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domingo, 5 de marzo de 2017


Os presento esta recopilación del grupo industrial autraliano S.P.K. que crearon en su día un grupo de fans pertenecientes a diversos blogs especializados.

Mejor os dejo con el escrito adjunto:

This compilation would not have been possible without the contributions of the friends of - it was not a solo effort. I'd like to give thanks to Anonymous Schizo (who was the first to contribute the majority of SPK material posted at Dualtrack), the blogmaster at for making the John Peel Session available to me and also to the user known as Anonymous who somehow managed to dig up the SPK contributions to the Iphar Records compilation "Crimes" of which only 100 copies were made. Without the help of these generous people this compilation would not exist. -dualtrack

This is the second draft at what I hope to expand on over time. If you have any tracks I didn't include please let me know. The running time of the first draft was around 45 minutes. The second draft has an hour added to it.

Track 1 is from the Australian vinyl compilation "A Selection", tracks 2 is from "The Elephant Table Album" album, track 3 is from the "Q.E.D." LP, tracks 4 & 5 are from "The Last Supper" cassette, track 6 is from "The Myths Collection (Part One)", track 7 is from "The Myths Collection (Part Two)", track 8 is from "The Tyranny Of The Beat", track 9 is taken from the Die Tödliche Doris CD "Kinderringellreihen Für Wahren". Tracks 10 & 11 are from the 1983 "Crimes" compilation. Track 12 is from the 1983 "Alchemy" compilation. Tracks 13-17 are from the August 31, 1983 John Peel Session. Track 18 is from the November 1, 1983 Jensen Session.

01: Zombod (3:03)
02: Despair (4:44)
03: Ebony Tower In The Orient (3:34)
04: Ich Klage An (7:34)
05: Satori (5:31)
06: In The Dying Moments (6:33)
07: Romanz in Moll (4:17)
08: In Flagrante Delicto (5:03)
09: M..Rökk Rhythmus Im Blut (6:11)
10: Disconcert John (5:43)
11: Male Masturbation Unit (14:46)
12: The Transmutation of Metall (5:11)
13: Metal Dance (4:41)
14: Metal Field (5:43)
15: Will To Power (5:40)
16: Untitled (3:29)
17: Sandstorm Method (5:41)
18: The Shape Of Things To Come (5:43)

Playlist length: 1 hour 43 minutes 7 seconds



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