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THE SEA OF WIRES - RECORDINGS 1980 - 1982 (VOD131.9/10, 2 x VINYL LP) 2014 (MP3 320)

THE SEA OF THE WIRES fue un proyecto sónico creado por los británicos CHRIS JONES y TONY MURPHY, los cuales elaboraban una electrónica de esencia experimental pero muy asimilable para oídos profanos. Sonidos electrónicos analógicos muy bien trabajados con la alta tecnología de la época (1980 - 1982), voces procesadas y un ambiente general muy atractivo. Lástima que duraran tan poco.

Esta reedición de VOD reúne la mayor parte de sus grabaciones (no todas). Estoy buscando sus cintas completas para compartirlas por aquí.



Sea Of Wires 2 - Individually Screened

A1 –Sea Of Wires Invincible 7:15
A2 –Sea Of Wires Is The New Man Human 8:30
A3 –Sea Of Wires Return Of The Captain 2:15
A4 –Sea Of Wires Robot Dance 2:19
A5 –Sea Of Wires Breathing 8:30
B1 –Sea Of Wires An Endless Rainy Day 16:15
B2 –Sea Of Wires Seascape 12:10

Chris Jones - Diversions Sea Of Wires

C1 –Chris Jones (12) The Man Who Smiles 3:50
C2 –Chris Jones (12) S.O.W. (The Sea Of Wire) 5:50
C3 –Chris Jones (12) New Age (With Apologies To You Know Who) 5:40
C4 –Chris Jones (12) It Will Never Work 3:00
C5 –Chris Jones (12) The Nightmare Continues Edit To 3:00

Sea Of Wires 3 - Beyond The Edge Of Tomorrow

D –Sea Of Wires Recollections Of Death 29:54

8 comentarios:

  1. My favourite minimal synth band of all times!
    A must to have should be : " Carn Dum ‎– Dreams" [side project of CHRIS JONES on "Music For Midgets" fabulous label].
    Thank you.

    1. I will try to find this stuff, but what I see, it's hard. Thanks for the request.

  2. Hi I saw on my bloglist you've just posted the 'zoviet france' discography, but I cannot find it...
    I'd love to hear that! Do you still have the link??
    thanks, Vulture

  3. Johannes R. Becher15 de agosto de 2015, 13:58

    Mola, muy chip.

  4. Incredible release. We all need the complete K7 of "Beyond The Edge Of Tomorrow".
    Que eres el mejor. ¡muchas gracias

    1. Para nada soy el mejor, pero gracias por el cumplido.
      Respecto al cassette "Beyond The Edge of Tomorrow", estoy en la búsqueda, a ver si aparece.
      Saludos. ;)

  5. Many thanks for sharing this - definitely one hell of an under-rated band from here in the UK - their more kosmische orientated DIY electronics didn't quite fit with the more post-punk electronic cassette culture of the early eighties - but there is a timeless quality to their music that makes it so listenable.

    Some of the tracks on the VoD compilation are actually different from the original cassette tracks and that nice man JZ over at DIEORDIY2 kindly posted rips of two of the three original cassette albums, so for anyone interested, here they are:


    Note for above, the original tape was attributed to just one of the band members Chris Jones, or more specifically Chris Jones & Friends (the VoD release just credits Chris Jones)


    Sadly I lost the rip of a great compilation by Phil Brammer and Various Artists called "In Colour / Music By Numbers" that was posted on Mutant Sounds years ago - it has some amazing tracks on it including one by Sea Of Wires called 'Alien Voices' - if anyone has a copy of the rip lying around, it would be great if they could post a link as the track doesn't feature on the VoD comp and in my opinion it is one of the best they did.

    Anyway, excellent post and it is so good that like Johnny Z over at DIEORDIY2 that you are championing this incredibly under-rated band.

    1. I say the same as in the previous post: I will look for the "In Colour / Music By Numbers", give me a little time.
      Thanks !!!!