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domingo, 14 de septiembre de 2014

Various - Gears=Sexthree (eMpTy Records - MT-058, 1988)

Another compilation released on Doc Wor Mirran's label.

A1 Katharsis - Feed 
A2 Minoy - Transmissions (la nuitennui) 
A3 Daniel Johnston - Sorry Entertainer 
A4 XTSW - Radio One 
A5 2nd Reality - ? 
A6 Ethnic Acid - Spiritsione 
B1 Die Rache - 338 
B2 Big City Orchestra - Empty Is This World Of Overs 
B3 Paradox - Il Revolutzia 
B4 Evsruk - ? 
B5 De Fabriek - Bombastie

'One of the more comprehensive of the earlier tape samplers that eMpTy released, back when eMpTy was still conceived of as the experimental label of Doc Wör Mirran and not really a punk label. This series of eight, one hour long cassette samplers featured some of the more renowned industrial and experimental artists of the late 1980s, making it one of the highlights of the cassette scene of that time. The cover was conceived as a puzzle, with the picture first complete when all eight covers where put together in a particular order. All tapes limited to 100 copies only.'

jueves, 11 de septiembre de 2014

Various ‎- Gears=Sexeight (eMpTy Records - MT-077, Limited Edition, 1990)


A limited edition of 100 copies. Compiled by Peter Schuster (Die Rache, Tesendelo, Silent Voices) and Joseph B. Raimond (Doc Wör Mirran, Something To Burn, Le Volksbüro). Released in Germany.

Side A:
A1 Doc Wör Mirran - Joe Must Aufs Kloh #4
A2 Der Pilz - Untitled
A3 Kopfschmerztablette - Computersimulation #3
A4 Kiew-Aspirin-N - Andy Warhol Is Dead
A5 Minoy - Pad Woon Sen
A6 De Fabriek Mediterraneo (Excerpt)
Side B:
B1 Mental Anguish - Duplicated Accidents
B2 PCR - Braintree
B3 Illusion Of Safety - "D.D."
B4 Deutsches Kulturgut - In Der Zeit
B5 Merz - "-----"
B6 K.O.P. - Fuckin Children
B7 John Lafia & Ethan James - The Way Of The Hero
B8 Kopfschmerztablette - Ton Steine Scherben