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Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Saludos! Os presento este magnífico material de Miguel A. Ruiz grabado con Igor Potsukailo que tiene un proyecto llamado Bardoseneticcube. Este CD tiene el sonido industrial y oscura experimental excelente. Disfrutad!


1     Contamination I    
2     Exclusion Zone    
3     The Giant Fish Of Pripiat Lake    
4     Yaroslavl Square    
5     Soul Splicer    
6     Contamination II   

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Maldoror - She (Label: Ipecac Recordings, CD, 1997 ??? - 1999) (FLAC / MP3)

Maldoror es un proyecto hecho por Mike Patton y Masami Akita. Esto álbum fue grabado en Japón cuando Patton estaba en gira con Faith no More. Para los amantes del puro ruido. Disfrutad y dejen sus conclusiones.

Artist: Maldoror
Album: She
Label: Ipecac
Format: CD
Country: US
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental, Noise
Notes: Recorded at Yellowknife Studios, 1997 ??? (1999 ???)


1           Butterfly Kiss (0:30)
2           Twitch Of The Death Nerve (2:17)
3           Homunculus (3:52)
4           Boutique Of 7 Taboos (1:04)
5           Snuff (3:28)
6           Baby Powder On Peach Fuzz (3:37)
7           She (3:50)
8           Cherry Blossom Inferno (1:30)
9           The Conqueror Worm (2:03)
10         Bubble Bath And A Valium (0:44)
11         The White Tears Of The Maggot (2:36)
12         Chiffon Lingerie (2:18)
13         Lullaby (She Who Must Be Obeyed) (8:17) 


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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Lemon Kittens ‎– The Big Dentist (LP, 1982, Illuminated Records ‎– JAMS 131 ) FLAC

Artist Biography by

With no "proper" musical skills upon their formation in Surrey, England, the Lemon Kittens epitomized the "anything goes" spirit of late-'70s post-punk in the U.K. Karl Blake, who cut his teeth in numerous outfits prior to the Lemon Kittens, started the band with Gary Thatcher and a revolving cast of others (which at one point included future Alternative TV leader Mark Perry), but at the time of the release of their first EP in 1979, the seven-song Spoonfed + Writhing 7", the group's lineup featured Blake, Thatcher, N. Mercer, Mylmus, and Danielle Dax. The group was whittled down to a duo of Blake and Dax by February of 1980; the other three members had fled, making for the group's 16th different lineup change since initialization in April 1978. Blake and Dax then decided to operate primarily as a duo, with help coming from whoever whenever they needed the assistance to perform. Later in 1980, Blake and Dax released We Buy a Hammer for Daddy on the United Dairies label (their labelmates included fellow oddballs and noise-mongers Whitehouse and Nurse With Wound), an album that featured the duo swapping a wide variety of instruments. The Cake Beast EP came out in February of 1981; Dax left after its release to begin a successful solo career, which Blake took part in sporadically throughout the '90s. In late 1982, the Illuminated LP Those That Bite the Hand That Feeds Them Must Sooner or Later Meet...the Big Dentist (best referred to as The Big Dentist) became the group's second full-length. Blake rounded up a new group of cronies, laid the Lemon Kittens to rest, and began the Shock Headed Peters.

Lemon Kittens ‎– The Big Dentist

Label:Illuminated Records ‎– JAMS 131
Format:Vinyl, LP, Album
Genre:Electronic, Rock
Style:Art Rock, Experimental

A1     They Are Both Dirty     11:19
A2     The Hospital Hurts The Girl     4:30
A3     Mylmus     4:09
B1     No Night Not Shared     4:55
B2     Oath     4:08
B3     The Log And The Pin     4:00
B4     Nudies     3:17
B5     An Untimely End     2:11

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Lemon Kittens, London, ICA, December 27, 1980

Part of a new wave festival "Rock Week Plus" at the ICA, London

 only 3 tracks

Lemon Kittens:
Karl Blake
Danielle Dax

01. Death By Leeches
02. PBS
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Friday, 13 January 2017

Frank Pahl & Klimperei ‎– Music For Desserts (CD, Album, 2001) (In-Poly-Sons ‎– IPS 1001, Gazul Records ‎– GA 8650 AR ) FLAC

Music for Desserts - Frank Pahl and Klimperei (in poly sons - France)   What can I say? This is my favorite. All tracks began with home made automatic instruments.  Klimperei laid down their sympathetic magic and I mixed. The folks at The Wire liked it and Nate Cavalieri of The Metro Times wrote, "an achievement that depends on beautifully complex minds and beautifully simple machines."
(Frank Pahl)

Frank Pahl & Klimperei ‎– Music For Desserts
Label:In-Poly-Sons ‎– IPS 1001, Gazul Records ‎– GA 8650 AR
Format:CD, Album
Genre:Electronic, Rock
Style:Experimental, Minimal, Avantgarde 

1     Lyon Fritters     2:40
2     Snow Eggs     2:30
3     Charlotte Russe     1:27
4     Nun's Sighs     2:35
5     Ladies' Kisses     3:16
6     Prunes In Burgundy     1:44
7     Richelieu Cream With Pralines     3:02
8     Cats' Tongues With Cream 4:10
9     Hedgehogs     1:50
10     Empress Pears     3:40
11     Almond Rock Cakes     5:29
12     Papillons     1:18
13     Espresso Cheesecake     3:41
14     Liqueur Soufflé     3:31
15     Crêpes Suzette     5:22
16     Dainties     1:18
17     Melon Sorbet 3:06
18     Stuffed Angelica 3:40

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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Various ‎– Chaleur (LP, Compilation , 2001) (G.M.B.H. ‎– GMBHLP02 ) FLAC

Various ‎– Chaleur
Label:G.M.B.H. ‎– GMBHLP02
Format:Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Style:Experimental, Ambient

A1     –Manon Anne Gillis     Daeque    
A2     –Gen Ken Montgomery     Pan American Tortilla Special    
A3     –Bruno Moreigne     Nagasaki    
A4     –John Hudak     Steamheat    
B1     –Seth Nehil     Transference    
B2     –toy.bizarre     Kdi Dctb 94    
B3     –Jonathan Coleclough     Heat    
B4     –Patrick Mc Ginley     Ash, Like Falling Snow

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Monday, 19 December 2016

Various ‎– Born Out Of Dreams (1985, Frux ‎– FruxLP 01, Frux ‎– FRLP 1) (Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition) FLAC

Various ‎– Born Out Of Dreams
Label: Frux ‎– FruxLP 01, Frux ‎– FRLP 1
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition
Country: UK
Released: May 1985
Genre: Electronic
Style: Industrial, Noise, Experimental

A1–Fear Of Thought - Helen Lane    
A2–Enrico Piva - Flogging Hour In The HKA    
A3–P16.D4 - Koronardilatation    
A4–O Yuki Conjugate - E Tribal    
A5 –P.D. - Im Rausch Der Geschwindigkeit    
A6–Nurse With Wound - Automating (Again)    
B1–Muslimgauze - Sakharov    
B2–391 - Gt'2    
B3–The New Blockaders - Seinsart    
B4–LLL - The Dark Forces Have Taken Over    
B5–New 7th Music - Coatlicue    
B6–Mixed Band Philanthropist - Those Who Kissed Now Wept, Those Who Wept Now Sang

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Various ‎– Undying (1989, Freedom In A Vacuum ‎– VACLP.05) (Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition ) FLAC

Various ‎– Undying
Label: Freedom In A Vacuum ‎– VACLP.05
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition
Country: Canada
Released: 1989
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Noise, Experimental, Ambient 

 A1 –Violence And The Sacred - Advance (Video Soundtrack)     5:43
A2 –If, Bwana & Dog As Master - Man Bites Frog, Warts Develop     6:10
A3 –Organum - Povera     3:00
A4 –Ultra - Clusterfuck II  5:40
A5 –Entre Vifs - Excerpt From Session XXIII     5:13
B1 –Giancarlo Toniutti - Rasùranìdo     8:22
B2 –Kaiser Nietzsche - Nine Student Nurses     4:47
B3 –Empirical Sleeping Consort - Does The Exact Centre Of A Wheel Turn?     5:29
B4 –Ellen Fullman - Staggered Stasis #1 (Remix Excerpt)     11:25

Limited Edition of 500 Copies.
An International Compilation.
Includes a folded tabloid parchment insert with artwork, text, and track notes.
Mastered at Q.E.D.  

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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Various ‎– Pornographication 12" (Invasion Planète Recordings ‎– IP005, 2000, Vinyl, 12" Compilation) FLAC

Various - Pornographication
Label: Invasion Planète Recordings
Catalog#: IP005
Format: Vinyl, 12", Limited Edition
Country: France
Released: 2000
Genre: Electronic, Non-Music
Style: Electro, Spoken Word, Experimental
Notes: Comes with 2 sheet b/w booklet insert.
Limited to 500 copies.


A1  Unknown Artist  -   Introduction  
A2  Le Syndicat Electronique  -   Plastic To Plastic  
A3  C.H.I.C. Agency  -   Sex O'Clock  
B1  Porn.Darsteller  -   Brigitte  
B2  Karl Kubler  -   Channel X  
B3  Le Syndicat Electronique  -   Love Machine  
B4  Le Syndicat Electronique  -   Te Has Gustado (Outro)

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Monday, 21 November 2016

Kranioklast ‎– Romantisch & Zärtlich / Neurotisch & Exzessiv (Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, 1982) (Not on Label ‎– WKEP.187) (FLAC)

The first incarnation of one of the best german groups in the genre of experimental or whatever music.

On this first 7" the style is more minimal electronic with texts from Kafka and Büchner.
Enjoy this verry rare piece of music.

Kranioklast ‎– Romantisch & Zärtlich / Neurotisch & Exzessiv
Label:Not on Label ‎– WKEP.187
Format:Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM
Genre:Electronic, Non-Music
Style:Experimental, Minimal

A1     Gib's Auf!

    Text By – Franz Kafka

A2     Die Vorübergehenden

    Text By – Franz Kafka

B1     Warum Bläst Gott Nicht Die Sonn' Aus!

    Text By – Georg Büchner

B2     Apoplexia Cerebralis

    Text By – Georg Büchner


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Sunday, 22 May 2016

VV.AA.-1992-Audioscope (GEOMETRIK GR-01 CD) (WAV)

La primera referencia de GEOMETRIK es esta recopilación, que aunque lleva un tiempo sin estar disponible en el catálogo del sello, es fácil de adquirir a muy buen precio en el Marketplace de Discogs, por ejemplo. Para ser uno de los discos de referencia de la electrónica experimental española en los años ’90 lo cierto es que ha pasado bastante desapercibido. Los enlaces que veo por la red están inactivos o en formato MP3, así que me parece un buen momento para recordar este fantástico disco y hacerlo con la calidad de audio más cercana al original. He transferido en WAV mi CD y escaneado el artwork, a la espera de que GEOMETRIK reedite alguna vez esta joya (y si lo hiciera en macizo vinilo mi felicidad sería completa…).
Artistas tan conocidos (algunos más por sus alias que por su nombre real) que no es necesario insistir más.


Sunday, 1 May 2016

Various ‎– Rub Out The Word (2 × Cassette, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered, C60) (WAV)

Two sixty minutes, dealing with voice related music, 'Rub Out The Word' compiled by Jeph Jerman of Hands To, and released by his own Big Body Parts label. Mainly US experimentalists to be found here: Bunker Club, Mental Anguish, Swinebolt 45, Illusion Of Safety, Eric Lunde, City Of Worms, PBK, Big City Orchestra, David Montgomery, If Bwana, CBC III, Allegory Chapel, Crash Worship, Terre Blanche, Then Behavior, David S. Hastings, Yeast Culture, Black Coke, Hands To, Blackhumour, AMK, Lab Rat, John Hudak, Criss and what seems to be the only European contribution by Kapotte Muziek. An edition of 100 copies.

Big Body Parts ‎– BBP C3
2 × Cassette, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered, C60

Hands To Banishment
A2 blackhumour As You Were Saying (Live)
A4 Lab Rat (3) Ashtray
A5 John Hudak Witch's Butter
A6 Criss*
B1 Terre Blanche Patriot
B2 Then Behavior The Heads Off Our Two For Dinner
B3 Kapotte Muziek Process 4
B4 David S. Hastings The Late Moss Hart
B5 Yeast Culture HBOI Alphabet Master
B6 Black Coke Gloria
C1 PBK Malediction
C2 Big City Orchestra Volta
C3 David Montgomery Museum
C4 If, Bwana A Literary Classic
C5 CBC III* If You Do Not Have Friends
C6 Allegory Chapel Ltd. The Old Colonel's Job On Kat
C7 Crash Worship Bullets For Breakfast (Brain Dead Brain Dead)
D1 Bunker Club Little Joey's Rats
D2 Mental Anguish A World Full Of...
D3 Swinebolt 45 After A Dream
D4 Illusion Of Safety Mae
D5 Eric Lunde World's Fastest Tape Player
D6 Eric Lunde Damaged Reports: The Evening News
D7 City Of Worms Hacc


A compilation based on manipulation of speech recordings. The title comes from a quote by Brion Gysin.

Packaged with a cover, four j-cards (containing the tracklisting) and a full-page insert (with contact addresses). Numbered edition of 100 copies. This release was done towards the end of the operations of Big Body Parts, and only small portion of the copies were distributed by BBP (mostly to contributors). The remaining printed pieces went to Anomalous Reocords in 1993 and the remaining copies were distributed, in a variety of hand-made packages using the same materials.
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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Various ‎– Das Dreidimensionale Möbiusband (2 × CD, Compilation ) (Flying Swimming ) (Flac)

Nice compilation with a lot of "Stars"....

Various ‎– Das Dreidimensionale Möbiusband

Flying Swimming ‎– fs00001
2 × CD, Compilation
CD, CD-ROM, Mini
1-1 Achim Wollscheid Radio Piece 5:36
1-2 Asmus Tietchens Böszopfler (= An Evil Man With A Tress) 6:58
1-3 Conrad Schnitzler 00/143 (1-15) 5:36
1-4 Das Kreis Der Fünf 4:54
1-5 Darius Ciuta Near By One 6:13
1-6 Es Kukat Ovat Hyriä Kuuntelijoita 3:43
1-7 Felipe Caramelos Que Su Cante Me Lastima 4:16
1-8 Frans de Waard Klankschap #7 6:21
1-9 Ilpo Väisänen Vihan Päivä 8:38
1-10 John Watermann Unfaithful Moments 14:00
2-1a Trevor Wishart Fanfare 6:50
2-1b Trevor Wishart Contrapuntus 3:44
2-2 The Animist Orschestra* Non Title 8:00
2-3 Spectre Soaring To The Depth 4:38
2-4 RLW Rappel Das - Or: Dealing With Indiscipline. A Piece For Children Aged 2-4 Years 7:07
2-5 Merzbow Earth Nazareth 11:47
2-6 Liddikoatight Ka-Cho-Fuh-Getsu 6:00
2-7 Leif Elggren The Paving Stone Is The Weapon Of The Proletariat No. 5 6:11
2-8 Juozas Milasius* Tenderness 4:18
2-9 Kouhei Matsunaga Star Point 7:00
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Sunday, 17 April 2016

VV.AA.-1986-Vhutemas Archetypi (1991 MUTE CD) (FLAC)

Jugosa recopilación con cinco nombres tan conocidos que no es necesario extenderse más, aunque mi motivo ‘’secreto’’ para traerla aquí es la participación de GERECHTIGKEITS LIGA, una de las primeras bandas Industriales alemanas. 

Procedentes de Bremen, coetáneos de EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN y de CRANIOCLAST y tempranamente trasladados a Londres, donde entraron en contacto con Graeme Revell y SIDE EFFECTS, el sello fundado por miembros de SPK, que publicaría esta recopilación en 1986 en LP. Reeditada en CD en 1990 por el mismo sello y en 1991 por MUTE.
TILL BRUGGEMANN  cuenta en esta entrevista la historia de la banda y sus métodos de trabajo. Acerca de esta recopilación dice que todavía le sorprende el grado de cohesión que se aprecia en ella, aunque los participantes no llegaron a estar juntos en ningún momento. Supongo que la ‘’mano’’ de Graeme Revell algo tendrá que ver en ello…


Thursday, 14 April 2016


VETROPHONIA es el duo formado por ALEXANDER LEVEDEV-FRONTOV (LINIJA MASS, VEPRISUICIDA, STALNOY PROJEKT) y NICK SOUDNICK (ZGA, UNION OF COMERCIAL AVANT-GARDE). Nick Soudnick es toda una leyenda de la vanguardia musical rusa desde finales de los ’80  al frente de ZGA, banda clave de la escena experimental de Riga (Letonia), aunque radicada en San Petersburgo desde 1991. Esta es  la ciudad en la que históricamente se han gestado los proyectos de más enjundia, y los festivales y eventos con mayor repercusión en Rusia.

VETROPHONIA se centra, en palabras del propio Alexander Levedev-Frontov, en la continuación y  desarrollo de las ideas, acerca del Art of Noise, de los futuristas rusos e italianos de principios del Siglo XX. La base también de su proyecto en solitario LINIJA MASS. 

Al parecer no  utilizan sintetizadores ni sampleados, sino que la base de su sonido es analógica y basada en instrumentos (aparatos) eléctricos construidos en la época socialista, ruedas de molino, objetos metálicos y trastos así. La música se acompaña habitualmente de proyecciones de video. Es fácil imaginar que el resultado no es precisamente apto para todos los oídos y de hecho requiere complicidad, paciencia y curiosidad, motivos sobrados para postearlo en Wet Dreams. 

Todo muy intelectual, sí, pero con ese componente ‘’físico’’ que puede llegar a tocarte las tripas sin basarlo todo en el puro ataque frontal. Esto no es sólo noise al uso, sino experimentación perfectamente estructurada.  Me gusta especialmente la parte 3, donde ruido, ritmo y voces manipuladas alcanzan un raro equilibrio cercano  a algo parecido a una ´´canción’’. 

Será que me estoy volviendo viejo y de vez en cuando necesito un respiro.