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Saturday, 17 February 2018

T.A.G.C. - Meontological Research Recording - Record 1 - MP3 320

The original idea for the Anti Group was devised by Adi Newton and Steven James Turner as early as 1978, with the intention of the formation of a multi-dimensional research & development project active in many related areas. 
Research and development of Sound / Film / Video / Performance and the documentation of each project was the fundamental "Modeus Operandi". 
Underlining this basic idea lays the deeper philosophical and theoretical; The first non theoretical action devised by TAG was the Film "The Delivery", a 16mm triptych projection and soundtrack, and the Anti theatre performance "The Discussion" designed for five tape recorders and multi-video projection systems. These two works were first presented at the "De Doelen" center in Rotterdam on Saturday, September 22nd, 1985. "The Delivery" has been exhibited at the "2nd Atonal Festival" in "The Ballhaus Tiergarten" Berlin, Feb 18th 1985 where the soundtrack was recorded on a mobile 24 track system. This document was released as "T A G* - The Delivery" on Atonal Records. 

After these initial performances TAG concentrated on Audio development. it was during this period 1985 to 1987 that the above recordings were realized along with the highly acclaimed Ambisonic Album "T • A • G • C* - Digitaria" which is a Technological and Ethnological work based on the ideas of the Sabean cults of ancient Khem and the Dogon tribe of Mali. Having worked through these areas, it became the next logical step to move into the application of Psychophysics developing the use of frequencies and Psychoacoustics with computer aided technology. Performance of these ideas took place at the 3rd Atonal Festival at "Alte TU-Mensa, Berlin" on December 13th, 1986 and "SO 36" Berlin on Feb 14th 1987 and at the "Museum of Contemporary Art" Prato, Italy on Sept 23rd 1988. It was at this time also that TAG displayed their first Meontological visual experiment "Burning Water". The recordings utilized in these performances were released as part of a series of recordings entitled Meontological Research Recordings 1 + 2. 
"Burning Water" has been finalized for release in CD/Video formats. TAG performances were held at the Electro-Acoustic Music Academy Stockholm, August, 23rd 1990 and at the ARS Electronica symposium on Virtual Reality held in Linz, Austria on September 8th, 1990. 

In preparation are Meontological Research Recordings 3 + 4. Recording 3 explores the central ideas expressed in the Coulier Noire and recording 4 centers around the current research project into the development of methods and techniques to aid expanded consciousness in collaboration with R.E.S.T., SpaceTimeTanks and Relaxation Center Chicago, America. 
The Anti Group have recently started to return to the Arena after a number of years researching and experimenting with different medias and theoretical concepts, currently working on a number of new releases, and have recently contributed an abridged research document and sound piece for the 3rd issue of Antibothis Magazine.

T.A.G.C. - Meontological Research Recording - Record 1
Label: Sweatbox  
Catalog#: SAX 013  
Format: Vinyl, LP

Country: UK 
Released: 1987 
Genre: Electronic  
Style: Industrial, Experimental  

Notes: Side A recorded December 13, 1986 in Berlin. This work was further manipulated and later entitled Teste Tones on the LP Teste Tones.Side B is an abridged live version of the soundtrack for Burning Water, recorded February 14, 1987 in Berlin.  


A   Test 1 - Sonochemistry                   24:37
B   Test 2 - Synthesis 54 (Burning Water)    21:33


Tuesday, 17 May 2016

T • A • G • C ‎– Digitaria - 1986 (FLAC)

Another work of TAGC in FLAC:

T • A • G • C* ‎– Digitaria
Sweatbox ‎– SAX 012
Vinyl, LP, Album 
Electronic, Jazz
Industrial, Experimental, Avant-garde Jazz
A1 Blood Burns Into Water
A2 Dog Star
A3 Balag Anti
A4 Chozzar Over Abyss
A5 Pre-Eval
B1 Ghost Cultures
B2 Noosphere
B3 Lux Nox
Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Sweatbox
Copyright (c) – Sweatbox
Performer [Tag Personnel] – A. Newton*, A. Benett*, B.R.D.L. Harden*, D. Nicholson, D.F. D'Silva*, D.A. Heppenstall*, J. Bennet*, M. Banks, M. Holmes*, P.H. Barke, R. Gordon*


Monday, 21 March 2016

T.A.G.C. (THE ANTI-GROUP COMPANY)-1988-Meontological Research Project-Teste Tones (SOLEILMOON RECORDINGS Promo CD) (FLAC)

Si alguien merece el calificativo de pionero ese es sin duda ADI NEWTON. El artífice de CLOCK DVA (junto al desaparecido STEVEN JAMES TURNER)  estuvo desde el primer momento  en el núcleo duro de la gloriosa ‘’revolución industrial’’ en Gran Bretaña. Orbitando entre sus colaboraciones con CABARET VOLTAIRE y sus primeras grabaciones en cassette para INDUSTRIAL RECORDS, es uno de los nombres imprescindibles de la vieja escuela. Claro que, en su caso, el afán experimentador, el eclecticismo a ultranza, hacen complicado adjudicarle ninguna escuela.
T.A.G.C., o THE ANTI GROUP, como gustéis, es el proyecto multi-media que los dos co-fundadores de CLOCK DVA idearon ya en 1978, pero que inició sus andadura ‘’oficialmente’’ mucho más tarde y ya sin STEVEN J.TURNER (fallecido en 1981). Desde 1985 el proyecto  se mantuvo activo de forma continua hasta 1988, facturando cinco esenciales  grabaciones de larga duración y algunos maxis. Al parecer, mucho material ha quedado inédito y ojalá alguien lo rescate algún dia. 
En 1994 hubo un ‘’regreso’’ de T.A.G.C., con nuevo disco y un recopilatorio de los primeros maxis. Un CD-Maxi editado en 2005 por DIE STADT bajo el nombre del grupo se considera no oficial al no contar con la participación, ni aprobación, de ADI NEWTON. De hecho, este disco está acreditado a antiguos colaboradores de T.A.G.C., entre ellos Andrew McKenzie (The Hafler Trio). 
Durante el último lustro, la reactivación de T.A.G.C.  ha tenido más que ver con la preparación de eventos y presentaciones en vivo que con la edición de nuevos trabajos. Es de esperar que la refundación del sello ANTERIOR RESEARCH RECORDINGS, ahora como ANTERIOR RESEARCH MEDIA COMM, que desde 2013 ha editado los nuevos trabajos de CLOCK DVA, sea también la ‘’casa’’ de T.A.G.C. como así fue durante buena parte de los años ’90.
‘’MEONTOLOGICAL RESEARCH PROJECT’’ es una serie de dos grabaciones que recogen el material de audio utilizado por T.A.G.C. en una serie de experimentos sonoros-performances presentados en 1986 y 1987. Esta es la segunda de esas grabaciones y cuenta con un ‘’bonus’’ titulado ‘’Ultrasonography’’ que sólo aparece en la versión promo del disco. Edita SOLEILMOON RECORDINGS. Experimentación pura y dura. 
Con los mejores deseos para STAHLFABRIK.