viernes, 14 de noviembre de 2014

VOX POPULI! - THE TEEN RECORDINGS (Unreleased recordings, France, 1979-1981)

Os presento las primeras grabaciones que Axel Kyrou realizó antes de darse a conocer como Vox Populi!

Os transcribo unas declaraciones suyas en las que podemos hacernos una idea del interesante árbol genealógico de este hombre.

"The teenager recordings were recorded between 1979 and 1981. This is the first and yet unreleased recordings Vox Populi! As the title suggests, I did in my teens (I'm from 1964), with the help of my brother Ariel's voice, jaw harp and percussion. I play synthesizer, radio waves, video tapes, bass, guitar, jaw harp and vocals. I must say we had a very encouraging family atmosphere. Our father was a great fan Ado all kinds of unusual and extreme music forms. I remember well my father PA is off by one of the Whitehouse recordings first! he was director of TV / film and writer. my mother Mireille is a musician and worked under the direction of Pierre Schaeffer for a few years in the institution that became IRCAM shortly after. of course, they were on our side and they did help in many ways. a big thank you is owed to them.
Hope you like these fools DIY recordings made on a shoestring.
Desirous of music lovers all the best,
Axel, Vox Populi! "





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