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lunes, 23 de mayo de 2016

Maria Zerfall ‎– Als Wäre Nichts Gewesen (LP, 1998, Loki Foundation LOKI 18) (WAV)

Maria Zerfall

Real Name:
Christine Weyrether

The German one-woman-solo-project MARIA ZERFALL started 1982 in Crailsheim named as ZERFALL. At this time, the music was heavily influenced by the punk invasion and personal non-compromising nihilism. After some musical influence by bands like Throbbing Gristle, SPK, Swans and Laibach, the music turns to a unique style of strange noisy electronics with morbid vocals and lyrics, and with a spirit of post-war.
The year 1983 was the real beginning of MARIA ZERFALL and her private cassette distribution MUSIC TO TURN TO, based in Düsseldorf, Germany. The music simply was recorded and duplicated privately on a 4-track-tape-recorder, and given away to friends and people, who were interested in it.
In 1986-1991 MZ often appeared in different projects, like AKTIVE STAGNATION, MARIA ZERFALL IN PHASE PERVERS, ZEROSE, and collaborated with other musicians like KONRAD KRAFT, ROMAN HÜTTEN, etc.
From the years 1987 to 1989 MZ gave only three concerts, two in Düsseldorf and one in Nürnberg.

MARIA ZERFALL never tried to be a part of a special underground scene. There never was interest in producing bigger things like vinyl or concerts during all the time - just the wish to make music, nothing more.
The creating and experimenting of the sound often starts with no ideas as field-recordings of noises in the cities, later changed to a special mood or atmosphere into sound.

MZ has released a lot of recordings, mostly cassettes but also some on Vinyl and CD.
Due the unique sound and mostly of extremely limited editions, MZ's early tape recordings are highly sought after today and have reached a cult status by fans and collectors.

The meaning of name MARIA ZERFALL: it is like a little philosophy. MARIA means innocence and ZERFALL is decay of all material things ( physical ).

Maria Zerfall ‎– Als Wäre Nichts Gewesen 


Label:Loki Foundation ‎– LOKI 18, Membrum  Debile Propaganda ‎– MDP 6000-30
Format:Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition
Style:Industrial, Experimental 

A1 Kopfmord
A2 Jeder Auf Seine Art
A3 Erbsünde
A4 After All
A5 Trommelfeuer 2
A6 Kopfkrieg
B1 Es Ist Nicht Leicht
B2 Kreaturen
B3 Im Herzen Durch Die Finsternis
B4 Totenstille
B5 Als Wäre Nichts Gewesen
B6 Return
B7 Nazi Jazz

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martes, 21 de abril de 2015


Hoy conoceremos a dos grandes del sonido industrial alemán de los años 90: DAGDA MOR e INADE. Precisamente el primer trabajo de estos dos grupos fue esta doble cassette-split en la que se pudieron las pilas para demostrar su potencial en lo que a sonido electrónico experimental se refiere.
DAGDA MOR es un proyecto nacido a finales de los 80 de la mano de ANDREAS BERGE, con una propuesta sonora basada en la crudeza del sonido industrial, con mucha electrónica, voces tratadas, samplers de discursos de Hitler, ambientes crudos, texturas... Por su lado, INADE es un dúo formado por KNUT ENDERLEIN, RENÉ LEHMANN, con un sonido electrónico oscuro, quizás menos crudo que el de Dagda Mor, pero con muchos matices y con una estética sonora impecable.
Esta cassette, como os decía, es el primer trabajo de ambos grupos y fue editada en 1991 por el sello Loki Foundation en una tirada limitada y numerada de 24 ejemplares, así que no os lo perdáis.



A1 –Dagda Mor Intro 1:31
A2 –Dagda Mor Loki Und Surt 6:59
A3 –Dagda Mor Persona 4:16
A4 –Dagda Mor Peter Kürtens Auferstehung 8:42
A5 –Dagda Mor W.A.R. 6:16
B1 –Dagda Mor Oskopnir 6:47
B2 –Dagda Mor Der Ruhm Der Großen Toten 5:17
B3 –Dagda Mor Sturm 8:01
B4 –Dagda Mor Niflheim 6:57
C1 –Inade Jötun 3:25
C2 –Inade Managarm 3:54
C3 –Inade Svinfylking 4:55
C4 –Inade Blutgezeiten 6:28
C5 –Inade Feuersturm 7:20
D1 –Inade Mödgud 4:52
D2 –Inade Hallen 2:54
D3 –Inade Sköll 3:50
D4 –Inade Seelenstätte 8:54

D5 –Inade Zeitenende 6:12





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