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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Nicole Campau - Akrisa (Not On Label, 1995)

Don Campau's daughter was about eleven when she did her first home taping. Her father helped her with some technical stuff and play a bit as well. Later, when she was 19 she made another, deeper and exotic tape “Akrisa” but this early tape is very special to Don still with charm, intelligence and a verve that cannot be denied. Hear her classic song, New Fashion from 1988.

Nicole Campau: lyrics, vocals, instruments
Additional music by Don Campau
Recorded in 1994/5 in San Jose, California


Monday, 4 August 2014

Dino DiMuro - A Real Pretty Rose (Phantom Soil, 1986)

A little difference while I'm still myself...

Early casette by American veteran of home-taping, sound effects editor, composer, musician, and writer Dino DiMuro. Fifteen songs of idiosyncratic song form, Combining idioms as diverse as classical music, sound effects, and prog. Released on his own label Phantom Soil in 1986, and while mr. DiMuro is singing dirges for Lynda Barry, I feel like I've grabbed God's balls.