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Střední Evropa ‎- Men Instead Of Machines Live! (Black Point - BP-0024-4, cass, 1993)

Live recordings from the great Czech industrial group Střední Evropa, which formed following the dissolution of Veselí Filištínové. They were influenced by Einstürzende Neubauten, Test Department, Laibach, and 23 Skidoo. The drummer played standing and used two bass drums, two snares and two combs in order to approximate the sound of kettledrums. Other instrumentation included two Casio synths with samplers and a guitar. Everything else was just iron - springs from cars, metal, steel pipes, flat and pieces of iron used as a mallet. Their rehearsals took place at the sewage treatment plant where Střední Evropa members had worked and was called "Sračkárna" = “Shithouse," just like the cassette of Veseli Filištínové is titled. 
They were active also as Brusičova Parta, the brass section of Střední Evropa.
Later, Střední Evropa transformed into idustrial metal group M.A.C. of Mad (Maximum allowable concentration of mad) which is active to the present day.

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