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La Otra Cara De Un Jardín - Noche gruesa (not on label, 1985)

La Otra Cara De Un Jardín is Francisco Felipe, an multidisciplinary artist born in 1961 in Palencia, Spain. He studied at the Art Academy in Dusseldorf, where he lives since 1987. 
Francisco has been extremely active since the beginning of the 80`s in the artistic fields of sound art, mail art, performance and installation. Co-founder with Jose Iges of Ars Sonora in 1985, a radio program that airs on Radio Clásica (RNE). He released his first cassette simply titled La Otra Cara De Un Jardin originally in 1981 at Tic Tac, the same was reissued at Ortega Y Cassette and Zero Cabal; he contributated (split)releases on SOP and EGK, 7" at already mentioned Tic Tac and some compilation tracks on different labels.
Noche gruesa is addressed in Madrid and it's excerpt can be listenable on CODEX compilation released on Luis Mesa's IEP label.

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  1. Thank you! Another little piece of the puzzle of Spanish industrialism (and "La Otra Cara De Un Jardin" in particular, I have "Breve Jornada Por Un Jardin Cerrado" (C60 - EGK004 - 1985), "Brikollage" (1986) and "Fco. Felipe - 1986 - C 1").
    Other lost tapes to find by "La Otra Cara De Un Jardin":
    - Anoranza Del Astio
    - La Otra Cara De Un Jardin - 001 (De Fabriek tapes)
    - Tic Tac - C60-1981

    By chance, have you found the cassette "The Last Moments of 1923" by Konstruktivists?

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Carlo.

    I found the tape, but there are two with the same name. The first is untraceable (for now) and the second I have located. Tell me if you want the first or second.



  3. Thank you for your interest.
    I didn't know that the two tapes were different, I have none of them, so I'm interest in both the two tapes.
    Thank you for your time, all the best.