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sábado, 4 de agosto de 2018

Giancarlo Toniutti ‎– Epigènesi (LP, 1986, Giancarlo Toniutti ‎– K di Rⁿ ) (FLAC)


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Giancarlo Toniutti ‎– Epigènesi
Label:Giancarlo Toniutti ‎– K di Rⁿ
Format:Vinyl, LP, Numbered
Style:Abstract, Musique Concrète, Experimental

A - Tèndine Lividìssima Cesòia  27:45

B - Ethmòs-Crivèllo 23:47

Comes with a 40-page 26,5 x 19,5 cm sized hand numbered and signed book written by the Giancarlo Toniutti, with photos and drawing. LP cover and inside sleeve hand signed and numbered.

"The recordings contained in this work consist in maltreatments of sound-sources, mainly acoustic, performed by me in Udine, in my home-studio and in some other different places, from 5.1.85 to 15.1.86. Such recordings were then by me assembled (technical maltreatment), from 14.1.85 to 15.1.86, and mixed, from 31.12.85 to 21.1.86, in my home-studio in Udine.
This booklet contains works realized by me in Udine from 3.9.84 to 29.11.86, and four works by as many authors. This co-presence pursues my will of semantic extension to that external-me producing pregnant resonance.
Thanks to: Jonathan Walker, Anthony Leone, Giuliana Stefani, Robin Stege, Enrico Piva, Andrea Zanzotto, Massimo Toniutti, Loris Ferron, Mauro Teardo, Natalia Mazzon, Giampaolo Giorgetti, René Thom.
each one for a peculiar meaning."

Tèndine Lividìssima Cesòia: 1985
Ethmòs-Crivèllo: 1985-86

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sábado, 16 de junio de 2018

Various ‎– Undying (1989, Freedom In A Vacuum ‎– VACLP.05) (Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition ) FLAC

Various ‎– Undying
Label: Freedom In A Vacuum ‎– VACLP.05
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition
Country: Canada
Released: 1989
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Noise, Experimental, Ambient 

 A1 –Violence And The Sacred - Advance (Video Soundtrack)     5:43
A2 –If, Bwana & Dog As Master - Man Bites Frog, Warts Develop     6:10
A3 –Organum - Povera     3:00
A4 –Ultra - Clusterfuck II  5:40
A5 –Entre Vifs - Excerpt From Session XXIII     5:13
B1 –Giancarlo Toniutti - Rasùranìdo     8:22
B2 –Kaiser Nietzsche - Nine Student Nurses     4:47
B3 –Empirical Sleeping Consort - Does The Exact Centre Of A Wheel Turn?     5:29
B4 –Ellen Fullman - Staggered Stasis #1 (Remix Excerpt)     11:25

Limited Edition of 500 Copies.
An International Compilation.
Includes a folded tabloid parchment insert with artwork, text, and track notes.
Mastered at Q.E.D.  

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miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2018

If, Bwana ‎– If, Bwana (1989, Cassette, Album, Compilation, C-60, IEP ‎– EP 116 ) (FLAC)

If, Bwana ‎– If, Bwana
Label:IEP ‎– EP 116
Format:Cassette, Album, Compilation, C-60
Style:Experimental, Industrial, Abstract 

A1 Slave Ant Raid
A2 Frozen Tundra 6
A3 A Condensed History Of Religion
A4 Screwed It Up (Again)
A5 Accident - Free Households
A6 Beware The Sleeping Squid
A7 The Beauty And The Beast
A8 "Sound Of..."
A9 Bloodlines Last Forever
B1 Merely History
B2 Gargoyles
B3 Extremely Dangerous
B4 Paul Rudolph
B5 Ulrich Franzen
B6 Ed Barnes

These tracks are a collection of If, Bwana pieces recorded between 1984 - 1986. They were on or submitted for use on compilations from Sound of Pig, Ladd-Frith, Insane Music, Placebo, ARPH, Medicinal, and Jim Tapes. Plusthree pieces were on the release "Beware The Sleeping Squid", originally released on Cause & Effect and now on SOP.
Thanks to all who have helped, and particularly to Luis for wanting this.

Someone wanted to call this tape "I Stole The Title Of This Tape From If, Bwana", so that is what it is called.  

ripped with adobe audition, no filters or "soundpimping"

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jueves, 24 de agosto de 2017

Thelema ‎– Rosa + Croce (Not On Label, Cassette, 1985) (MP3)

The origins of a music group are always wrapped up by legends or strange stories.
This is not the case for Thelema.
In fact, the group formed in the most normal fashion in the winter of 1984 in Italy when Massimo Mantovani former BLOUSONS NOIRS, bass player Giorgio Parmigiani ex THROBS OF PLEASURE and Gregorio Bardini ex T.A.C. Gave life to the band inspired by Aleister Crowley's ideas, philosophy and esoteric work, calling it Thelema.
The first urgency was to find a drummer and find him in Marco Bucciarelli. With this first line-up composing the first tracks. Surely influenced by the dark-wave and post-punk English of the time, they still managed to give their own soundtrack to their songs, where an important tribal mix between bass and battery created the rhythmic rug for electric guitar harmonies and keyboards , All overwhelmed by vocal melodies that are not always sung, but also screamed. The live debut dates back to November 1984 in Ostiglia (Mantova) in which they played their full repertoire of then. They made a first demo-tape called The Golem and the fall of the dying gods containing 5 tracks and in the b side a bout of that concert. In December of the same year they recorded the first single Rosa Alchemica that came out in the early months of 1985 along with the Fanzine Signal by Sandro Bergamo for Edizioni Lumiere. Reviews on specialized magazines and fanzines were unanimously positive, and Thelema also started a steady live business.
Again in 1985 Massimo and Gregorio incised a ribbon of ritual music called Rosa † Cross, whose first 93 copies were numbered in gold. The first public consents, especially locally, took them to the studio to record other new songs. 


a1. Side A
(Agape/Baphometh/Paris works)

b1. Side B
(Mary torn upon the wheels/The vision and the voice/The laird of boleskine/Laird dub)


jueves, 21 de abril de 2016

Various ‎– Das Dreidimensionale Möbiusband (2 × CD, Compilation ) (Flying Swimming ) (Flac)

Nice compilation with a lot of "Stars"....

Various ‎– Das Dreidimensionale Möbiusband

Flying Swimming ‎– fs00001
2 × CD, Compilation
CD, CD-ROM, Mini
1-1 Achim Wollscheid Radio Piece 5:36
1-2 Asmus Tietchens Böszopfler (= An Evil Man With A Tress) 6:58
1-3 Conrad Schnitzler 00/143 (1-15) 5:36
1-4 Das Kreis Der Fünf 4:54
1-5 Darius Ciuta Near By One 6:13
1-6 Es Kukat Ovat Hyriä Kuuntelijoita 3:43
1-7 Felipe Caramelos Que Su Cante Me Lastima 4:16
1-8 Frans de Waard Klankschap #7 6:21
1-9 Ilpo Väisänen Vihan Päivä 8:38
1-10 John Watermann Unfaithful Moments 14:00
2-1a Trevor Wishart Fanfare 6:50
2-1b Trevor Wishart Contrapuntus 3:44
2-2 The Animist Orschestra* Non Title 8:00
2-3 Spectre Soaring To The Depth 4:38
2-4 RLW Rappel Das - Or: Dealing With Indiscipline. A Piece For Children Aged 2-4 Years 7:07
2-5 Merzbow Earth Nazareth 11:47
2-6 Liddikoatight Ka-Cho-Fuh-Getsu 6:00
2-7 Leif Elggren The Paving Stone Is The Weapon Of The Proletariat No. 5 6:11
2-8 Juozas Milasius* Tenderness 4:18
2-9 Kouhei Matsunaga Star Point 7:00
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viernes, 8 de enero de 2016

KIM CASCONE & SCANNER-2002-The Crystalline Address (SUB ROSA CD) (FLAC)

Colaboración entre dos pesos pesados de la electrónica experimental, ambos con tremendas discografías a sus espaldas. Esto es auténtica  primera división y hasta parece lógico que acabaran encontrándose en el camino. No me extenderé en datos biográficos ni discográficos porque Kim Cascone y Robin Rimbaud tienen miles de entradas en la red para que quién quiera profundice. Ni siquiera pegaré los datos de Discogs, sé que después de oír esto los vais a buscar como maná.
Dos magistrales piezas de electrónica abstracta. Placer auditivo puro. Nada más que añadir. 
Bueno, sí : auriculares, buen volumen y concentración en lo que se oye, por favor.


domingo, 29 de noviembre de 2015

MNEMONISTS-1981-Roto-Limbs (DYS-Dys 06,C-90 CASSETTE) (MP3 320 Kbps)

Extraordinario grupo experimental en todos los sentidos. En realidad se trata de un colectivo separado en dos grandes bandas, MNEMONISTS y BIOTA, con algún trabajo también bajo el nombre de las dos. Bill Sharp está en el origen común de ambas como MNEMONIST ORCHESTRA en 1979. El y Amy Derbyshire arman el núcleo Mnemonists en 1980, que se mantiene como tal hasta 1986. Ese año la célula se divide en dos para trabajar por un lado y casi en exclusiva las artes visuales (Mnemonists) y por otro el estrictamente musical (BIOTA). Bill Sharp permanece en ambos junto con otros miembros originales de la célula madre. BIOTA siguen funcionando hoy facturando discos de altísimo nivel creativo, más cercanos a un rock vanguardista y psicodélico (el último en 2014) que a la experimentación abstracta y casi industrial de los inicios.

Roto-Limbs me parece una maravilla sin paliativos, un disco adictivo y mágico  que a mí (sensación puramente personal) me recuerda a los Residents más abstractos. 75 minutos largos de experimentación con dispositivos electrónicos a pilas e instrumentos convencionales (cuerdas,clarinete,percusión). Memorable el final de voces de la cara B. Lo editó DYS (50 copias en cassette) sello fundado por el propio  Bill Sharp con el que dieron salida a todos sus trabajos como Mnemonists, además de trabajos de otros artistas, entre ellos de ‘’nuestro’’ admirado Pascal Comelade, autor europeo por el que Bill Sharp muestra especial interés.

 Incluyo dos entrevistas en distintos medios  a  Bill Sharp, una de 1982 con Mnemonists en plena actividad y otra de 1994, ya como Biota. Ambas esclarecedoras para entender el mundo visual-musical de este singular artista y de sus compinches (no olvidemos su carácter de colectivo). La respuesta a la última pregunta de la entrevista de 1982 es una pequeña declaración de principios que podría perfectamente aplicarse al 2015 que está cercano a finalizar. Si estás de acuerdo con ella, claro.