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sábado, 29 de noviembre de 2014

Mario Marzidovsek - Alter Minimal 2 (Marzidovshek Minimal Laboratorium - MML 016, BloedvlagProdukt, cass, 198?)

Mario Marzidovšek was musician, artist, producer and concert organiser in northeast Slovenia and one of the pioneers of Yugoslavian D.I.Y. industrial/noise scene. In the 80's he participated in several alternative actions, including "mail art" (he wrote over 600 letters per year to his correspondents) and the establishment of the first private (then illegal), non-commercial label in the former Yugoslavia called Minimal Laboratorium; anetwork through which he communicated with numerous artists and producers across the world.
From period of 1984 to 1988, he issued more than 50 cassettes with different types of music, among which prevailed electronics and alternative rock but he had started recording earlier. 
Despite his work being partly influenced by "Neue Slowenische Kunst" and Laibach activities and other alternative groups and artists, his electronic musical work is original and unique, influenced by the German kraut rock and various other experimental composers.
Even the conditions Mario has lived in - like Slovenska Bistrica, professional work at chemical industry, didn't stopped him to be radical and productive. On the contrary, it was an essential path for his creativity.
Although the tapes were bad reproduction quality due to poor technical capabilities, he kept sending them to various addresses comprising the former Yugoslavia, Eastern and Western Europe, US, etc...
He has published many works of his music and collaboration with other musicians from Europe and the United States. He combined received tapes with his music or was sending his recorded tapes to associates for issuing purposes. At last, he appeared in over hundred compilations and released compilations on which appears compositions from home-taping, sound poetry, punk, rock, industrial, experimental, noise... 
Mario Marzidovšek's work unites global and local production.

Born: Poljčane 21.10.1961, Died: Poljčane, 20.9.2011

miércoles, 8 de octubre de 2014

Borghesia - Live at Novi Rock '83 (unofficial cassette, 1983)

Live at Novi Rock in Ljubljana (Križanke), 1983 is Borghesia's first perfromance.
With guest musicians from Ljubljana: group Marcus 5, bassist Janij Hacete and guitarist Borut K. who play a recorded rhythmic base derived into multimedia performance.

The recordings on the cassette are a bit damaged (Divlja Horda, Pokušaj) but there is no other existing media with the same material.

 Oh, I would love to mention that Abbildungen Variete at the same concert convincingly left everyone speechless doing some weird ritual performance.. Ah, pity, this was never captured. However, there is one  audio documentation of  their "Ishodišče subjekta" track.

Dario Sereval, Borghesia Live at Novi Rock, 1983

(sorry for bad quality photo, but I don't have scanner at the moment)

Aldo Ivančić and Dario Sereval, early 1984

sábado, 16 de agosto de 2014

Keller - Sizzling! (FV Založba, 1986)

 Yugoslavian project of Slovenian ex Laibach's member, underground movie maker Andrej Lupinc who is active again in Laibach as a session musician. The cassette is also known as 'Keller IV'. Experimental, industrial with the elements of minimal electronics.