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Herd Of The Ether Space - Halloween Masks Look Almost Real! (Taped Rugs Productions ‎- TR #31, C-90, 1990)

I have a special trick and treat for you today!

During the 1980’s, Herd Of The Ether Space produced spooky improvised recordings on the Halloweens of 1987, 1988, and 1989. Released by Taped Rugs Productions in 1990, the cassette album: “Halloween Masks Look Almost Real!” blends together recordings from October 31st, 1987, and October 31st, 1989, into a scary presentation that can liven up any All Hallows Eve gathering. 

The first two pieces from the cassette: “Lacing The Candy” and “Witches To Char” are mixes of recordings from the 1989 session, featuring Charles Rice Goff III and Robert Silverman. The session was held at the home of Silverman’s girl friend, Debra Burger, in Berkeley, California, in a room where the walls were cracked and crumbled from the Loma Prieta earthquake, which had taken place less than two weeks previous (on Goff’s birthday). Trick or Treaters who came to Debra’s house that night were tricked and treated with some genuinely frightening noises. The recordings from that night were made on a stereo cassette deck; no tape loop system was used.

To create the other two pieces on the cassette: “Giant Bat Flies” and “Tongue Of Lizard Certain Death,” Goff mixed recordings from the 1989 session with recordings from the 1987 session. The Herd’s line-up for Halloween, 1987, consisted of Goff, Silverman, and Killr “Mark” Kaswan. This improvised sonic adventure into the underworld was made with the Taped Rugs Frippertronic-style tape loop system at the Taped Rugs Studio on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland, California. 

The full archive from the cassette, presented here, kicks off with Debra greeting some costumed innocents at her front door, then features the Herd playing a wide variety of instruments and inputting sounds from all sorts of Halloween tapes and records, evangelical recordings, scream generators, etc. 

Copyright 1987, 1989, 1990

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Building Balanced Children - Building Balanced Children (Key Records, cass, smplr, 1986)

Sucking Chest Wound was the collective of Canadian musicians, artists and performers active from 1983 and split up in 1997. They also performed under various names for example as Sweet Children Of The West because the Sucking Chest Wound name was under veto for performing.
In January 1986 PnrH and dWM of SCW began a weekly radio show on CKLN-FM (88.1 MHz), a Toronto community station. The show was called Building Balanced Children and the premise of the show was to perform a live improvised mixdown using 100% sampled material. They used turntables, tape loops, digital delays and the first affordable digital sampler – the Ensoniq Mirage.
dWM and PnrH in their stage attire
They performed the Building Balanced Children show under the name Security Operations Consultants, which they would also use for a live performance in the fall of 1986.
The  Building Balanced Children show lasted until April 1986, and during its run  produced some of the most extreme music being broadcast on the Toronto air waves at the time. 
Excerpt from this recording is included in compilation named A Very Large Arrey released in 1987 on Sound Of Pig. 

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Rod Summers - The Sound Of An Unsound Mind (Vec Audio, cass, 198?)

Narrative, sound poetry cassette by Rod Summers previously shared on No Longer Forgotten Music.

Rod Summers (born 1943), born in DorsetEngland, is a sound, visual, conceptual artistperformance poetdramatistmail artist and book artist, publisher, archivist, and lecturer on intermedia. He is based in Maastricht, Netherlands.
The results of Summers' multiple, art-related activities have often appeared as part of his concept of VEC (Visual, Experimental, Concrete), which he originated in 1973. In 1999CNN International featured Summers in its Art Club show as a representative of avant-garde art in the Netherlands. In addition, over the last 20 years, Summers has performed his work at various festivals in Europe and Iceland, including the Reykjavik Art Festival (1991), the Polypoetry Festival of Sound Poetry (Bologna, 1993), and the International Sound Poetry Festival (Bologna, 1997), among others.
Summers features among the "second wave" of intermedia artists, the first wave including Dick HigginsVito AcconciJohn CageAllan KaprowJoseph Beuys, and the Fluxus artists of the 1960s. He differs from Higgins and members of the first generation, however, in that he is less theoretical and more experiential in his approach to his art. There have been no VEC manifestos published by Summers, although one may intuit what it encompasses by examining the activities undertaken and products issued under its sign...
More @ Wiki
Mail art by Rod Summers documentation (partial
Taken from
Taken from
Taken from
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More tapes available @

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El seguidor y amigo David, de la República checa, que nos pidió una serie de material de Conrad Schnitzler y que debidamente hemos compartido en nuestro blog Electronic Orgy, nos ha mandado este material como agradecimiento y, como no podía ser de otra manera, nosotros se lo hemos aceptado y os lo ofrecemos a todos para vuestro deleite y disfrute. Desde aquí le mandamos una ovación a este agradecido seguidor.

Entremos en materia...

Se ha divulgado muy poco la obra de este genio de Cincinnati, Ohio. John Bender realizó varias cintas y unos cuantos LP entre finales de los 70 y principios de los 80 en su propio sello "Record Sluts" editándolas en series limitadas, con las cajas y fundas hechas a mano, y distribuyendo sus referencias a través de venta por correo. Su estilo era comparable a artistas como Pseudo Code o los primeros Minimal Man (del difunto Patrick Miller). Sonido electrónico oscuro, minimalista y electrónica "lo-fi".

El sello Vinyl On Demand, rescató en 2012 gran parte de la obra de John Bender en una soberbia caja de 7 Lp's. Son 87 temazos que van desde finales de los 70 hasta 1985.



I Don't Remember Now, I Don't Want To Talk About It 1978-1980

A1 Side One 0:37
A2 Victims Of Victimless Crimes 4:14
A3 Time Stops, We Move On 4:42
A4 It's A Rainy Day, Sunshine Baby 5:57
A5 It's Something To Do 5:17
B1 One Side 0:48
B2 Victims Of Victimless Crimes 4:15
B3 Walk Down Wet Street 5:32
B4 You Put These Things Inside My Head 9:26

Plaster Falling 1979-1981

C1 Meeting Station 3:28
C2 Plaster (Long Version) 9:08
C3 Woman 3:42
C4 People Feeling (Long Version) 7:14
D1 Something (Long Version) 6:12
D2 Understood (Records) 3:52
D3 Before You (Knuckles) 4:21
D4 Cities Of The Plan (Long Version) 4:39
D5 Walk Down Wet Street (Long Version) 6:04

Plaster: The Prototypes / Beep Squeek Hum Squawk 1978-1981

E1 Philosophy 4:17
E2 I Know 5:21
E3 No2u 4:34
E4 Reason 9:00
E5 Nervous 5:07
F1 Beep Squeek Hum Squawk Part I.II 6:40
F2 Beep Squeek Hum Squawk Part I.III 6:05
F3 Beep Squeek Hum Squawk Part I.IV 6:50
F4 Beep Squeek Hum Squawk Part II.I 2:48
F5 Beep Squeek Hum Squawk Part III.IV 5:25

Packing List 1982

G1 Packing List 1 1:46
G2 Pieces Of A Puzzle 4:26
G3 Packing List 2 1:40
G4 Three Minutes 4:03
G5 Sun Is Bright 4:31
G6 Sand Is Everywhere 1:25
G7 Packing List 3 4:37
G8 Dreams 3:21
G9 Take It Out To Bring It In 3:59
H1 Let's Be Friends 7:16
H2 Buy American (Edit) 6:29
H3 Packing List 4 1:12
H4 Data How Are You, Tone (Edit) 7:01
H5 Noone Knows You 7:54

Pop Surgery 1982-1983

I1 Meat (Long Version) 5:14
I2 Glacial (Long Version) 8:45
I3 Thought (Long Version) 3:34
I4 Mallinder (Long Version) 2:42
I5 Hand 1:10
I6 Day (Long Version) 4:14
J1 Dance 2:22
J2 Glass 2:25
J3 Blue 3:59
J4 Cows 1:48
J5 Amalgamelon 3:23
J6 Unrelated (It's Obvious) 3:10
Do The Cage / At The 4th St. Cage 1983
K1 Do The Cage 1 2:05
K2 You Said You Were Mine 1:35
K3 Looking For A Play 1:50
K4 I Know You Know 2:31
K5 First Time I Saw You 2:23
K6 I Found The Truth 1:48
K7 So Sad 3:27
K8 Never Wanted To Go 5:08
K9 You Never Know (Edit) 7:07
L1 At The Cage 1 7:16
L2 Took Me By The Hand 7:04
L3 Never Could 6:36
L4 You Look At Me I Look At You 2:42
L5 Last Time I Saw You 5:12
L6 48 Hours 1:05

Johnny Vortex - The Cassette / Boon Ober Babasooma 1976-1985

M1 Intro 1:20
M2 Cast Of Characters 3:10
M3 The Deal 2:50
M4 Shoes 3:40
M5 Run To Rapture 4:42
M6 Carnival 5:11
M7 Postscript 3:01
M8 Phone Sex 3:44
N1 Facial 1:50
N2 Love & Power 6:12
N3 Interlude 0:47
N4 Whole In The Window 4:51
N5 Taste Of Life 3:22
N6 Hardfreeze 5:01
N7 No2u 4:33


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M. Finnkrieg & Henry Hektik & Thomas Sutter - Berlin Diary: Volume 1 - Victory Weapon One (Regicide Bureau, C60,1987-1988)

"Exciting release from M. Finnkrieg and Henry Hektik + Tom Sutter from Regicide Bureau....

This was an 8 Tape series recorded at Deaf Eye Studios in Berlin during the late 80's...

These cassettes were extremely limited .... available directly from the defunct

This is the first tape... volume one

M Finnkrieg - Synths, Rhythms, Programming, sampling
Henry Hektik - Synths, Rhythms, Programming, Tapes
Thomas Sutter - Synths, Voice, Guitar, Tape

Deaf Eye
Rathenowerstr.  46
1000 Berlin 21
West Germany"

Ripped by anemiccinema.

This tape was previously shared on Mutant Sounds and I am still searching for other editions.

According to the info I found, Thomas Sutter is from St. Louis, Mike Finnkrieg is based in Berlin, Henry Hektik is also German I'd say.

Thomas Sutter (Regicide Bureau) is prolific tape trader and home taper, the label Regicide Bureau included a great amount of 1980-2000+ releases. His own cassettes are on classic Sound of Pig, Deaf Eye, Ecto Tapes, Harsh Reality Music and HalTapes; documentation of his collaboration includes Charles Rice Goff III, If, Bwana, Minoy, Hal McGee...
Here is another compilation track probably dated 1989, one of many collabs with M. Finnkrieg - LINK.

 I remember very well Finnkrieg's, Sutter 's and Central's 
WAR GODS track from Thee Exchange Ov Magnetic Energies limited edition compilation (International Terrorist Networkwhich induced me to keep these guys in mind and try to get more musical material by them... Anyway, Mike Finnkrieg is owner of Deaf Eye label and was in duo group along with Henry Hektik called Subtle Reign which was active shortly in the 80s releasing two tapes (or maybe more) that are highly rare. 

Among other works, Henry had done his tracks available on the plate of Audiofile Tapes, IRRE Tapes, Epitapes for compilations....

An electro orientated release.

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Ante todo, agradecer al amigo Tingis del blog "LA PELLE MUTA" por hacerme llegar este material.

ProletKult, o “proletarskaya kultura”, es el término ruso para “Cultura Proletaria”, acuñado en la Unión Soviética en 1917 por Alexander Bogdanov para referirse a un movimiento ideológico que pretendía convertirse en la expresión auténtica del marxismo en la cultura. 

En lo que se refiere a música, se trata de un proyecto musical de Juan Pablo Monreal, su segundo trabajo como Proletkult, editado en "Weimar Tapes". Proletkult es su etapa más vinculada a la electrónica, aunque luego vendría Zell Republik, algo más áspera. Mi compañera Mors Mea compartió hace unos meses una cassette de Zell Republik. Actualmente no se dedica a la música, sino a cirugía plástica y estética.

Por cierto, si alguien tiene (original o digitalizada) esta cinta, le agradeceremos que nos lo haga saber, la estamos buscando:



A1 Theatrum Machinarum Generale
A2 Manifesto Programatico I/II/III
A3 Theatri Statici Universalis
A4 Anartismo Est Non-Art
A5 Theatrum Instrumentorum Et Machinarum
A6 Proyecto
B1 Onaggio A Majakovskij
B2 Theatrum Arithmetico Geometrico
B3 Proun
B4 De Be Metallica
B5 Mundo Sin Objeto





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Monotonik / Goljak Nightmare - Demo Recordings 1981-1983 (not on label, cass)

Goran Jermić is born in 1956 in Zagreb, Croatia and shows affection towards music and electronics from an early age which resulted the project Monotonik (1980/81) when he was only 16 years old...
He was also making home-made synths and oscillators. Goljak Nightmare is also him but few years later.
Jermić stopped creating music as the 80s passed by until the end of 90s when he devotes himself to music again. He changes his name into Monofonik in 2004 which sound is a bit different, alternative electro pop as he call it..

The cassette I am sharing doesn't have original artwork (so I made one) and consists of more than just two tracks (it's actually compilation of demo recordings by Jermić's projects) but they are lost. A pity!

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Uvegraf ‎– A.C.I./ Enucleación (Cassettes Proceso Uvegraf ‎– CPU-1) (Cassette, C40, 1985) (FLAC + 6 BONUS TRACKS)

El amigo Salva Canals nos ha pedido una serie de cassettes del sello CPU y nosotros, como siempre, convertimos los deseos en realidades.

Esta cinta de UVEGRAF es, para mi, una obra maestra de la electrónica creativa de los años 80 y, por lo tanto, quiero darle difusión desde este blog. Así que aquí teneis los temas "Alteración corneal irreversible" y "Enucleación" comprendidos en esta cassette de 1985 y seis bonus tracks que acompañaban esta copia en FLAC que he conseguido en Soulseek.

Disfrutadla !!!!!


1- Alteración Corneal Irreversible
2- Enucleación

Bonus tracks:

3- Refractiva Ocular 1
4- Área pupilar
5- Exangüe
6- Posición eje a tabo 0 1 100
7- 10 000 Visiones Del Dr  Castro Viejo
8- Enucleación (Excerpt)





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Enrico Piva - Late November Dream (EGK - EGK 022, C60, 1987)

Italian artist specifically from Brescia who left us amazing sound works. It's a real pleasure for me to have opportunity to share this cassette, thanks to Francisco Lopez, which was released 1987 on EGK, Spanish Esplendor Geometrico's label.

Enrico Piva (1956-2002) was one of the original investigators in the panorama of Italian independent music of the eighties dressed in the full figure of the outsider and, creating musique concrète, conceptual, field recording, minimalism electronic, post-industrial noise and has published twenty audiocasettes for various Italian and international labels between 1981 and 1990. 
For example as Unit 06 contributing on TRAXTRA compilation by mail-art TRAX platform for exchange and collaboration across great geographical distances, held by Vittore Baroni,  Piermario Ciani (1951-2006) and  Massimo Giacon from project Spirocheta Pergoli from 1981-1987. All interested in closer look of  TRAX's concept - CLICK HERE or HERE.

On the basis of artistic studies, Piva produced drawings, lithographs, research photography (scotography) and video, as well as literary texts, including unpublished experimental text "Piscine sommerse ed altre immersioni" which is among other works related to Enrico Piva presented HERE (sadly only in Italian!).
Enrico Piva (left) and Vittore Baroni, Ponte Nossa 1985

Amok (C60 cassette) C.M.O.T. / Onlytapes Records 1981 Italy 
Apostasy (C60 cassette) C.M.O.T. / Onlytapes Records Italy 1981 [distributed in small numbers also titled as Knuckle Duster] 
Iteratio (C60 cassette) Mea Kulpa Rec. 1983 Italy 
Travel Nybro (C60 cassette)-Kant, Hegel Asylum 1984 Italy 
Return to Hamelin (C60 cassette) RAT Multimedia Productions 1984 Italy 
Warm Leeches Dance (C60 cassette) ADN Tapes 1985 Italy 
Mouches Volantes (C60 cassette) recorded 1986 and later offered to the American tape label Cause And Effect but probably never really pressed but just one demo copy
Modules (different sound supports: 4 x C60 cassette to listen in synchronicity 1/4’ 4 tracks 19cm/s work from 1989 offered to the dutch label V2 Organiasatie but never pressed distribuited in at least 2 cases as one personal piece

Four Months Later (C60 cassette) Cthulhu Records 1987 Germany 61 
Late November Dream (C60 cassette) EGK 1987 Spain 
Poplars Clattering (C60 cassette) Ladd-Frith 1988 USA [distributed in few copiess, with possible variants, also with the title Submerging Menhirs Hegel-Kant Asylum 1987 Italy] 
Double Bind (C60 cassette) Staaltape 1989 Netherlands 
                                            Forma Mentis (C60 cassette) 1990 SPH Portugal 

                                Fortsetzung a (box object) C.M.O.T. / Onlytapes Records 1981 Italy [limited edition 
10 copies tape in black painted clay + booklet

                                          Luoghi di culto (C60 cassette) C.M.O.T. / Onlytapes Records 1981 Italy 

Aqua (C60 cassette) C.M.O.T. / Onlytapes Records 1981 Italy 

Antipyrine as Himself (C60 cassette) C.M.O.T. / Onlytapes Records 1981 Italy 

Videovoicereadymade (C60 cassette) C.M.O.T. / Onlytapes Records 1981 Italy 

Nachtmusik (C60 cassette) C.M.O.T. / Onlytapes Records 1981 Italy 

Scotoprova per Edo by Enrico Piva
*TRAX 1081 Vietato ai Minori (C52 cassette and magazine) TRAX 1981 Italy [untitled track Amok mixed in the suite by various authors] 
*TRAX 1281 Technodeath (C50 cassette more booklets in box) TRAX 1981 Italy 
[untitled track Amok mixed in the suite by various authors] 
*TRAX 0282 Horrorbox (C60 cassette in box with postcards and inserts) TRAX 
Italy 1982 [untitled track Amok] 
*TRAX 0682 Notterossa (C60 cassette and booklet) TRAX 1982 Italy [untitled track Amok mixed in the suite by various authors] 
*TRAX 0982 Xtra (LP album) TRAX 1982 Italy [as TRAX Unit 06 Enrico Piva participate in the songs "Nastro rosso" (with Massimo Giacon and Spirocheta Pergoli), "Combination" (with Giancarlo and Martina B/Sides) and "I Love 62 Cancer" (with Ado ... 001 Scaife and Cancer)] 
*Area Condizionata 1 - Italian Industrial (C60 cassette and magazine) Area Condizionata Italy 1983 [a piece by Amok, "In exitu Isräel de Aegypto"] 
*Born Out Of Dreams (LP album) Frux 1984 UK [a song by Enrico Piva, "Flogging hour in the HKA"] 
*Manifest Mailart 1 (2 x C60 cassette) Idiot Press 1987 Norway [a piece by Amok, "Return to Hamelin"] 
*Journey Into Pain (4 x cassette C60) Beast 666 Tapes 1989 Japan [a piece by Enrico Piva, "35 Kgs"] 

///various other unreleased tapes with partially unrealesead material are inside the archives of Vittore Baroni, Giancarlo Toniutti, Massimo Toniutti, Walter Rovere and probably other mailers of Piva

Saluti da HKA by Enrico Piva (scotography)


Atendiendo la petición de nuestro seguidor Oscar Mariscal, hemos ripeado de nuevo esta cassette, pero esta vez en FLAC. Una soberbia cassette del artista sonoro italiano Maurizio Bianchi, gestado en su propio estudio casero y editado por el sello belga Grafika Airlines en 1981. Un tema por cara cuyas iniciales responden al nombre del cassette. Sonido electrónico altamente industrial creando paisajes sonoros densos y fríos, como solo sabe hacer Bianchi, uno de los nombres más grandes de la experimentación electrónica mundial.



A Neuro Habitat
B Humus Nucléaire





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El Coleccionista De Poliedros - Cacofonías Egipánicas (Laboratorios del sueño, C60, 1986)

El Collecionista De Poliedros (Juan Escolano) is creating sounds by electronic and non-electronic

 intruments, the final product are harsh industrial sounds and contemporary environments.

 His music is essentially random and improvised with the help of

 electronics that is #1 and the most important factor as well as utilization of

 noise and different objects of daily use that may cause noise mainly

 based on the experiments carried out by the Italian and Russian Futurists and later by Dada movement

Juan has been in fields such as collage, painting, mail art, sculpture, graphics,

music fanzines, books of expression, etc...

Cacofonías Egipánicas is recorded live by mic stand with very basic and simple systems.

The sound is beautiful and is part of our life, it surrounds and envelops us. Don't hate, learn to listen, to love and create positively!

Sound elements:
Keyboards, distortion and ambient tape, radio waves, bottled water, voice, laboratory atmosphere, "metal to metal" (metal percussion).

The tracks that make up this cassette are drawn from 3 different cassettes
1) "Mare Vaporum": Tracks 2 and 8.

2) "Event fluidos": Tracks 3, 4, 5 and 6.

3) "Gracias a las máquinas": Tracks 1 and 9.
A1 Transformaciones
A2 Poema Nibelungo
A3 Torsion Agitacion (El trabajo de las maquinas)
A4 Suturas de materia
A5 Golpea tu cerebro

B1 Canto de agua. Rasgaduras de viento
B2 Moria (Khazad-Dum)
B3 Baader Meinhoff
B4 Transformaciones 2 Emocion-intencion

Finally, I apologize for not having time to split the tracks.