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sábado, 6 de abril de 2019

Cancerous Growth ‎– Versawomesh ( 1992, IRRE Tapes ‎– IT 081 ) FLAC

Cancerous Growth


 Cancerous Growth ‎– Versawomesh 



Label:IRRE Tapes ‎– IT 081


Side A All Tracks Recorded June 15, 1991 At Hr, Mixed Dec 22, 1991 At Hr By Chris Phinney

Side B All Tracks Recorded Dex 21, 1991 At Hr, Mixed Jan 4, 1991 At Hr by Chris Phinney
A1 Dickweed (Improvisational)
A2 Sludge
A3 Snot
A4 Permeate
A5 Honey
B1 Realm Of Messages
B2 Senorita
B3 Vertebrae
B4 Krank
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lunes, 11 de septiembre de 2017

Various ‎– Thee Exchange Ov Magnetic Energies (Cassette C-60/ ? / International Terrorist Network ‎– ITN41, FLAC)

Various ‎– Thee Exchange Ov Magnetic Energies
Label:International Terrorist Network ‎– ITN41
Format:Cassette, Limited Edition, Compilation, C60
Released: ?
Style:Industrial, Experimental 

A1 –Andy Izold / Jeff Central / Dan Rockwell - Terminal Pool   
A2 –Holger Hettler / Jeff Central - White Glove (Original Tascam Mix)   
A3 –Pat Grafik / Mortuary Attendant - Scalpel 23   
A4 –M. Finnkrieg / Tom Sutter - Jeff Central / War Gods   
A5 –Centralois - Guns Don't Argue   
B1 –Chris Phinney/ Jeff Central - Venusian Love Ritual   
B2 –Centralois - Black Octaves   
B3 –Fact 22 - Sex Spy Network
B4 –Terminal Inhale - Terminal Inhale
B5 –Jeff Central / Andy Izold / Chris Phinney - Fuck You Are   
B6 –Andy Izold / Dennis Petroff - It's Free

Released in a oversized plastic bag. In a Limited edition of 17 copies.  

International Terrorist Network or I.T.N. was formed in 1982 in Port Huron, Michigan. Ironically in the same town that Thomas Edison grew up in as a kid. Port Huron in the early eighties was a haven for underground artists and musicians such as Hunting Lodge, Shame, Exposure, John N. Wright, etc.). I.T.N. consisted of two members, Jeff Central and Pat Grafik. They went to school together and developed a mutual interest in the development of audio and video production. Both were interested in electronics and their role in the creative processes. 

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