miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2015

Fritz Und Hans - Die Neue Eksotische Tanzmuzik (unreleased, demo, 1983, Yugoslavia)

  music, lyrics and arranged by: Fritz und Hans
recorded at Faris Stanković Home, Sarajevo, 1983
Fritz und Hans from Sarajevo were actually a trio - Faris Stanković was Fritz (keyboards), Žanko Andrić was Hans (guitar, sounds, vocals), and Robert Banić was Roba (bass guitar), the third regular member. Of the three master copy cassettes, recorded during the high-school vacation in 1983, one was destroyed in the war, one lost en-route to Australia and the third was eaten by a tape recorder at an attempt to digitalize it. Probably the only surviving copy is a recording they sent in the mid-80s to Zdenko Franjić and his Listen Loudest! DIY label, from which this synth-pop jewel Ich habe allebeide is from. It’s obvious that the band based their music on the German “Neue Deutche Welle” movement (Grauzone, Trio, DAF), recording in a makeshift home studio at Faris, using 2 “phono” inputs of a DJ mixer rigged into 4 mano channels. A vocal was recorded over a pre-mix using the separated functions of “record” and “play” of a tape recorder. The song is previously unreleased, while in the meantime another copy of their cassette was found, hopefully containing a lot of interesting material.

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