of Safety Who Loves Me Baby 3:45
A4 –M.Nomized Circularoid 5 0:56
A5 –De Fabriek Düstere Elo-Ballade 9:10
B1 –King Ebu Fractured Life 3:13
B2 –M.Nomized Circularoid 6 0:57
B3 –Maeror Tri Exilitas 5:20
B4 –M.Nomized Circularoid 7 0:58
B5 –Merzbow / Kapotte Muziek Speedback Variation Nr. 2 (Kapot Produkt oBZ) 3:04
B6 –M.Nomized Circularoid 8 1:01
B7 –Brume Spray Gun 3:10 

Neue Muster Volume 9
C1 –Dead Goldfish Ensemble, The Flowing Slowly 2:00
C2 –M.Nomized Circularoid 9 0:47
C3 –Deleted Mal De Gorge 3:30
C4 –M.Nomized Circularoid 10 1:00
C5 –Sempiternels Aloise 7:10
C6 –Klimperei C'est Ca La Vie? 1:09
C7 –Luis Mesa Rota 3:08
D1 –Pacific 231 (2) / Ennairam Atha Cliath 2:28
D2 –M.Nomized Circularoid 11 0:57
D3 –De Fabriek Das Herz Slegt Links 6:55
D4 –Deaf Goes East Diamond Dark 1:36
D5 –Brume Dead Green 1+2 2:43
D6 –M.Nomized Circularoid 12 1:02
D7 –L'edarps A Moth Kathodenstrahlung 2:04




Password para descomprimir el rar: STAHLFABRIK

Password to unzip the rar: STAHLFABRIK

jueves, 11 de septiembre de 2014

Various ‎- Gears=Sexeight (eMpTy Records - MT-077, Limited Edition, 1990)


A limited edition of 100 copies. Compiled by Peter Schuster (Die Rache, Tesendelo, Silent Voices) and Joseph B. Raimond (Doc Wör Mirran, Something To Burn, Le Volksbüro). Released in Germany.

Side A:
A1 Doc Wör Mirran - Joe Must Aufs Kloh #4
A2 Der Pilz - Untitled
A3 Kopfschmerztablette - Computersimulation #3
A4 Kiew-Aspirin-N - Andy Warhol Is Dead
A5 Minoy - Pad Woon Sen
A6 De Fabriek Mediterraneo (Excerpt)
Side B:
B1 Mental Anguish - Duplicated Accidents
B2 PCR - Braintree
B3 Illusion Of Safety - "D.D."
B4 Deutsches Kulturgut - In Der Zeit
B5 Merz - "-----"
B6 K.O.P. - Fuckin Children
B7 John Lafia & Ethan James - The Way Of The Hero
B8 Kopfschmerztablette - Ton Steine Scherben