Monday, 29 September 2014

Polidrico - Fundidor 0.10 (Obreros del sonido, 198?)

Polidrico is José Manuel Vázquez from Taboada (Lugo) and is owner of  Obreros del sonido label that released some great Spanish cassettes in the 80s. Known also under Fisodo 13.4, the project with which he released Katervha and been on Rythmetic - Compilacion Internacional (Fusion D.E. Producciones, 1986) - click, Necronomicon 4 (Necronomicon, 1987) - click, Luna Y Panorama De Los Insectos (Actéon, 1986) - click, ¿Es Esto Música? ‎(Grabaciones Sin Futuro, 198?) compilations and he performed on Therapie 2 (Therapie Organisatie, 1986) - click, Harsh Ears Now !! 4 ‎(Midas Tapes/Midas Music, 1984), Veterinarios del K´os Miedo (Tetra Brik Records, 1987 or 1988), Extremities Vol. 1 (Vandal Cassettes, 1987) and others as Tecdor Mental.

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