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sábado, 4 de octubre de 2014

Popošev I Rozenfeld - Pčelica Maja 82 (demo cass, not on label, 1982)

Members: Blaženko 'Karo' Karešin, Antun 'Troga' Trogrlić, Zvonko 'Viki' Slišurić

Minimal-electronic duo/trio from Nova Gradiška (Croatia), active shortly in 1982.

One summer in Nova Gradiška, Karo and Troga, Farfisa organ treated with guitar effects (delay, hall, etc..) and around ten songs... Performance in August '82 as Poposhev and Rosenfeld at the Summer Stage is still remembered as something specialThe day before the show Viki had joined them (called Pnomh Pen) and on the stage, between the songs played by the other two guys, recited verses of poems about Maya, the bee who was 'illustrated' by their music which was actually composed prior texts.

Popošev i Rozenfeld had only one live performance and they were the epitome of minimalist electronics sound of that era, they didn't have the echo of a firstwave minimalwave bands in Yugoslavia at that time known as far to Pozega and Western Slavonia, just like the case of Sat Stoicizmo.

"Ljetna Livada" is also included in Ex Yu Electronica Vol I: Hometaping In Self-Management compilation ‎(Monofonika).

The original cover of Pčelica Maja 82 (Maya the Bee 82) tape is lost so I created one myself.

domingo, 21 de septiembre de 2014

Larynx & Step Dancer - Live Session In Požarevac (October, 1988) | Step Master - Brainmapping (April, 1992)

Step Dancer (later Step Master) is Dušan Jakovljević from Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina and he has been active in Yugoslav noise and avantgarde scene since 1986 making several recordings on wide variety of instruments that were issued on DIY tapes with limited distribution to friends and via fanzines.

He was also regular collaborator of Larynx (aka LX, King Nothing, Demencija Prekoks) or 

Đorđe Dimitrijević from Požarevac, Serbia, a sound artist active from 1983 to 88/89, with whom he has recorded two sessions (1988 and 1989) which became notorious in the Yugoslav avantgarde. 


Live session recorded in Požarevac (Serbia) in October 1988, Larynx + Step Dancer.
Recording includes guitars, drums, keyboard, voice, tapes. They were initially released under Key A No tapes project, and segment was published in January 2011 on vinyl compilation Ex-Yu Electronica Vol I: Hometaping In Self-Management on Monofonika label by Dušan Hedl (Subkulturni Azil, Maribor) and Nenad Vujić (A Hogon’s Industrial Guide, Beograd).



This is the final recording by Jakovljević under pseudo Step Master made in his bedroom as the war in Bosnia was unfolding in April 1992.

Recording includes live radio (crisis in Višegrad and Sarajevo) with tapes (Grunding 4 track) overrecording, multi-speed dicta-phone, guitar, flute, voice and water/street sounds.