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Monday, 3 November 2014

Ustad - Last Pyramid (J.S. Laboratories, C-60, 1988)

 Ustad (Ustad Oni). The project is from Houston, Texas, US and the sound consists an 70s krautish, dark, ambient experience. The name Ustad most likely comes from Persian word Ustād which means master or teacher, an honorific title for a man in South Asia that is usually used for well-regarded teachers and artists, most often musicians.
Ustad Oni also appears as member of Surgical II's, Stick In The Mud, Blistering Moments
 along with Jim Leggett, alias Jesus Penis... 
Ustad's itself k7 releases and compilation tracks are on already mentioned J.S. Laboratories, Sound Of Pig (Al Margolis, US), Nihilistic Recordings (Peter Zincken, NE), Stinky Horse Fuck (Smell & Quim, UK), Deadline Recordings (Richard Ramirez, US), Bureaucracy Of Hope (US), Swing Music (UK) and Hajra (UK).

J.S. Laboratories - Experimental cassette label run by LD Gregory, based in Houston, Texas, and operating from 1986, now defunct. The label is actually named Jittery Sphincter Laboratory, but usually the short version of the name appears on the releases.