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sábado, 4 de noviembre de 2017

Various ‎– A/aND: A Cross-Cultural Collaboration Between A/a & ND Magazines (Audiofile Tapes ‎– ND/aT 1, N D ‎– ND/aT 1, CASSETTE COMPILATION C-90, 1987) (MP3 320)

Buscando material de Architects Office, he dado con esta curiosa compilación internacional que he creído conveniente compartir con tod@s vosotr@s. Editada en 1987 por el sello AUDIOFILE TAPES, contiene trabajos de personajes de la talla de DAVE PRESCOTT, NOMUSIC, ARCHITECTS OFFICE, BANNED PRODUCTIONS, MINÓY... El denominador común es la experimentación sonora, el collage y los ambientes densos. 100% recomendable.



Side ND
A1 –Paul Thomas   Untitled
A2 –Doro Benditz Leading Cause Of Death
A3 –Minóy Mass
A4 –Gui Gui Trazsh In The Streets
A5 –Weird Scenes Mrs. Wonderwoman
A6 –Undercurrent  Ei 7290
A7 –bANNED pRODUCTIONS  Montage Pt. 2

Side A/a
B1 –Schlafengarten The Frightening Truth
B2 –The Order Of Flesh And Blood Wheels Within Wheels
B3 –Joseph K. Noyce European Divorce
B4 –Dave Prescott International Affairs
B5 –Psychological Warfare Branch Discipline
B6 –Body Without Organs Cold Warfare
B7 –Croiners Excerpt From "Exchange Of Force"
B8 –Nomusic Avant-Guerre
B9 –Architects Office Variete
B10 –Alien Planetscapes Excerpt From "Space Rock...? Nothing Special"

Password para descomprimir el rar: STAHLFABRIK
Password to unzip the rar: STAHLFABRIK

martes, 26 de agosto de 2014

Minóy - Plain Wrap Purgatory (cassette, Sound Of Pig - SOP 96)

Minóy or Stanley Keith Bowsza (October 30, 1951 - March 19, 2010) was a prolificAmerican  DIY sound artist, a home taper active in mail-art. He has created numerous releases on cassettes and gained a high rank position in cassette culture spheres. If you are still not familiar with this unique persona I suggest you to read this and this articles. Or get a fresh book/cassette/cd here.
Since I heard The Dying Man, a collaboration release made by David Prescott and himself, I got hooked and after a quite of time that passed - I'm still under the spell of the magician of his own, the spell that holds me with empathy identified with endless embracing.
Plain Wrap Purgatory is a droning sound collage with eerie vocals, typical Minoy-ish. Intense, licentious, emotional, abstract... He is sharing with us his darkest secrets but he is so cold, so indifferent.
What is he doing? Is this real? It seems he is so into his musical rite, he transforms his creature to some unknown far above dimensions...