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domingo, 18 de junio de 2017

Graeme Revell ‎– Musique Brut Collection (1994, CD, The Fine Line ‎– BRUT 1 CD, Musique Brut ‎– BRUT 1 CD, Mute ‎– BRUT 1 CD ) (Flac)

Graeme Revell

Born in Auckland, New Zealand on 23 October 1955, Graeme Revell moved to Australia were he founded the legendary industrial band SPK in 1978. After three records of extreme noise assaults and controversial subjects, SPK turned into a synth-pop band in 1984, consisting of just Revell and his wife Sinan Leong. In the mid 80s' Revell started the Musique Brut label to release some solo recordings in the fields of ambient and experimental music. Graeme Revell is now a prolific and appreciated composer of movies soundtracks for a lot of mid and high-budget Hollywood productions.


    The Insect Musicians

1     Nocturne (On An Oriental Theme)     4:08
2     The Sleeping Sickness     4:31
3     Melancholia     3:37
4     La Danse Des Ténèbres (Dance Of Shadows)     4:28
5     Variation On The 'Sakura' (Japanese Traditional)     5:32
6     Nature Morte (Still Life)     4:36
7     BalineseTwilights     5:37
8     Phobia (An Australian Theme)     3:04
9     Invaders Of The Heart     4:18
10     Et Spiritus Sanctus     3:53

    Necropolis, Amphibians & Reptiles

11     Necropolis, Amphibians & Reptiles     4:13
12     Countess Saladine     2:31
13     Chimpnags-Apes Of The Union Canada: America     4:38
14     Allgebrah  Voice – Matthias Boehm 2:41
15     Ebony Tower In The Orient. Water Fanfaare No.1     3:50
16     The Bälli     2:19

Tracks 1-10 from 'The Insect Musicians' LP - Musique Brut (BRU 001).
Tracks 11-16 from Revell's contributions to the 'Necropolis, Amphibians & Reptiles'
compilation LP - Musique Brut (BRU 002).

In cardboard slipcase, including:
a. 40-pages booklet about insect sounds and sampling technologies used for the recordings as well as extensive analysis about the life and work of Adolf Wölfli,

pass for unzip : savecueandlog