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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

In Aeternam Vale / Le Syndicat Electronique ‎– Second Traitement (2004, Vinyl, LP, Ltd.Edt.) (Invasion Planète Recordings ‎– IP019 ) FLAC

In Aeternam Vale / Le Syndicat Electronique ‎– Second Traitement
Label:Invasion Planète Recordings ‎– IP019
Format:Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition
Style:Electro, Minimal 

         1er Traitement
A1     –In Aeternam Vale     On Strike   
A2     –In Aeternam Vale     Strawberry Flower   
A3     –In Aeternam Vale     I'M Your Flesh   
A4     –In Aeternam Vale     A.1.W.   
        2ème Traitement
B1     –Le Syndicat Electronique     On Strike   
B2     –Le Syndicat Electronique     Strawberry Flower   
B3     –Le Syndicat Electronique     I'M Your Flesh   
B4     –Le Syndicat Electronique     A.1.W.

 Limited edition of 514 numbered copies.
Side A: all tracks were originally released on tape between 1983 and 1989.

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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Various ‎– Demain (Vinyl, 7", Compilation, Ltd. Edt.) (Invasion Planète Recordings ‎– IP018) FLAC

Various ‎– Demain
Label:Invasion Planète Recordings ‎– IP018
Format:Vinyl, 7", Compilation, Limited Edition
Style:Abstract, Electro

A1     –Le Syndicat Electronique  -   La Mort D'une Mère   
A2     –Perverse Teens  -   La Baboute   
B1     –Porn.Darsteller  -   Huis Clos   
B2     –Krom-Y  -   Le Soliste

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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Various ‎– Chaleur (LP, Compilation , 2001) (G.M.B.H. ‎– GMBHLP02 ) FLAC

Various ‎– Chaleur
Label:G.M.B.H. ‎– GMBHLP02
Format:Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Style:Experimental, Ambient

A1     –Manon Anne Gillis     Daeque    
A2     –Gen Ken Montgomery     Pan American Tortilla Special    
A3     –Bruno Moreigne     Nagasaki    
A4     –John Hudak     Steamheat    
B1     –Seth Nehil     Transference    
B2     –toy.bizarre     Kdi Dctb 94    
B3     –Jonathan Coleclough     Heat    
B4     –Patrick Mc Ginley     Ash, Like Falling Snow

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Monday, 24 November 2014

Cripure S.A. - Qui Vivra Verra (Organic - OT 028, C60, 1988/9)

Cripure S.A. was French Thierry Galai solo project which was active between 1985 and 1989. Galai was behind R.R. Products label.
Minimal electro/experimental/abstract with punk rock elements...

Among other Cripure S.A. (6?) cassettes is Qui Vivra Verra on c-60 on his R.R. Products (4 tracks, 1987-88) label and French Organic (final, 1988/89?).

QUI VIVRA VERRA (from RR products, 104 cous Jean Jaurès, 38000 Grenoble, France). All composed by THIERRY GALAI, this tape full of various instruments and tools, is pretty enough and humorous. Pleasant to listen. Françoise DuvivierMETRO RIQUET #7, international mail-art zine, Paris, 1989

Killing from end tho end (even the title), sometimes it seems variety (LOSP style) and over times we’re swallowed by a pure electronic research.... It’s a real pleasure! Didier Moulinier, LPDA #82/83, 1986

 EMERGENCE DU REFUS Vol. 3 (K7 C60,  Emergence Du Refus, France, 1985),
EMERGENCE DU REFUS Vol. 4 (K7 C60,  Emergence Du Refus, France, 1986),
BLOC OPERATOIRE Vol. 2 (K7 C90, Medicinal Tapes, Pantin, France, 1986),
ATTENTION A MARIANNE T. (K7 C60, Garde Au Sol Production (GASP), Lyon, France 1986),
SÉCURITÉ NATIONALE (K7 C60, L’Ordurier/K7 01, Grenoble, France, 1986),
L’ORDURIER, fanzine by Guillaume Dumoulin,
 UNE MISE EN BOITE (K7 C60, Intoxikation Produktion Domfront, 1986),
PASSIONS ORGANIQUES Vol. 1 & 2 (2xK7 C60, Organic Tapes, Grenoble, France, 1986),
TO POST A TAPE Vol. 2 (K7 C60, Fraction Studio, Melun, France, 1986),
QFVDLO ? n° 8 (Que faisiez-vous derrière l’oreille) (K7 C90, Boulazac, France, December 1986),
JULES & LES CITRONS (K7 C90 + 32 inserts, RRP011, R.R.Products, april 1987),
INSANE MUSIC FOR INSANE PEOPLE Vol. 17 (K7 C60, Isane Music, Belgium, 1987),
PRIVATE SOUNDS (K7 C60, AEA n° 8, Audio Edition Amerland, Allemagne, Germany, 1987),
DETOURNEMENT ROCK (K7 C90, inserts, Katakomb, Rouen, France, 1987),
PASSIONS ORGANIQUES Vol. 3 (K7 90,  Organic Tapes, Grenoble, France, 1987),
HOW TO BECOME A MILLIONAIRE? (K7 C90, Underground Productions, Lyon, France 1987),
PASSIONS ORGANIQUES Vol. 4 (with In Aeternam Vale, K7 C90, Organic Tapes, 1987),
CONSTANTINOPLE, A Tribute to The Residents (K7 C60, Underground Productions, Lyon, France, 1987),
GRENOUILLE (K7 C60,  ORG C05, Organic Tapes, Grenoble, 1987),
INVARIABLE LE 8 DU MOIS (CD compilation, Bilbolo Beat Production, 1988),
TROIS LAPINS (UP6, Underground Productions, Meyzieu, France 1988),
DISCO TOTEM Vol. 1 (K7 C60, R.R.Products, France, 1988),
LA FOLIE Vol. 1 (K7 C60, R.R.Products, France 1988),
DISCO TOTEM Vol. 3 (K7 C60, RRP024, R.R.Products, France, 1988),
MUSIC FROM THE WHITE HOUSE Vol. 4: 'France’ (K7 C60, Exart, Netherlands, 1988),
RAP'N'CRACK (K7 C60, Deadali Opera, France, 1990)

More info HERE !

Born in 1964 in the Alps, Ladzi Galaï (Thierry Galai - his real name) began playing music at the age of seven, by studying piano and trumpet. At the age of thirteen, in 1977, he discovered Punk Rock, and became interested in various rock’n’roll and underground music. He bought a bass guitar at sixteen, with the wages from his first job, and began writing songs; playing in his first band, Ambassade, in 1982, then with Screamin’ Dolls, in 1984. These bands were both short-lived. By listening to Anglo-Saxon music with lyrics, he learned better English than he did at school, where he studied general mechanics, and later during his years of exchange within the mail-art network. For two years, he took part in a fanzine with pals, formed several tentative bands, and in 1985, set up the DIY / home-music tape label: R.R.Products, initially meaning « Réseau Rapetou », then « Rythm & Rut ». Also, he formed a new band: Cripure S.A. The amateur tape label was active until 1992. He also published two graphic fanzines in 1988 , each of 100 pages, accompanied by compilation tapes on the topics: Disco Totem & Folie Graph. In 1987, there were two more new bands: Dirty Husbands, and Hermaphrodisiak. In 1989, more new bands: Ted & les Terriens, and No No No. In 1993, his first CD was released and he unveiled a new band: Ultime Atome, who played his famous « guitar symphony » live. Having used the pseudonym « Cripure » (amongst others), played in some bands and published his texts in several magazines, in 1997 he adopted the nickname Ladzi, for the « karaoké » show of a solo album presented as Dada Punk’n’Roll . In 1997, Ladzi published a book of aphorisms, illustrated by eleven designers. He began serious translation from English to French in 1995. In 1999, he put out another solo CD called Foutue Poupée, with titles composed at the end of the eighties, played with various bands, and recorded post-1992. In 1999, he recorded another album, unreleased, with Cécile Jarsaillon of the Suprêmes Dindes on vocals. In November 2001, the guitarist / composer Toshiyuki Hiraoka, who had previously come over from Japan to join NO NO NO in 1990, returned to France, and they composed a dozen songs together, whose lyrics were finally completed in 2004. (Two of these were originally written in english, and the version of one can be listened to in the live video on the Glop! website). This album project was called Fuckita® and the lyrics can be seen here. In 2003, the name of the Association was in use again for the French edition of Craig O’ Hara’s book, The Philosophy of Punk : Rytrut Editions was born. In 2004, other people joined his new musical project, forming a band again. Ladzi chose to use the name Glop, after the puppy characther from Pifou comic created by Roger Mas which takes him back to his childhood.. Nowadays, he’s fully occupied with Rytrut Editions’ projects.

Comic connected to GLOP!, Ladzi's newer project

 Qui Vivra Verra TRACKLIST:
2 X 2
 4 PICNIC BOY (the Residents) 
HAUPSACHE SATT (paroles : Harad 'Sack' Ziegler)
 7 LOLITA (My Heart Belongs to Daddy) (Cole Porter) 
10 LATE FOR THE TRAIN (Buzzcocks) 
17 CHÂTIMENT (La Mère Michelle trad.)
19 YOU ARE IN MY VISION (Gary Numan)
22 A.E.I.O.U. (10 guitares)

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Various - Que Faisiez-Vous Derrière L'Oreille ? N° 4 (Que Faisiez-Vous Derrière L'Oreille ? - QFVDLO N° 4, cass, 1986)

Que Faisiez-Vous Derrière L'Oreille ? N° 4 compilation on French label Que Faisiez-Vous Derrière L'Oreille ? ran by Didier Moulinier.

A1 A.I.Z. - Obsession 
A2 The Haters - Tearr
A3 Federica Manfredini - Gno-si 
A4 Federica Manfredini - Ex-changes 
A5 Federica Manfredini - Hamlet 
A6 Federica Manfredini - Tornando 
A7 Alain Gibertie Morituri - Te Salutant Mister Président 
A8 Losp - Untitled 
A9 Jack Marlow - Special Suite Of Clothes 
A10 Jack Marlow - Quasimodo
A11 Bourbonese Qualk - Return To Order 
A12 A.I.Z - Civil War
B1 Carlo Pittore - Me Audio Child (Extrait)
B2 Sylvie - Untitled 
B3 Comando Bruno - Motet Andalou 
B4 Pom Pom - Untitled 
B5 Jean-Louis Houchard & Masami Akita - Collaboration Through The Mail (Extrait) 
B6 Altagor - Invariant 261 
B7 John M. Bennett - Some Poems 
B8 Jean-Michel Bossini - Court Métrage 
B9 Éric Watier - Petit Voyage 
B10 Éric Watier - Je Peins Les Lacunes De La Mémoire 
B11 Éric Watier - Nuit Africaine 
B12 Éric Watier - Départ
B13 Jean-Pierre Bobillot - Bribes, Trouées 
B14 Bruno Guiot - À Chaque Fois C'Est Pareil 

Thanks to Francisco Lopez.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Lieutenant Caramel - La Nana (Ache AAP07-CC, 1990)

Lieutenant Caramel, French experimental artist Philippe Blanchard (born May 24, 1961 in Mayet, France) composes music in his Studio Acteon, now Studio Forum in Annecy. He defines himself as a hunter of sounds, and collects material from his different journeys (Syria, Iran, Roma, Venice, Madrid, Samarkand...).
Caramelos has won awards from several international competitions: GMEB in Bourges, France, the Luigi Russolo prize in Italy, Radio France, La Muse in Circuit (Mauricio Kagel prize), CIMES-FICS in Prague. He received the Radio France International award "Hunters of sounds" in 2000 for "Captain Cook".
He's the founding member of the Noise of Snow Festival in Annecy, as well as being the part of direction, since 2010 and jury of thLuigi Russolo International Sound Art Competition - competition for the best electro-acoustic composition founded in 1979.
Some of his collaborations include Denier Du Culte, Pacific 231, Victor Nubla, Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau and others.
Unique sounds he creates are inspired by futurism, musique concrete, electro-acoustic music...
Blanchard samples Joseph Beuys social sculpture 'Ja Ja Ja Ne Ne Ne' on the opening track 'Hommage au feutre'. As for my personal impression, vocals on 'Toiles de mer' overwhelmed with hysteria depict the spoiled gypsy kiddo from Budapest ghetto whose main occupation is to wake me up every morning with his endless cries...

La Nana is released on Ache in Germany.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Parazites Murder - The Less (Émergence Du Refus, c60, 198?)

Parazites Murder is a project from La Chair Entre Les Lignes compilation. The cassette The Less is released on French label  Émergence Du Refus ran by Claude Escarmand (Stenka Bazin) in 80's. 
I bought this tape damaged and its been through few surgeries by now, almost completely destroyed and at the end, I can only thank Prell who fixed it and recorded both sides (even the tape was cut so we still lost some so called music). 
The style of Parazites Murder is musique concrete with mixed cassette tapes, noisy, industrial with some vocals. Playful and beautiful.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Kathy Acker With Nox ‎- Love, Emily (AKT Production - Acte 3, 1987)

Kathy Acker reads excerpts from "My Death, My Life, by Pier Paolo Pasolini", her book which was published in 1984 and Nox is making tribal industrial accompanying music to it.