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viernes, 17 de abril de 2020


PhonoStatic Cassettes fue un sello estadounidense que editó compulsivamente material de electrónica experimental procedente de diferentes artistas sonoros y grupos también de los USA (LLOYD DUNN, PAUL NEFF, THE HATERS, MINOY, TIM RISHER, THE TAPE BEATLES, SON OF SPAM) y un larguísimo etcétera de grandes personajes de la experimentación sonora, el spoken word, la electrónica abstracta, el arte sonoro en general. Hay muy poca información sobre este sello, pero tirando de ciertos hilos he llegado a la web de THE NOISE-ARCH ARCHIVE, donde se concentra una compilación de cintas de cassette de sonido underground editadas en la época de oro de las cintas y del mail-art: los años 80. Más información al respecto aquí. La verdad es que no he escuchado la totalidad de las 10 cintas que os ofrezco en el día de hoy, pero sí he escuchado unas cuantas y os puedo decir que es auténtica ambrosía sonora, un placer para las neuronas en estos días de cautiverio. Como no sabemos cuánto durará esta situación, es posible que me dé tiempo a terminarlas todas, pero espero no hacerlo solo, sino en vuestra compañía.




A1 –Paul Neff Editor's Spoken Introduction 0:39
A2 –The "All Steel" Space Weenies Brainwash 5:48
A3 –Twa Dogs in Paris Sleeping 4:26
A4 –Ll. Dunn Play 1 1:01
A4 –John Heck Rock 'n' Roll 3:05
A5 –Steve Harp Violinist Michael Raven With The Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra Conducted By Felix Slavkin 10:46
A6 –Simon Peeks Buddy Holly Spin Improv 0:59
A7 –Paul Neff Spoken Outro 0:08
B1 –Theolonius Mike and his Madcap Morons Howdy 5:18
B2 –Secret Luncheon Meat Police Rackgobbler Frogjiblets 5:25
B3 –Ralph Johnson (3) Richard's Mother 7:25
B4 –9digit Zip Yes, John, We Have Better Things To Do With Our Hands 2:50
B5 –9digit Zip Recent Piece 1:45
B6 –Smut Monkey Swoop 2:01
B7 –Paul Neff Editor's Spoken Outro 0:38


A1 –Creature Comforts Alone Together (Dr. Falwell's Lament)
A2 –Creature Comforts I Love You
A3 –Ralph Johnson For The Rest Of Your Life
A4 –9digit Zip Telephone Piece
A5 –9digit Zip Loops From My Collection
B1 –Ll. Dunn* / W. Ng / L. Hodges Home Vérité
B2 –Ll. Dunn* / W. Ng / L. Hodges TV Vérité
B3 –Ll. Dunn* / W. Ng / L. Hodges Street Vérité
B4 –Ll. Dunn* / W. Ng / L. Hodges More Vérité
B5 –Ll. Dunn* / W. Ng / L. Hodges Breath Vérité


A1 –Kathleen Yearwood Azure Cliff Record Pt. II 3:18
A2 –Tim Risher Grate Music 2:32
A3 –9digit Zip Distorted Speech Continuum 1:20
A4 –Steve Harp Soundtrack To Graffiti (Excerpt) 4:37
A5 –Minóy* Shortwave Samba 2:15
A6 –Ll. Dunn* I Couldn't Get Through 0:48
B1 –The Creature Comforts Bill Butler Cut-Up 1:46
B2 –Kathleen Yearwood Song For Vancouver 5:18
B3 –Ll. Dunn* Soundtrack To Buz 4:30
B4 –Qwa Digs Under Paris's* Bite Action 3:46


A1 –The Haints Nothin' But A Haint
A2 –The Less Than Adequate Band Good Morning / Conversation
A3 –Ll. Dunn* Tape Jazz II (West End Blues)
A4 –Kathleen Yearwood Silently Depressed (Excerpt)
B1 –Tim Risher Howl
B2 –Dan Fuller Jesus Impregnate Me Lord
B3 –Qwa Digs Never Parish Dis N Dat
B4 –Richard Kostelanetz Epiphanies (Selections)


A1 –Didier Moulinier ['sic']
A2 –Ll. Dunn* Achievement Rap
A3 –Qwa Digs Never Parish Unbell Radio
A4 –Batang Frisco Power
A5 –9digit Zip I Can Show You The Way Out
A6 –Kathleen Yearwood In Much (Wisdom) Is Much Grief
B1 –Zen Sutherland No Script
B2 –Michael Winkler Word Works (Part I, Excerpt)
B3 –Ll. Dunn* Untitled
B4 –Zen Sutherland The Scalp Of Christ (Part VI Of 'Out Of Order, Chaos')
B5 –Qwa Digs Never Parish Flippa Ut
B6 –Zen Sutherland Zen Signs Off, With Apologies


A1 –Ralph Johnson Word Salad
A2 –Aquatics Ever Tarnish WORN (Wakest Omniscient Reconstruction News)
A3 –Ybrigor Moss Verbal Advantage
A4 –John Heck Suspense And Laughter
A5 –Ll. Dunn* Leçon Chinois
B1 –Philip Blackburn Lesson 39
B2 –Patrick T Trek To Ground Zero
B3 –Patrick T What's The Frequency, Kenneth?
B4 –Richard Kostelanetz New York City (Excerpts)
B5 –Barry Edgar Pilcher* Saxophones Of Reality
B6 –Patrick T Space (Excerpt)


A1 –Bob Gregory And Jason Gibbs Wittgenstein On Pain
A2 –Weather Nouveau They Call It Art
A3 –The Tape-Beatles Sing Sing Sing (Sing Sing)
A4 –Fredrick Lonberg-Holm Bits
A5 –X.Y. Zedd Absolute Zero
A6 –X.Y. Zedd French Lesson
B1 –The Tape-Beatles Listen To The Radio
B2 –The Haters Destroyed Music (Excerpt)
B3 –tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE It's Not As Easy As You Think To Be A Pseudo-Virtuoso (#2)
B4 –Big City Orchestra Headache (Excerpt)
B5 –John E* Untitled


A1 –No Idea Still Horny
A2 –Bob Gregory And Jason Gibbs Cardboard Sky
A3 –Bob Gregory And Jason Gibbs Smut
A4 –Harry Polkinhorn This Mind Is Not Buddha
A5 –Face In The Crowd My Mirror Aches
A6 –Face In The Crowd Capturing The Whirlwind
B1 –No Idea Blue Traffic
B2 –MoriArty 093026
B3 –The Tape-Beatles Recognize, Resist
B4 –Recognize, Resist So There
B5 –The Tape-Beatles The Salt
B6 –Fredrick Lonberg-Holm What We Do
B7 –Bob Gregory And Jason Gibbs Last Of The Druids


A1 –Son Of Spam No Other Radio Network
A2 –The Tape-Beatles Desire
A3 –X.Y. Zedd Boing Boom
A4 –X.Y. Zedd Kick The Chandelier
A5 –X.Y. Zedd Communication
A6 –P. Petrisko, Jr. Lampshade
A7 –Semantics Could Vanish Children Of The Bushwack
B1 –Malok Work
B2 –Mike Miskowski, Dave Williams* Hey, Moe
B3 –X.Y. Zedd Listen, Please
B4 –I.M.I. Work
B5 –MoriArty* Ithaca Music
B6 –Chris Winkler Work
B7 –The Tape-Beatles From The Tide Or The Wind


A1 –Barry Edgar Pilcher* From "Mail Art Love Express"
A2 –The Haters From "Destroyed Music"
A3 –Son Of Spam Untitled
A4 –Paragaté Not To Be Confused With The Real Thing
A5 –Bill Shores "Jason Revs Up" From Our Television World
A6 –X.Y. Zedd Kisssme
A7 –X.Y. Zedd Hans Arp
A8 –John Kennedy (22) Cavern
A9 –Barry Edgar Pilcher* From "Mail Art Love Express"
A10 –Mechanical Sterility Tom Didn't Get The Right Gift
A11 –The Tape-beatles /o/ For Frog
A12 –Mystery Tape Laboratory Excerpt From "GX"
A13 –José Vanden Broucke* From "Another Midnight Temple Music"
B1 –The Haters From "Destroyed Music"
B2 –L'Abbé Martine Arbiste Centour
B3 –Chris Winkler What The Bible Says About Drugs
B4 –No Artist Found "Headache" (Through Effects Box)
B5 –John Kennedy (22) Trope
B6 –Barry Edgar Pilcher* From "Mail Art Love Express"
B7 –Floating Concrete Orchestra From "Polynoise"
B8 –The Post-Void Radio Theater Miracle In Palookaville
B9 –Bill McMahon (3) Natural Pauses
B10 –L'Abbé Martine Arbiste Kao-Sh-Out
B11 –Mystery Tape Laboratory Excerpt From "GX"
B12 –9digit Zip Concrète (Fragment)
B13 –Ensemble Vide La Machine
B14 –Jake Berry Swamp Chant