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Incapacitants & Whitehouse, Tokyo, Aoyama Cay, February 21, 2004 (Bootleg, FLAC)

a little noize for boyzs..

Incapacitants & Whitehouse
Tokyo, Aoyama Cay
February 21, 2004

Track 01
The Incapacitants
Toshiji Mikawa – electronics, vocals
Fumio Kosakai – electronics, vocals

Track 02
William Bennet – electronics, vocals
Philip Best – electronics, vocals

Whitehouse Live Action 121: dancer intro, wriggle like a fucking eel,
cruise (force the truth), rock and roll, philosophy,
munkisi munkondi, cut hands has the solution, a cunt like you,
princess disease, why you never became a dancer, movement 2000

TT: 65 min

pass : savecueandlog

link removed due to a takedown notice from the right owner

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