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lunes, 31 de octubre de 2016

Incapacitants & Whitehouse, Tokyo, Aoyama Cay, February 21, 2004 (Bootleg, FLAC)

a little noize for boyzs..

Incapacitants & Whitehouse
Tokyo, Aoyama Cay
February 21, 2004

Track 01
The Incapacitants
Toshiji Mikawa – electronics, vocals
Fumio Kosakai – electronics, vocals

Track 02
William Bennet – electronics, vocals
Philip Best – electronics, vocals

Whitehouse Live Action 121: dancer intro, wriggle like a fucking eel,
cruise (force the truth), rock and roll, philosophy,
munkisi munkondi, cut hands has the solution, a cunt like you,
princess disease, why you never became a dancer, movement 2000

TT: 65 min

pass : savecueandlog

link removed due to a takedown notice from the right owner

miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2016

MSBR, KK Null, Incapactitants, Anla Courtis,Tokyo, Koenji, 20000V, January 16, 2005 (Bootleg, Flac)

you like bootlegs?
you like japnoise?
be my friend....
From my big collection of bootlegs, a live event from 2005..
Quality is verry good....
but before you download, please think a minute on the wonderful Koji Tano (MSRB)
Recorded half a year before he died................ Rest in Peace, Koji Tano 1961-2005
MSBR, KK Null, Incapacitants, Anla Courtis
Tokyo, Koenji, 20000V
January 16, 2005
Disc 1
Track 01
MSBR(Molten Salt Breeder Reactor aka Koji Tano) – electronics

Track 02
KK Null – electronics

Track 03
Fumio Kosakai – electronics, vox
Toshiji Mikawa – electronics, vox

TT: 74:14

Disc 2

Track 01
Anla Courtis – electronics, guitar

TT: 22:59

 pass: savecueandlog