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sábado, 4 de mayo de 2019



Hace un par de años, el amigo y colaborador SAVECUEANDLOG aportó una lista impresionante de material de TUXEDOMOON en éste post, 54 conciertos llevados a cabo por la banda calidorniana entre 1978 y 2016. Los problemas con los alojamientos en la nube ha sido una constante y las consecutivas borradas y re-subidas han acabado con la paciencia de much@s seguidor@s de este blog.

Pues bien, para acabar con esta serie interminable de averías, he conseguido subirlo todo (y más) a un servidor seguro y de pago (Mediafire) en el que he almacenado cerca de 39 Gb de material sonoro y audiovisual de TUXEDOMOON, la mayoría en FLAC y video de alta calidad. Ante la pérdida de discos duros que sufrió el amigo Savecueandlog, me puse manos a la obra y contacté en Soulseek con un coleccionista que tenía todo este material y al que le pedí permiso para descargarlo. EDEWASCHBAER, que así se llama esta persona conocida en la red p2p, no sólo accedió sino que lo hizo con muchísimo gusto al tratarse de WET DREAMS, argumentando el placer que tenía a la hora de colaborar con este, vuestro blog.

Y bien, aquí tenéis estos 38 Gb y pico de material de TUXEDOMOON donde no sólo encontraréis el material listado en aquel post, sino muuuuucho más: rarezas, maquetas, videos... la lista es interminable, casi tanto como las ganas que tenemos tod@s de acceder a este material. Para acceder a él sólo tenéis que clicar en en el enlace y accederéis a una carpeta en la nube de MEDIAFIRE, con todo ordenadito en subcarpetas y de ahí vais descargando lo que queráis.

Venga, a ponerse morados de TUXEDOMOON !!!

viernes, 31 de agosto de 2018

Juniper Hill ‎– Im Laboratorium (In Neutraler Zelle Kein Zwang, Cassette C60, 1991) (FLAC / WAV / MP3 320)

Repongo este material a petición de varios seguidores.

Wonderful tape from the german electronic underground.
Mixture from minimal, electro, abstract...........

Juniper Hill ‎– Im Laboratorium

Cassette, Stereo, C60
A1 Animal Lab (Analogue)
A2 Gewalt Ist Gut
A3 Kleptomanie
A4 Kleine Biester (Lang)
A5 So Jung
A6 Kindermörder 3
B1 Totes Fleisch
B2 Kill Salman
B3 Wale Singen
B4 Animal Lab
B5 Kindermörder 2
B6 Billy Be Jesus
B7 Animal Statement
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jueves, 12 de enero de 2017

S.B.O.T.H.I. ‎– And ( LP, Picture Disc , 1987) (Selektion ‎– SLP 017) FLAC

Strange sounds for strange people...from Mister
Achim Wollscheid... S.B.O.T.H.I. = Swimming Behavior Of The Human Infant
S.B.O.T.H.I. ‎– And
Label:Selektion ‎– SLP 017
Format:Vinyl, LP, Picture Disc
Style:Noise, Experimental  

A1Memory a.a.O.
A2 Den Bosch. Sweet And Useful
B1 Screening II
B2 O.T.; Spiegelungen Ausgestorbener Sprachen                              

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lunes, 9 de enero de 2017

Various ‎– Invisible Domains (CD, Compilation ,1994) (Malignant Records ‎– MRCD0001) FLAC

Bringing together the leading experimenters from around the globe with one common theme - to portray viral infections in all their guises. So huge amounts of potential there. VROMB take the Ebola theme of the album and sets gentle noisework against a distant tribal rhythm. Sounds not unlike a collaboration between VIDNA OBMANA and WHITEHOUSE might sound - heaven forbid such a fire-and-ice meeting of forces were ever to happen, but the calming warmth mixed with shrill scratchiness works incredibly well. STONE GLASS STEEL's track(s) are more narrative than descriptive - painting the virus from the outside rather than experiencing it from within. This is more an experimental noisework and evokes nothing like what the alien invasion of a virus might be like. It steals snatches of choral music (from "Glory" maybe) and becomes itself the virus, taking over an existing body (of work) to transform it into something else. SOLDNERGEIST again use noise, with some of the harsh bite taken out, but nevertheless still extreme and grating, cumbersome for the lack of 'top'. CONTRASTATE never really let us down, and this time they have created a soporific drifting piece of Horror Film drama over which cicada-like noise rises up. Minimal - I mean Minimal percussion is used to give the piece a little structure. It then heads into a darker simmering primal soup, gentle but with enough weirdness to give it a black drama. KIRCHENKAMPF follow the mood perfectly, only disturbing it now and again with sudden shocks of sound which crash out of the speakers like electronically-altered thunder. A long track with plenty of changes - hot, though. ILLUSION OF SAFETY take human voice, mash it all up with fx and feed it back to us as a complex, machine-born loop before taking us on an almost toneless sequential journey which finally ends with a mountain of raw noise. YEN POX return to a gentler, more Isolationist area, where the virus is insidious, entering quietly, unannounced. Passively churning coils of noise grow gradually into progressively noisy moments. The sound of structures fed through thick fx (slapback echo?) heralds the arrival of VOICE OF EYE's contribution. This is a group who never let you down, and their metallic-flavoured slow journey rocks no boats as far as that goes. Dark, with shapes wrought out of a shared nightmare between H.R. GIGER and H.P. LOVECRAFT, this is a journey through a dark place, where even the singing of angels cannot help you in your hour of dread. MAEROR TRI bring us the penultimate number. Distant drumming like heartbeat forms the foundation for a track which transforms but slowly. It builds up in gradual metamorphosis, keping the passive feeling throughout, leaving the way clear for LULL's track, and indeed the album's concluding piece. MICK HARRIS never lets you down, and this piece hearkens back to when the first couple of LULL albums came out. Passive, harmless yet it's very calm disturbs the listener.
A bit of a mixed bag album, but mostly good descriptive stuff. Nothing here actually chilled me to the bone, which the idea of Ebola and other such nasties does, but perhaps I'm just a little jaded. Certainly one to turn the atmosphere a tad colder, and to dim what light you have.

Reviewed for Soft Watch.

Various ‎– Invisible Domains
Label:Malignant Records ‎– MRCD0001
Format:CD, Compilation
Style:Dark Ambient, Noise, Drone, Experimental, Industrial

1     –Vromb     Zone X     7:57
    –     Violent Grace     (5:25)
2a     –Stone Glass Steel     Pt. 1 Infection    
2b     –Stone Glass Steel     Pt. 2 Corruption    
2c     –Stone Glass Steel     Pt. 3 Redemption And Healing    
3     –Söldnergeist     Cerebral Blood Flow     6:52
4     –Contrastate     Virophilia     7:45
5     –Kirchenkampf*     Possession     6:31
6     –Illusion Of Safety     Activation Phase 8:33
7     –Yen Pox     Incubation     6:12
8     –Voice Of Eye     Succumb 6:06
9     –Maeror Tri     Inner Spheres Deceasing     7:11
10     –Lull     Silent Entry     11:50

"Sonic illustrations of the infiltration of viruses:
The Coming Plague:"

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lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2016

Maeror Tri ‎– Rare & Old Recordings / Fragilitas (1993, Cassette, Compilation, C90) (Drone Records ‎– DR-00 ) WAV

From 1988 to 1996, Maeror Tri were a German trio that used only electric guitars and tons of processing devices to create their floating and static droning soundscapes. The group is now disbanded. Knappe and Gitschel formed Troum, Siehl is currently working as Tausendschoen.


Maeror Tri ‎– Rare & Old Recordings / Fragilitas
Label:Drone Records ‎– DR-00
Format:Cassette, Compilation, C90
Released:1993 (only private for friends)
Style:Ambient, Industrial, Experimental

  Rare & Old Recordings

A1     –Maeror Tri     Landscape Of Visionary Thoughts     15:20
A2     –Maeror Tri     Arcana     4:20
A3     –Maeror Tri     A Storm Of Sparks     4:27
A4     –Maeror Tri     Sibilans     4:22
A5     –Maeror Tri     Chirping     6:24
A6     –Maeror Tri     This Is Heaven     2:26
A7     –Baraka(H)    Subliminal Love (Amama)     7:34

B1     –Maeror Tri     Fragilitas     5:49
B2     –Maeror Tri     Avaldamon     6:19
B3     –Maeror Tri     Gate To Your Soul     4:55
B4     –Maeror Tri     Suavitas     3:37
B5     –Maeror Tri     Searcher     9:04
B6     –Maeror Tri     Amplexari     6:02
B7     –Maeror Tri     Melting In Warmth     3:22

 Gift from Stefan Knappe (Maeror Tri).

Side A: Collection of rare and unreleased tracks.

Side B: Previously issued on C-45 cassette in 1991.

All recordings made between October 1990 and October 1991. "Suavitas" is dedicated to Martin. This is a private tape-release which is not available for sale.
All material has or will be released on different tapes and compilations.
"Das Bewußtsein von Vergänglichkeit macht jeden von uns einsam"
DRONE RECORDS DR-00 / November 1991

Cassette case with 4-panel J-card and folded insert. Cassette shell with sticky strips

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Masonna ‎– Pukes On America (1996, Cassette, Loawai Tapes-none) WAV

Yamazaki "Maso" Takushi is the birthname of Japanese noise music performer Masonna. This Osaka-based artist operates the Coquette Records label and also a member of the group Christine 23 Onna (along with Toda Fusao from Angel'in Heavy Syrup). He has an analog synthesizer project called Space Machine (around 1998). He was a member of the prog rock group Flying Testicle with Merzbow, as well as the Japanoise 'super-group' Bustmonster which included Akita Masami from Merzbow on drums. All of Maso's projects draw heavily from psychedelic music. He has played with Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, Aube, Merzbow, Jojo, Solmania, Boris, YBO2, K.K. Null, Blixa Bargeld, The Stars, Acid Mothers Temple among others...


Masonna ‎– Pukes On America
Label:Loawai Tapes ‎– none

A     Untitled     12:56
B     Untitled     12:56

Live in Seattle 1996.

Licensed from Coquette Records.
© 1996 & 1996 Loawai Tapes


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lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2016

Cranioclast ‎– Rats Can Coil Cats Can Roil (Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM ) (CoC ‎– CoC 06 ) (FLAC)

Cranioclast is a duo from Hagen, Germany which produce various artistic endeavors, most commonly music. Usually those two identify themselves as Soltan Karik and Sankt Klario. They have their own label called CoC and were working with a number of like-minded bands, including Kallabris, Fetisch Park and A.B.G.S..
(from Discogs)

Cranioclast ‎– Rats Can Coil Cats Can Roil
Label:CoC ‎– CoC 06
Format:Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM
Style:Ambient, Industrial

A)Rats Can Coil
B) Cats Can Roil

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Kranioklast ‎– Romantisch & Zärtlich / Neurotisch & Exzessiv (Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, 1982) (Not on Label ‎– WKEP.187) (FLAC)

The first incarnation of one of the best german groups in the genre of experimental or whatever music.

On this first 7" the style is more minimal electronic with texts from Kafka and Büchner.
Enjoy this verry rare piece of music.

Kranioklast ‎– Romantisch & Zärtlich / Neurotisch & Exzessiv
Label:Not on Label ‎– WKEP.187
Format:Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM
Genre:Electronic, Non-Music
Style:Experimental, Minimal

A1     Gib's Auf!

    Text By – Franz Kafka

A2     Die Vorübergehenden

    Text By – Franz Kafka

B1     Warum Bläst Gott Nicht Die Sonn' Aus!

    Text By – Georg Büchner

B2     Apoplexia Cerebralis

    Text By – Georg Büchner


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domingo, 24 de abril de 2016

Various ‎– Monochrome Meditator (Cassette, Compilation, C60) (FLAC)

Reaaal noisy compilation from Japan with two tracks from GO...made new scans from my copy..

Various ‎– Monochrome Meditator

SSSM ‎– SSSM-008
Cassette, Compilation, C60
A1 Seed Mouth Cut Off Ghost 9:39
A2 Master/Slave Relationship Giving Head To A Mannequin 5:17
A3 Master/Slave Relationship The Long Whip Of Persuation 5:15
A4 Bloody Cum Otogomi-2 10:19
B1 Espiritu (2) M.I.N.D. 2:32
B2 Espiritu (2) Modulation 6:16
B3 Genocide Organ Amazade Y Negri 6:43
B4 Genocide Organ This Is No Lie 5:45
B5 Contagious Orgasm Black Manifest 9:30
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domingo, 10 de abril de 2016

Söldnergeist / Anenzephalia / Contrastate ‎– Festival Karlsruhe (Tesco Organisation ‎– TESCO 019, Art Konkret ‎– ART 10) ( 2 × Cassette, Compilation ) (FLAC)

 Excellent 2 cassette release of the Tesco "Festival Karlsruhe" on 8 October 1993 at Club Subway,   Karsruhe, Germany.
Söldnergeist and Anenzephalia plays more noisy power electronics sets.
Contrastate set is more dark ambient.
I have seen all three bands earlier, but this evening was verry special.
(Thx to Brigant, who invitet me to this great night)
The pics are from Discogs. My release has a other number.

Söldnergeist / Anenzephalia / Contrastate ‎– Festival Karlsruhe

Tesco Organisation ‎– TESCO 019, Art Konkret ‎– ART 10
2 × Cassette, Compilation
Box Set, Limited Edition, Numbered
A1 Söldnergeist Blutzoll 3:45
A2 Söldnergeist Arsenvergiftung 6:50
A3 Söldnergeist Asepsis Neurosis 8:37
A4 Söldnergeist Schwarzer Orden 3:33
A5 Söldnergeist Rast 7:00
B1 Söldnergeist Selektion 4:03
B2 Söldnergeist Official Review 6:29
B3 Söldnergeist Perfekte Kunst 10:05
C1 Anenzephalia Life Penalty 2:30
C2 Anenzephalia Last Chance Passed 3:47
C3 Anenzephalia Savak Chair 1:50
C4 Anenzephalia Task Force Terrorist 4:03
C5 Anenzephalia Vagus Death Induction 4:12
C6 Anenzephalia Megalomaniac II 4:30
C7 Anenzephalia Mechanical Rape 6:58
D1 Contrastate To The Princes Of The New Republics 9:22
D2 Contrastate Altering The Circumstances Of Human Life 10:49
D3 Contrastate A String Of Puppets 3:48
D4 Contrastate Like A Saint On A Stake 11:18
Limited edition of 385 hand-numbered copies. Packaged in cardboard box with a full-color cover numbered in silver ink. Contains a large single-sided insert for the compilation, a double-sided postcard-sized insert for Söldnergeist, a double-sided postcard-sized insert for Contrastate and an 8-page A6 booklet for Anenzephalia. Each cassette comes in a standard snapcase.

Recorded live 8 October 1993 at Club Subway, Karsruhe, Germany.  
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miércoles, 6 de abril de 2016

Various ‎– Nothing Has Changed (Das Fröhliche Wohnzimmer ‎– D.F.W. 9 ) (Cassette, C-60) (WAV)

A nice release from the Austrian label. Typical weird stuff it or hate it....

Various ‎– Nothing Has Changed

Das Fröhliche Wohnzimmer ‎– D.F.W. 9
Cassette C-60, Compilation
Released: ?
A1Das Fröhliche WohnzimmerOne Two Three - Three Two One
A2PBKFata Morgana
A3X-Ray PopSexy Lover Sitar
A4Das Fröhliche Wohnzimmer15th Raga - For Bela Lugosi
A5Louis PasteurVox Bulgaris (Thanx To The Possie)
A7Das Fröhliche WohnzimmerMad Boy
B1Das Fröhliche WohnzimmerNothing Has Changed (Live At Rainbow´s End)
B3Das Fröhliche WohnzimmerOh,Shit - Sometimes I´m Happy
B4NaufragioShut Up Music