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Monday, 4 April 2016

Deutsches Kulturgut / Tesendalo ‎– Rückwärts / Vorwärts (IRRE Tapes ‎– IT 083 ) (Cassette C60) (WAV)

Deutsches Kulturgut and Tesendalo were studio projects by Michael Wurzer and Peter Schuster, both Nürnberg "free self-expression" musicians, creating haunting industrial ambient noise, influenced by Zoviet-France, Klaus Schulze, etc... organic, long-lasting unhurried passages, clouded by monotonous drones with fleeting and fragmentarily torn radiant sounds.

Deutsches Kulturgut / Tesendalo ‎– Rückwärts / Vorwärts

IRRE Tapes ‎– IT 083
Cassette, C60

A1 Deutsches Kulturgut Untitled 11:42
A2 Deutsches Kulturgut Untitled 6:03
A3 Deutsches Kulturgut Untitled 4:57
A4 Deutsches Kulturgut Untitled 1:36
A5 Deutsches Kulturgut Untitled 2:37

B1 Tesendalo Untitled 9:04
B2 Tesendalo Untitled 5:35
B3 Tesendalo Untitled 5:23
B4 Tesendalo Untitled 4:32
B5 Tesendalo Untitled 4:04
Recorded 1991/92.
Mixed 1992.
Cassettes include a space for numbering, although not all copies are numbered.
Cover comes in various colours (white, blue...). 

Monday, 15 September 2014

Kopfschmerztablette - Objekt Zwei Oder Einfahrt Freihalten (ZNS Tapes, C60, 1989)

The tracks on the cassette I got as 'Objekt Zwei Oder Einfahrt Freihalten' doesn't match it's tracklist but thanks to the benefits of the Internet, we can still listen to the corresponding tape. And at least we have it's sleeve now.
Side A:
object zwei 10:12 so leben wir gartenzwerge 2:55 ghosttrain 1:30 made in w. germany 3:51 allein in der fabrik 4:57 einfahrt freihalten 3:49

Side B:
a heart for scotland 4:06 5 töne im schnee 4:04 beo wulf 2:30 tres resistent 2:14 made in japan 4:13 bombenblindgänger 4:37 waschstraße 2:44 fade of the eyesight 5:05

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Doppelwirkung - E (Neuzeitliche Tonstruktionen, NT 10, 1992)

Recorded by Siegmar Fricke and Michael Wurzer in Germany and released in 1992 on 

Neuzeitliche Tonstruktionen, a label owned by Alex Frick. C-60. Limited edition. No tracklist. A hand-numbered copy.