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jueves, 23 de octubre de 2014

Monotonik / Goljak Nightmare - Demo Recordings 1981-1983 (not on label, cass)

Goran Jermić is born in 1956 in Zagreb, Croatia and shows affection towards music and electronics from an early age which resulted the project Monotonik (1980/81) when he was only 16 years old...
He was also making home-made synths and oscillators. Goljak Nightmare is also him but few years later.
Jermić stopped creating music as the 80s passed by until the end of 90s when he devotes himself to music again. He changes his name into Monofonik in 2004 which sound is a bit different, alternative electro pop as he call it..

The cassette I am sharing doesn't have original artwork (so I made one) and consists of more than just two tracks (it's actually compilation of demo recordings by Jermić's projects) but they are lost. A pity!

lunes, 1 de septiembre de 2014

Katedrala - Katedrala (Katedrala self-released,1988)

"Katedrala" - an interactive space and performance in Extended Media Gallery - Zagreb (23.2. To 25.2.1988.) - In collaboration with Stanko Juzbaši,  Goran Premec, Ivan Marušić Klif i Darko Fritz. 
Boris Bakal (Zagreb, 18 September 1959), theater and film director, writer, theater, radio, television and film actor, intermedia / multimedia artist. 
His work has, among other things, characterized by a specific research center and atypical performing locations, documentary style approach and the interactive elements in art projects. 
Co-founder of the platform, activist initiatives and arts organizations such as Anti War Campaign Croatia (ARKZIN - ARK's fanzine),  Leteće sveučilište (Flying University), Orchestra Stolpnik and others. 
Both photos above are taken from ARKZIN
In 2002 he co-founded and still leads the international art platform Bacači Sjenki (Shadow Casters). Projects he has worked on have won numerous awards and prizes in Croatia and abroad.