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TeHÔM - The Realm of Dark Senses

Siniša ‘’Charlie’’ Očuršćak - 18.XII.1969. - 27.X.1997
Miljenko Rajaković
TeHÔM (Hebrew: תְּהוֹם), translated means the Deep or Abyss (Greek Septuagint: ábyssos), and refers to the Great Deep of the primordial waters of creation, equated with the Sumerian Tiamat. Literally it means ‘’flood’’. Tiamat and TeHÔM are closely interwoven, thus pointing at Chaos; Chaos from which Creation comes forth. Moreover, TeHÔM is synonymous with a place where the righteous will walk toward redemption at the ‘’End of days’’. TeHÔM is as such often mentioned by Gnostics and is also the first of seven "Infernal Habitations" that correspond to the ten Qliphoth in Kabbalistic tradition.

As such, it was very much appropriate, that one grey autumn day, back in 1988, lifelong student and author of works in the fields of philosophy and religion, Siniša ‘’Charlie’’ Očuršćak, gave the name TeHÔM, to his own musical project, which would help him to further express his own research in the philosophy of religion through the medium of music. The dreams of one thus became the dream of many. His unique artistic vision embedded with deep respect, knowledge and a background in diverse cultures, religions and traditions became a foundation stone for other artists to come, in the decades to follow.

Siniša was a professor of Philosophy at the prestigious ‘’Jesuit College of Philosophy’’ (part of University of Zagreb, Croatia) in Zagreb and editor of the book "The problem of mind and body in contemporary philosophy". Always at his side, from the early beginnings, as an integral part of TeHÔM stood Miljenko Rajaković. Rajaković himself was the only possible match for the creative genius of Očuršćak with whom he had worked on another project bearing the name Principia Audiomatica; the result was an album with the title ‘’Systematic Sonority’’ for renowned italian label Minus Habens Records.

From its early years on and subsequent release of TeHÔM’s first album ‘’Despiritualisation of Nature’’ in 1996, the project’s patron became no one else than Douglas Pearce, founding member of Death in June. TeHÔM released its first album on Pearce’s own label Twilight Command / New
European Recordings sublabel, with steady distribution from World Serpent label. Later after the demise of World Serpent label, Tesco Distribution, took on to become its underground music torchbearer.

Rajaković was already an accompished sound engineer and DJ and would later become even more renown for founding two record labels. It was this pairing and unity through which Rajakovic assisted Očuršćak to produce the legendary sophomore album ‘’Theriomorphic Spirits’’ which was released 3 years after the sad passing of Siniša Očuršćak in 1997. The album achieved worldwide acclaim from both music critics and listeners alike thus becoming the cult album of its genre.
TeHÔM was the first ever, Croatian Dark Ambient music project of its time and one of Europe’s mainstays and purveyors in the sophisticated Dark Ambient music scene. The project was forced into early retirement following the tragic passing of its founder Siniša Očuršćak who died due to a cancer related illness in 1997. It is most likely, yet never officially confirmed, that his tragic death was related to his involvement in the Croatian Homeland War for Independence, where Siniša was a frontline soldier during 6 months.

Retirement to the dark depths of Chaos was hard to take for fans and listeners alike. There was indeed a very long wait, interspersed with a shadow of ominous silence, from its second and now only surviving assisting member Rajaković, who still under the influence and shock of the death of his fellow friend and colleague, had chosen to retire to isolation. It was a hard cross to bear even for such an accomplished musician, artist and sound engineer as Rajakovic.


TeHÔM Lacrimae Mundi, Cyclic Law Records, 2014

In 2010 after a long period spent in an almost Samadhi like state in his inner refugium, Rajaković emerged again, revitalized and reborn from the depths of Chaos to unleash his new creation on listeners and fans alike. TeHÔM, yet again was thus reborn from the celestial and primordial sources of Chaos, with all its powers, ready to unleash their new aural output on us.
The project which has been dormant for many years was finally revived and resurrected, more than a decade later, with a new 3rd album "Lacrimae Mundi" released by respected music connoisseur label Cyclic Law Records, in May 2014. A very surreal, obscure, and cinematic-sounding opus has been created by Rajakovic following closely in the footsteps of previous works yet taking the project to new levels.

TeHÔM is now back after a long silence. The eternal Abyss is awoken once again, as the primordial flood of Chaos awaits to penetrate the innermost parts of your soul.

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