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WAHEHE - Poza Kontrola '85/'86 (rare live performance)

The fascination of music under the sign of the avant-garde, industrial achievements of The Residents, Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, SPK etc. has led to the formation of the 5-person group. Music "WAHEHE" was a sound collage - formed with the help of acoustic instruments, electric, everyday objects and specially prepared tapes, which were an important part of the whole project. Wahehe is the first Polish industrial formation, which consciously used the iconography and the avant-garde concepts of industrial rock music.

WAHEHE Poza Kontrolą 86 - ph. M.Makowski
in occasional lineup Beefhart vocal - Ojciec guitar - Marski tapes • Franz guitar • Gogo Szulc drums • Petar ID gb.

Concerts were unique events (including used film screenings), and through the charismatic frontman - Beefheart (Mark Seremak) - towards the performances, no one has remained indifferent.

The group was founded in the late 1984 on initiative of Albert von Knutke and Beefhart Wahehe. Ojciec Wahehe soon joined them, Marski Wahehe and John Fullen (replaced by Hwa Rank Wahehe). At this time, they did first recording. The band toured in 1985-87 (changing it's name to Wahehe Divagazione Universal). In 1987, the project splitted and Knutke and Beefhart, who still did performed, took changed name Wahehe Divagazione Universale. In 1989, under the name Wahehe Revival (Hwa Rang, Ojciec i Marski), their last official performance took place.

Their tracks appeared on Transcription (BN.exp. Krakow, 1989), Transcription Vol. 2 (BN.exp. Krakow, 1989), Polish Road, Vol. 1 & 2 (Organic, 1989) compilations.

Impulsy Stetoskopu released  the series The Archive Of Polish Industrial Music Presents: WAHEHE "Dywagacje Uniwersalne". The vast majority of the recordings listed, saw the light of day since they were recorded in 1985-1989, for the first time.
Release includes 4 x CD-R, metal box + insert in full color of old pictures. Edition of 120 copies.

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